The World has Reached A Critical Point according to Klaus Schwab, Who has Ordered World Governments to Jail and Re Educate Anyone Who Disagrees with the Globalists’ Agenda, writes The People’s Voice

According to Schwab, Human History is Now Officially Over and Anyone who Disagrees with the Globalists’ Agenda should be Deleted, Deplatformed, Arrested and Imprisoned as an Example to the Rest of Society.

This Evil Plot against Humanity has been in the Making for Years, and Now we are Seeing the First Signs Unfolding before our Eyes.

Klaus Schwab is Becoming Increasingly Aggressive about his Plans to Hijack Humanity, Destroy Sovereignty, and Forcibly impose A One World Government on the World.

According to Schwab, we have Now Reached the Point where Anyone who takes ANegative, Critical or Confrontational Attitude” towards the WEF’s Plans must be Dealt with Severely.

Klaus Schwab’s Unelected Globalist Agents have been Instructed to Disseminate the Instructions in International Forums. Former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who Now works Full Time at the WEF, told the UN Climate Summit in New York this Week that Free Speech is A Weapon of War, and that Anyone Caught Expressing their Views on Sensitive Globalist Subjects should be Punished Accordingly.

Ardern went All George Orwell when she Argued that Censorship is Necessary to Protect Freedom of Expression.

Some Things do Not Change. Ardern spent her Time as Prime Minister of WEF Infiltrated New Zealand Trying to Convince the Population that the Government is the Only Source of Truth.

Orwell Warned Us that the Elite would Try to Convince Us that Up is Down, that Men are Women and that War is Peace. How Right he was.

How can the Elite Justify Taking Away Freedom of Speech and Jailing Anyone who speaks Out against their Agenda? According to Klaus Schwab’s Right Hand Man Noah Yuval Harari, the Elite does Not Need to Justify Anything because we have Reached the End of Human History.

That’s Right, Harari has Declared that Human History is Over. The Elite is Determined to Turn themselves into Gods while Depopulating the World’s Population.

If this sounds Crazy, you need to Understand who we are Dealing with. Klaus Schwab and his Cronies Operate under the Belief that they are Literally Gods.

According to Harari and his Colleagues at the WEF, that “Something Else” is the Globalist Elite and their Techno Communist World Order. And in this Dystopian Vision of the Future, there is Simply No Room for Debate or Alternative Opinions.

While the Majority of the pPopulation is Left to Fend for themselves in A Desperate Battle for Survival that Most will Lose, those Labeled by Davos as “Upgraded Humans” will be Saved by what the WEF calls their “Technological Noah’s Ark.”

Klaus Schwab’s Agenda is Already being Rolled Out in Infiltrated Countries, including the United Kingdom, where the British Government has Ordered Law Enforcement Officers to Arrest and Prosecute Citizens who Share Fact Based Articles and Opinions on the Internet.

Following the Passage of the Online Safety Bill this week, UK Authorities Now have the Power to Punish Citizens who Share Anything deemed “Hateful” or Labeled “Misinformation” on Social Media.

Elections, Those who vote to Elect Masters to Rule over them Condone and Legitimize State Slavery and are therefore the Problem

The British Office of Communications (OFCOM) will be Given the Power to Hand Out Criminal Fines of Up to 18 Million Pounds (Roughly 23 Million Euros) to Citizens and Companies that do not Comply with the Law. Hidden in the Fine Print, the Government has Given itself the Right to Throw in Jail Citizens who refuse to Conform to the Globalist Agenda.

At the Same Time as these Developments in the UK, the WEF has Urged Governments to Build COVID Concentration Camps Worldwide to Detain Citizens who Refuse to Go Along with the Official Narrative.It is No Surprise that New York is the First US State to Implement the Instructions.

As Rochester First reported this Week , Oral Arguments were Heard in A Quarantine Order Appeal by the NY Department of Health over A Regulation that would Allow the Commissioner of Health to Issue Isolation or Quarantine Orders to Prevent the Spread of A Communicable Disease among to Keep Control.

Now that New York State wants the Power to Literally Force New York Residents to Quarantine or Be Thrown into “Quarantine Camps,” like this Story on Dr Joseph Sansone’s Substack Reports, these are Nothing Short of Concentration Camps where they Want to Throw People into Because of the Possibility that they May have Been Exposed to What we Now All know is A Bio Weapon that they Created!

This is A Similar Tactic Used in Nazi Germany during World War II, when Jews and Gypsies and other Undesirables were Allegedly carrying Diseases and Forced into Concentration Camps. Apparently, those who Refuse to Inject COVID 19 Biological Weapons will Be Targeted.

This is A Truly Disturbing Development.

We know the Globalist Elite has Many More Pandemics in Store because they Keep Telling us about them.

The Globalist Elite can’t Stop Talking about their Plan to Depopulate the World, and Now they’re Getting Specific with their Plans.

The One Percent of the One Percent, ​​and their Sympathizers in Business and Politics, All seem to Agree that the Great Reset is A Great Idea. And the Fact that No Ordinary Person shares their Enthusiasm doesn’t Seem to Bother them at All.

But the Future is Not Theirs and People are Slowly but Surely Waking Up to their Agenda.

WEF calls for Free Speech Concentration Camps to jail ‘First Amendment Terrorists
The People's Voice
The People’s Voice



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