The People Profiles – The life of Martin Bormann (Documentary) + ZDF – Martin Bormann + House of History – Hunting Bormann: Life and Mysterious Disappearance of this Nazi Official (WWII)

Encircled Martin Bormann walks next to Adolf Hitler (foto Defense Online News from the Military world)

Personal Flag for Martin Bormann (foto Wikimedia Commons)

Martin Bormann (foto IMDb)

Bormann zou in Brazilië zijn (foto Dokwerker)

The life of Martin Bormann (Documentary)

Gepubliceerd 12 sep. 2020

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Martin Bormann

Adolf Hitler & Martin Bormann (foto Tumblr)

Published 21 sep. 2018

Magic Stones

Hij was de Secretaris van Adolf Hitler. Martin Bormann. Iedereen, die Adolf Hitler wilde spreken, moest langs hem heen en dat bezorgde hem uiteindelijk een enorme machtspositie. Tijdens het Beleg van Berlijn probeerde hij te ontsnappen. Het is nooit helemaal duidelijk geworden, waar hij is gebleven. Het is zeer aannemelijk, dat hij tijdens de vlucht is omgekomen.



Hunting Bormann: Life and Mysterious Disappearance of this Nazi Official (WWII)

Disappearance of Martin Bormann (foto YouTube)

The Berlin Escape Route of Martin Bormann (foto

Published 8 nov. 2020

Martin Bormann was one of the highest ranking Members of Nazi Germany. He disappeared during the Final Days of the Second World War, amidst the Battle of Berlin. What happened to him? In this video Bormann’s Life, Career and Expansion of Power are discussed. It also gives a very detailed account of his Disappearance after World War II and the subsequent manhunt that lasted for decades.

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During those Final Days of the German Front of the Second World War in May 1945, rumours often were rife about the Disappearance, Vanishing and Fleeing of High Ranking Officials of the Nazi Regime that was about to be overthrown. One of the most curious and well known cases is about the man that is described by some as the Most Influential man behind Hitler himself. His name was Martin Bormann, and during the War, he assumed a position of significant influence among the Highest Ranks of the Regime.

Yet in the aftermath of the War, when most of his peers were arrested and stood Trial for their Crimes, he was tried and sentenced to Death in Absentia. Because although some people said he died during those last days, most likely by taking his own life, nobody knew for sure what happened to him. No body was found, all that was sure is that he disappeared in the Ruins of Berlin during those last days. Over the years, occasionally, information would arise that cast doubt on his fate. A persistent myth started to form around his Disappearance, with Books, Films and Articles written about it, and an exhaustive Search conducted by the Israeli Mossad and CIA. It wasn’t until 50 years after the War ended that it was conclusively proven what happened to Bormann, making him one of the Highest Ranking Nazi Officials to vanish after the Second World War.

Martin Bormann was born in June 1900, in Halberstadt, a town in Saxony. Although he served in an Artillery Unit during the First World War, he didn’t see any action, and it was mostly uneventful. Already in the immediate aftermath of the War, Bormann was known to have Far Right sympathies. When the French and Belgians occupied the German industrial Ruhr Area because the Germans couldn’t pay their War Reparations, German Nationalists often sabotaged the Resource Transports to France. Now, Bormann wasn’t necessarily known to participate in Undermining. Instead, it is near certain he was directly involved in the Murder of Walther Kadow. Kadow was thought to have betrayed Albert Leo Schlageter, a saboteur, that was subsequently executed by the French. Bormann served a little under two years in Prison for the Murder. In 1927 he joined the National Socialist German Worker’s Party.

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0:00 Introduction
1:32 Bormann’s Career
7:39 Bormann’s Disappearance

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