The People Profiles – Francisco Franco: Spain’s Nationalist Dictator (Documentary) + Ancient History Lover – The Dictator’s Playbook

Francisco Franco Discurso de la Victoria (foto

Bandera Espana (foto Pinterest)

Generalismo Francisco Franco (foto

Francisco Franco, 1892 – 1975, Spaans Generaal en President (foto Historiek)

Francisco Franco General (foto

España (foto Make AGIF)

Ultimo discurso de Francisco Franco (foto MakeAGIF)

Exhumación de Franco (foto El Pais)

El Entierro del dictator Francisco Franco (foto

Francisco Franco: Spain’s Nationalist Dictator (Documentary)

Published 9 jul. 2021

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The Dictator’s Playbook: Francisco Franco

Published 13 jun. 2020

Francisco Franco Bahamonde was a Spanish General who led the Nationalist Forces in overthrowing the Second Spanish Republic during the Spanish Civil War and thereafter ruled over Spain from 1939 to 1975 as a Dictator, assuming the Title Caudillo. This Period in Spanish History, from the Nationalist Victory to Franco’s Death, is commonly known as Francoist Spain or the Francoist Dictatorship.


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