The Paulstal Service – The Uncanny Valley and Art Making as Forging Evidence In the New World Order Part I

Gepubliceerd op 5 aug. 2015

This is the first part of a longer video that will be going into the potentials for abuse regarding the use of CGI technology in the New World Order.

9/11 Film supplier Luc Courchesne coined the term “Artmaking as Forging Evidence”, which is perhaps the most accurate description of the fear many people have regarding the use of false actors, contrived personas to influence public opinion, or even keep alive puppet heads of state as puppet proxies who survive in digital form only.

As the technology becomes perfected, few, if anyone will be able to recognize the difference between real people and CGI created characters.

Recent movies have shown that inserting characters who are CGI can be seamless, including the use of CGI to creat Bradd Pitt, or Paul Walker completely digitally.

Because of the power of this technology, it is important the public be aware of their potentials for abuse, and start understanding that absolutely everything they see on television (including people) can be digitally inserted.

Because of the availability of this software, and control of the media it should be expected that digitally created CGI bad guys will be making headlines more and more often, in my opinion we’ve already seen our first ones.