The Michael Decon Program – James Fetzer Unleashed, Joe Biden Is Clone, Jeffery Epstein Alive, Donald Trump Mentioned in Maxwell Epstein Case, Require a License to Breed? Explosive Show

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James Fetzer Unleashed, Joe Biden Is a Clone, Jeffery Epstein Is Alive, Donald Trump Mentioned in the Maxwell Epstein Case, Should You Require a License to Breed? Explosive Show

Nothing mutates faster than a Non Virus, except perhaps Antony Fauci’s Pronouncements about the “Pandemic.”

In early 2020, it all started with a “VirusNo One had Isolated. Meaning a Phantom, a Fake, a Con, a Non Entity. NO VIRUS TO THIS DAY.

Now we’ve had Fake Variants of the Fakes. Delta, Omicron from Africa.

The Stupidity Index – How Stupid a Person Has to be In Order to Believe the Official COVID Narrative – is Expanding. The More Variants, the Dumber Obedient People have to be, To Go Along with the Show.

At some Point, as the Number of Variants grows, even People Who Resemble Sloths Living Their Lives Hanging Upside Down in Trees, will Wake Up.

What was that New Mutation last week? And this One today? It really comes from Antarctica? And we have to Stay Indoors for another month? I just want to Tailgate and Sit in a Stadium and Scream and Drink and Watch Football.”

Which has already been happening this fall. By the Millions, People are Pouring into Packed Venues every weekend to Watch Pro, College, and High School Football. On November 27th, 104,000 sat Unmasked, Cheek to Jowl, in Michigan Stadium as their Beloved Home Team Upset Ohio State – and at the End of the Game at least 20,000 Fans came Out on the Field to Celebrate. The Field and the Stands formed One Vast Sea of Humanity. Variant? What Variant? Delta? Omicron? Are they College Fraternities?

Las Vegas Bookies may be getting Ready to Post an Over | Under Number on the Final Total of CDC | WHO Variants. I say it would be Five.

At Fibe, people will Lose Track. They’ll Forget the Previous Variants. They’ll tend to Ignore COVID News Altogether,

The Basic Tactic Since the Beginning has been to invent New Fantasies to Explain Prior Fantasies. For example, “Vaccinated people can still catch COVID.” That’s a Fantasy because there is No Virus. Now Comes, “The Vaccinated People catching COVID are Really Being Infected by a Variant; Delta or Omicron; that’s why the Vaccine has become ‘Less Effective’.”

If you’ve Ever Forced Yourself to Sit Through One of the Hundred or So Virus Outbreak Movies, you know that At Some Point the Scientific Story Line Loses Its Impact. You’re Thinking, “Let’s get to the Car Chase and the Stuff Blowing Up and the People Shooting Each Other.

That’s what the Movie is Really About.

The COVID Hoax is Really about Lockdowns and Destruction of Economies and Lives and Vaccine Injury and Death and Tyrannical Takeover of Ruined Society.

I’ll give you Another Number. It Really Does Exist. It’s the Grand Total, Worldwide, of People who are Either Coming Out into the Street Protesting the COVID Restrictions and Mandates; or Ignoring them Altogether and Breaking All the Rules and Going About Their Lives Unvaccinated.

I don’t know what that Number is, but when it’s Reached, the Sociopaths will Retreat. The Genie will be Out of the Bottle for Good.

Yes, it’s a Very Big Number. But when has Freedom Not had a Price?

Apparently, Many People believe the Number Doesn’t Matter, because God is Going to Intercede and Make Things Right. It’s Hard for Me to Imagine He’ll Come Through if Most People, on their Own, are Doing NOTHING.

In the Old Testament, He seems to be Chronically Irked on this Very Point.

Starting in 1986, it took me two years to Uncover the Con that was HIV. I thought I had Reached the Bottom of It, but there were a Few Miles to Go. Later, in the 1990’s, I realized the Bottom was NOTHING. That’s Right. This Sometimes is the Case in Really Long Cons. You Drill All the Way Down and you find an Empty Space where you thought Something Existed.

The Bottom of the HIV Con – as with SARS CoV 2 is. The Virus Doesn’t Exist.

In Prior Articles, I’ve Spelled This Out in Great Detail.

It’s Stage Magic. There is No Woman in the Box. When the Magician Saws Off her Legs, she’s Not There. As Far as Flesh is Concerned, he’s Sawing Through Nothing.

The Magician is Selling the Audience’s Illusion Back to the Audience.

As Various Propagandists have Pointed Out, the Bigger the Lie the Easier it is to Make it Stick.

That’s because People are Only Familiar with Small or Moderate Sized Lies; and because the Amount of Structure which would be Overturned by the Exposure of a Huge Lie is Too Threatening.

You mean the FDA and the CDC and WHO are All Going Down? Disappearing into Dust? But I feel Comfortable with Them. They’re my Friends. I don’t Want to See Them Disappear.

I do. And Tomorrow wouldn’t be Too Soon.

And if the So Called Branch of Medical Science called Virology Vanished from the Earth, there would be champagne corks popping in my house.

But for the moment, I’d be Satisfied if All Vaccine Mandates Everywhere were Wiped Off the Books – just to give us some Breathing Room.

That Revolution IS within Our Grasp, if Enough of Us build toward the Critical Mass Number I just alluded to above. It would be quite something to see. A Fabulous Jolt of Adrenaline for the Human Race; for the Right Reason, For Once.

Leave the Omicron and the Delta Fantasies for the Sloths on the Couch. One day, they’ll Stir from Their Trance and Stumble Along to Catch Up with Us.

James Henry Fetzer (Born December 6, 1940) is a Professor Emeritus of the Philosophy of Science at the University of Minnesota Duluth, Conspiracy Theorist and Holocaust Denier. Fetzer has Worked on Assessing and Clarifying the Forms and Foundations of Scientific Explanation, Probability in Science, Philosophy of Mind , and Philosophy of Cognitive Science, especially Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science.

A Wisconsin jury Tuesday ordered a conspiracy theorist who claimed the grieving father of a victim of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre had fabricated his son’s death certificate to pay the father $450,000.

A Judge had ruled in June that James Fetzer, Co Author of the BookNobody Died at Sandy Hook,” had Defamed Leonard Pozner, Father of Noah, Six, the Youngest Victim of the December 2012 Mass Shooting, by Falsely Claiming that Pozner had Fabricated Copies of his Son’s Death Certificate.

Image: James Fetzer

James Fetzer (foto NBC News)

The Claim was made by the Retired Professor in his Book, which Argued that the Newtown, Connecticut, Mass ShootingWhich Left 20 First Graders and Six Staff Members DeadNever Happened and Was iIstead a Hoax Staged by the Federal Government in an Effort to Pass Stricter Gun Laws.

A Dane County Jury deliberated for almost four hours before Slapping Fetzer With the $ 450,000 Fine, the Wisconsin State Journal reported. Fetzer called the AmountAbsurd” and Vowed to Appeal, the Newspaper reported,

In a Statement Published by the Newspaper, Pozner thanked the Jury “For Recognizing the Pain and Terror that Mr Fetzer has Purposefully Inflicted on Me and on Other Victims of these Horrific Mass Casualty Events.”

Mr Fetzer has the Right to Believe that Sandy Hook Never Happened,” Pozner said.He has the Right to Express his Ignorance. This Award, however, Further illustrates the Difference between the Right of People like Mr Fetzer To Be Wrong and the Right of Victims like Myself and My Child to be Free from Defamation, Free from Harassment and Free from the Intentional Infliction of Terror.

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