The Last Act | Tamara Desiree Magdalene the Lioness of the Yeshua – Jack Parsons & Aleister Crowley (1) t/m (27) Transhumanism: Transferring Consciousness For “Immortality”

Transhumanism: Transferring Consciousness For ‘Immortality (foto Before Its News)

Jack Parsons & Aleister Crowley (1) t/m (27)

Transhumanism: Transferring Consciousness For “Immortality” (1)

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Few people are aware of Marvel Whiteside Parsons (AKA Jack Parsons), Co Founder of NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratories. Parsons made Major Contributions to Rocket Development, particularly in the Area of Solid Fuel Propellant. The Solid Motors on the Space Shuttle and the Motors in the Minuteman Missile were based on the Solid Propellant Technology that he invented. He was a Founding Member of Aerojet Corporation, and he even has a Crater on the Dark Side of the Moon named after him. So why isn’t he as celebrated as the other Founding Fathers of Spaceflight?

No one has ever left the Earth’s Atmosphere as there is a Firmament over the Earth. No one can come in or leave the Earth’s Atmosphere.  Only Interdimensional Entites can enter or leave our Dimension and these Entites are all Demonic. The Fallen Angels, the Anunnaki and the Devil are Locked into Earth as it is a Prison Planet. King Jesus will extinguish all Evil on Earth when He returns and touches down to Earth and Lock Up the Devil for a 1.000 Years. All Evil is back on Earth since the Beginning of Time so that King Jesus can extinguish All Evil when He Returns.

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