The Imagination Podcast – (S3E31) Ann Diamond, ‘My Cold War‘ Exposing MK Ultra, Encountering Leonard Cohen, and Healing Trauma

(S3E31) Ann Diamond – ‘My Cold WarExposing MK Ultra, Encountering Leonard Cohen, amd Healing Trauma

First published on May 29th, 2023 at 01:00 UTC

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The Imagination Podcast

The Imagination Podcast

This Week I’m Honored to Introduce to You Someone I was Introduced to Recently Through Independent Investigative Reporter and Journalist, Cathy Fox, and Someone Who has Undoubtedly had A Tremendous Impact on My Own Journey Learning about the Hard Truths of the World. Introducing MK Ultra Survivor and Whistleblower, Blogger, Author, Writer, Educator, and Selfless Advocate, Ann Diamond.

An Original Whistleblower of Our Time, Ann was One of the First to Publicly Whistleblow MK Ultra and has Since Given A Voice to Countless Victims and Courage to Countless Survivors of Government Sanctioned Abuse of All Kinds. Ann’s Story begins in the 1950’s in Canada Where she was Sold into the MK Ultra Projects as A Child to Prolific MK Ultra Programmer Dr Donald Ewin Cameron of McGill University.

In Ann’s Words
The Story of MK ULTRA in Canada has Never Been Properly Told. It was APan CanadianPhenomenon, Not Limited to Montreal and Dr Cameron. In the Early Sixties, Much of What had Been A McGill University Program was Gradually Transferred to Toronto, Influenced Movements and Programs. Saskatchewan was Another Centre for MK ULTRA Mind Control, about Which Very Little has bben Written.
Unfortunately, Canada’s Publishing Industry is Very Much A Product of that Covert Expansion of MK ULTRA throughout Canada. Books like Anne Collins’ The Sleep Room Presented A Partial Account but Failed to Get at the Roots, in British Eugenics and Nazi Psychiatry, or Hint at the Vastness of this Program, Which was Secretly Promoted at the Highest Levels of Our Establishment.”

In this Episode, you will Hear Ann’s Testimony Surrounding MK Ultra and her Involvement in Project Monarch, Deep Dives into Some Notable and Suspicious Connections she had in her Life Including Canadian Singer, Songwriter, Poet and Novelist, Leonard Cohen, as Well as Some Recent Updates and Information.

Ann’s Voice has been A Crucial Part of Why Podcasts like Mine are Able to Exist to Begin with and I Want to Give A Special THANK YOU’ to Ann for her Courage to Continue Forward after All these Years So the Children of Tomorrow can Have A Better Future than the Children of the Past and of Today. We are So Grateful for the Work you’ve Done to Pave the Way to Where We are Today.

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