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Wilhelm II of Germany

Gepubliceerd 12 jun. 2013

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This is an Excellent Documentary on Wilhelm II which will be Very Useful for Students of The Great War, German Nationalism and German History in General.
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Kaiser Wilhelm II reviews his Troops at Various Parades

Gepubliceerd 3 sep. 2018

The last German Emperor Wilhelm II inspects his Troops during Various Nilitary Parades.

Der Letzte Deutsche Kaiser Wilhelm II. besichtigt seine Truppen während Verschiedener Militär Paraden.

Le Dernier Empereur Allemand Guillaume II passe les revues de ses troupes pendant les Différentes Parades mMlitaires.

Последний германский Император Вильгельм II делает смотр своим войскам во время различных военных парадов.

Soundtrack | Ton Spur | Bande Son | Музыка

(1) Preußens Gloria, Composed by Johann Piefke from 00:03​
(2) Königgrätzer Marsch , Composed by Johann Piefke from 01:50​
(3) Preußischer Präsentier Marsch, Composed by King Friedrich Wilhelm III from 04:14


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