The History Room | Reputations – Albert Speer: The Nazi who said Sorry

Albert Speer (middle) showing Adolf Hitler (on the right) and other top brass around (foto Tumblr)
Albert Speer meeting Hitler (foto Tumblr)

Albert Speer: The Nazi who said Sorry

Published 2 feb. 2014

This is a documentary focused on the work of Albert Speer, Adolf Hitler’s personal architect and Minister for Armaments from 1942. From the acclaimed ‘Reputations‘ series, the film examines Speer’s complicity in the crimes of the Third Reich, and also his attempts to find some sort of rehabilitation. There is considerable input from the late Gitta Sereny who interviewed Speer in old age. Uploaded for educational purposes only. Comments welcome, but any coarse language or aggressive assertions will be deleted.


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