The Gunner’s Wife – Bush FUNeral: Tall Tale of Political Elite + Parody of the gODS Among Us: Lip Reading + LYING in State Lip Reading DC + ATTN! Pence Got A Letter!

LIES IN STATE Lip Read (foto YouTube)

Far Fetched Bush FUNeral SPIN: A Tall Tale of the Political Royal Elite Members at the Lies in State

Published 9 dec. 2020

We’re farming up a rip roaring tall tale of humor & parody
as we examine a spun up tall tale of FUN … at a celebration slash FUNeral
As we see Political Royalty gather for a Presidential “lying in State”
we never know what crazy things will be said out of the mouths of these dirty double dealing devils swarming DC

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We will see all kinds of crazies appear as if magic
all drawn to surround a mysterious coffin as it LIES IN STATE
You never know who is who when you see one thing and hear another straight from their mouths… forked tongues awry

The truth is swirling around the Rotunda, Cathedral & Military filled STEPS of bog known as DC
We actually have found it among all this crazy backwoods shenanigans
and it’s darker and more hidden than a bully horno hiding in Pappaw & Mamma’s empty tree stumps at the bottom of the holler down yonder
y’inz Enjoy The Show
The Swamp is Deep with snakes, alligators, & devil fish always hungry for some tender vittles to devour


D3 Bush FUN Lies in State Parody of the gODS Among Us LIES in State, Wreath Ceremony Lip Reading

Published 25 dec. 2020

Merry Christmas! We are hanging a wreath this Christmas Eve! A Lip Reading for the ages on this episode
Christmas of 2018 I brought you the bombshell when Vincent Fusca wrote JFKJR in the air -The decode of all decodes!
Christmas of 2019 I showed you Carolyn without Fake Up
This Christmas we go deeper into what it’s really all about
Shining the Christmas Light on the dark slimy swamp underbelly
boy is it nasty in the Rotunda of Rituals
In this 3rd instalment of the Bush FUNeral LIES in state, we are finally beginning to make out what might be going in in DC
If you’re lost along the way, you haven’t been following all along
you cant get up to master level decode if you don’t put in the work so go back to start and catch up while the rest of us move forward in the great truth reveal in this parody of the gods wreath ritual on December 3rd at the state capital rotunda building
A celebration of…LIFE, no time for tears at this event… Laugh it up with Congress, Senators, the Bush Family and heck even the church of what??
The FUN spin on truth stays hidden by all the actors of the show
Who’s writing this script? Could it be the gODS that rule over humanity and perceived truth? Why yes, they write all the scripts and you are watching their show.
Forget about what’s really going on at this FUNeral, all you need to SEE is what casts the illusion they want you to see. More eyes, more lies in state.

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red 41 =sus


LYING in State Bush FUNeral Lip Reading DC SPUN Secrets Brought to Light You Are Watching a Movie

Published 15 dec. 2020

Politicians say the darnedest things! You just can’t make it up! Hilarious conversations are always brewing in the halls of DC. I didn’t know Nancy & Kevin were besties!
What did they say about a movie? …& Durham…? They put the Lies in “Lying in State” and they put the FUN back into funeral. To them, the lies are fun and they think the jokes are on you.

Why are the SCOTUS justices standing around laughing about potential crimes? tsk tsk and Elena Kegans fit to be on camera isn’t warranted… this episode anyway…

What happens when all of DC becomes a gathering of those crazy republican Bush followers that also happen to be from a certain religion of darkness? Oh my! What is DC hiding? Especially since they ALL know? Who’s watching them besides us? The military, everywhere, at all times it all comes down to the Generals. Who’s filming this stuff and are their hats white? What’s really going around in DC is a dark little secret they all joke about but with a little light shining on their jokes perhaps it’s time for a game of boomerang in the down under world of the DC swamp.

um…hay! stay tuned y’all
this movie’s just getting STARTed


ATTN! Pence Got A Letter! Bush Funeral LIES in State: TALL TALES & MSG Revealed! C A V U Mike Pence

Gepubliceerd 6 jan. 2021

We’ve all heard about the letters of the Bush Funeral envelopes that select politicians appeared to receive…
In this lighthearted joking atmosphere celebrating the life of one the Greats…tall tales are told…A real Champion among the Giants if you believe the TALL TALE spun in the DC Capital Building Rotunda aka the Trumpet Call to the gODS… we discover George Bush 41s jokes of his Vice Presidency and the humor in playing the part he was destined…selected for as one of the small group of insiders to Rule The World mwha. haha.
But did you know that Mike Pence and his family received the most telling letter perhaps of all? As we reveal the hidden message from the letter received, we learn that there were…. a lifetime of letters being sent by The Quiet Man G Bush
Pence got the kind of letter that every military dad perhaps could dream for his son… C A V U … wishes of Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited
But there’s a cloud on the horizon that threatens all outsiders’ CAVU this time..
Watch and find out what everyone in the room already seems to know as Mike Pence retells his discovery of the letters true meaning to his son


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