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Watch the Uncensored Moment Will Smith Smacks Chris Rock On Stage at the Oscars, Drops F Bomb

Published 28 mrt. 2022

Guardian News

Best Actor Nominee Will Smith Appeared to Slap Presenter Chris Rock in the Face with an Open Hand and Shouted A Vulgarity at the Comedian for Making A Joke about his Wife S Appearance at the Oscars Ceremony.
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Rock made A Joke about the Hairstyle of Smith S Wife Jada Pinkett Smith that i the Movie GI Jane in which Actress Demi Moore Shaved her Head. Pinkett Smith suffers from the Hair Loss Condition, Alopecia. Smith, who Later won Best Actor for ‘King Richard,’ Walked On Stage and Hit Chris Rock in what at First Appeared to be A Scripted Joke. But the Mood turned Somber Moments Later when Smith, Back in his Seat, Shouted Back, ‘Keep my Wife S Name out of your Fucking Mouth

Will Smith appears to Hit Chris Rock over Joke at Oscars
Coda wins Best Picture at Oscars after Will Smith Slaps and Swears at Chris Rock | Oscars 2022 Live!

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OPERATION BLACK SMACK OSCAR PSYOP 2022 Here S what Really Happened

Is it Really A Coincidence that Black Actor Will Smith Smacked Black Comedian Chris Rock for A Benign Joke about his Black Wife at an Oscar S Ceremony Produced by Black Will Packer and Emceed by 3 Black Women?!

Submitted by The Hollyweird Reporter
SOTN Exclusive


Crisis Actors Will Smith, Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett Smith together with Producer Will Packer just Pulled Off an All Black Production on Oscar S Night and Nobody was Paying Attention to what Really Happened.  Even All Three of the MC S were Black Women on that Memorable Evening – Regina Hall, Wanda Sykes, and Amy Schumer, Who from her Post Oscar Comments Apparently Now identifies as Black, And, Not Only was Packer the First Black Producer of the Oscars, made History over the Weekend when he led the First All Black Production Team in Oscar S History

What follows Below are the Key Data Points which, when Properly Connected Together, A Clear Picture emerge that depicts both A CIA Directed False Flag Black Operation and Global Pysop carried out to Accomplish Multiple Goals and Aims.

First, it S Essential to understand that Hollywood has ALWAYS been Completely Controlled by the US Intelligence Community.  And, that Command and Control became Totally Ironclad and Quite Ruthless with the Formation of the Central Intelligence Community in 1947 during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

*The CIA is well known as The Company throughout Global Intelligence Circles because it either Directly or Indirectly controls the Fortune 4,000 Publicly Traded Companies.

Not only were Motion Pictures – from the Very BeginningProduced to Surreptitiously Send Coded Information and Sensitive Data around the Globe Especially during the First and Second World Wars, they have Always been used to Profoundly Propagandize and Mind Control the Viewing Public.

Hence, there is Nothing that goes on with such A Powerful Medium, Particularly Both Movies and TV, that the CIA does Not first give it S Explicit Approval of. And, when Anyone ever tries to leave the CIA Overseen Reservation things like the Charles Manson Murders occur Out of Nowhere. Or, Famous Actresses (and Singers) like Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Whitney Houston and Prince are Killed. More Recently, there was the Murders of Corey Haim, Cory Monteith and Naya Rivera. Then there are Spectacular Criminal Show Trials like the OJ Simpson Murder Case are Hyped like None Before.

PRINCE American Celebrities Are Never Allowed To Leave The Reservation, NEVER!

In Point of Fact, there are So Many Major Captivating Events which were Engineered by the CIA because of Out of Control Hollywood Happenings that Volumes would be Filled to Catalogue them all.  In View of the Tremendous Influence that TV and Movies have on the Human Psyche and Emotions, is it any Wonder?  Which is Why the Entire Mainstream Media* is Now Referred to the CIA S Mockingbird Media.

*The MainStream Media does Not Only include Print, Video, Broadcast, Digital, Podcasts, Live Recordings Associated with News Dissemination, the Term also refers to All TV Show and Motion Picture Productions as well as Books both Fiction and Non Fiction.


Now, Here are the Essential Data Points that Clearly establish A Pattern of CIA Conducted Deception and Manipulation Vis à Vis the Obviously Staged Smack Heard Around The World. This Cursory Analysis does Necessitate an Understanding of the Existence of CIA Mind Control Techniques such as Those utilized by their MK ULTRA Monarch Mind Control Program, as well as Some Familiarity with Psychotronic Warfare.


Will Smith is the Third Highest Paid Actor in Hollywood in 2022.

His Wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, keeps A Bald Head Allegedly due to Alopecia.

Chris Rock is A Very Popular Comedian who does have A History of Irking the Smiths, all in Good Humor but that they Apparently cannot take.

Will Smith knew he had Won the Academy Award for Best Actor before he smacked Rock, the Biggest Oscar Awardees always do so they can be FullyPrepared with an Acceptance Speech.

Will Packer was the First Black Producer of the Academy Awards who used A Black Only Production Crew

Right after Rock Cracked the Joke, Will Smith was Videoed with GenuineWill SmithLaughter on his Face.

Wife Jada was Caught Perfectly on Camera rolling her Eyes Immediately Following the Joke.

Then Will Looks at Jada and Something PopsREALLY POPS!

This is where the CIA S Psychotronic Warfare comes into Play where Thoughts can be Put into A Person S Mind via Highly Advanced Brain Manipulation Technology.


There are at least 4 to 5 Pieces to the Psychotronic Warfare Psychotropic Drug Puzzle that triggered Mr Smith. First and Foremost would be his Smart Phone which can now be used to make even A Happy Person Jump Of the Empire State BuildingSecondly, are his Scripts – who in Hollywood is Not on A Regimen of Powerful Pharmaceutical Drug many being PsychotropicThirdly, there is Smith S Psychiatrist and or Psychologist; given the Schizo Job demands Everyone in Hollywood – going Back to the Very Beginning has their Preferred Shrink ALL of Whom are CIA Contractors. Then there are his Handlers, Especially his Agent(S) who have Quick and Wasy Access to him 24/7 because Every Major Celebrity is Totally Controlled by the Agency System Fifth, every Oscar S Venue is Hardwired any Way they want to so that A Psychotronic Weapon can be Aimed at WillDirected and Launched at the Perfect Time to trigger A Smackdowm.  Sixth.

• Likewise, A person’s emotions can be swiftly triggered and then greatly intensified so that a rageful reaction upsurges seemingly out of nowhere.

Then Smith reflexively gets out of his chair and charges the stage ‘to stage’ the biggest smackdown in Oscars history; and he, himself, doesn’t even know how it happened.

Of course, Chris Rock is totally stunned but also knows that the Smiths are still peeved about the 2016 Oscars night where he joked about Jada skipping the ceremony because of her one woman lack of diversity movement.

Rock’s reaction is also instantly shaped by his agent and attorney who know just how the agency system works in Hollywood.

Everyone in LA knows you don’t move right or light unless your agent tells you to. Actors and actresses especially know NEVER to make a big move lest their brand be forever canceled or destroyed.

So Rock doesn’t miss a beat and just goes along with the act not knowing that there’s a CIAcontracted director pulling the strings behind the scenes.  Remember, Will Smith is also unaware.

It does appear that conservative (and very smart) black actor Denzel Washington was onto something, and maybe is cognizant of a CIA conspiracy in the works as he quickly counsels Smith in real time.

Smith thanked Washington and said that Washington told him, “At your Highest Moment, Be Careful, that S when the Devil comes for you.”
Denzel Washington Weighs In on Will Smith Slap

Then there’s Will Packer packing the entire 2022 Oscars production by way of a “Black Employees Only” sign

Look what happened to Chicago, with its highest murder and violent crime rate in the nation, after a black Mayor was installed (Lori Lightfoot pledged to cut $80 million from her city’s police budget) working in lockstep with 20 black alderman on the City Council.

Now consider the stunning lack of security during the Oscars.  There were no security officers who were visible before the assault, no security presence during the assault, and no security response after the assault.

That preceding bullet point is a BIG one.  The room is packed with every Hollywood celebrity, California VIP and Sultan of Silicon Valley within 1000 miles of Los Angeles, and there’s no security anywhere to be seen.  Could only happen on orders of The Company, and top tier perps who executed this black op.

Point of Information: Just because Chris Rock chose not to file charges against Smith does not mean the local police department should not have immediately arrested him and booked him for the appropriate crimes—Assault and Battery, Disorderly Conduct, etc.  So why didn’t they?!

The CIA, Hollywood and the Drug Culture have always been joined at the hip.  Many actors are controlled, first and foremost, by their drug addictions.  On Oscar night, many of the attendees are high on something and it’s quite likely Smith took (read: was given) a toke on something that cause him to revert to his street language: “Keep my wife’s name out your f*cking mouth.”   A sober and clean Will Smith would never have spoken those words in that manner in front of a worldwide audience.

Speaking of drugs, this classic CIA-Big Pharma psyop has really got legs; right after the show was over the Mockingbird Media was echoing the factoid about Jada having alopecia.  (Chris Rock reportedly did not even know that Jada had alopecia.)

However, who did not know that Pfizer, Inc. was one of the major sponsors of the 94th Academy Awards?  But what most were not aware of is that Pfizer’s alopecia therapy drug for hair loss is awaiting approval and “could rack up sales of more than $1 billion”.

The Whole OscarSmackMelodrama was Yet Another Pfizer scam!

So we even have a Big Pharma drug selling psyop going on a parallel track with everyone is being cunningly conditioned to accept in-your-face violence across America – WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES  just as Black Lives Matter pulled off their ‘peaceful protests’ during the extraordinarily violent riots across the USA throughout 2020.

Another not so subliminal message is that black-on-black crime is totally normal and not to be concerned about.  It’s just their culture; and extremely violent urban jungles like Chicago and Detroit, NYC and Philly, LA and San Fran, Baltimore and Atlanta, Miami and Tampa, New Orleans and Houston, Portland and Seattle are now the new normal.

Then there’s the cultural marxist message that tells America lawlessness and anarchy are coming to a city or town near you.  This is how a bolshevik revolution is always started by the London banksters and NWO globalists: with a gradual amping up of conflict, chaos and confusion across the whole society.

Lawlessness at Oscars Deliberately Carried Out to Condition the Public to Accept Shocking Violence without Consequences

Let’s not forget the perfect timing of this HUGE distraction quickly changed the global conversation away from Biden’s HUGE fiasco calling for regime change in Russia.

Was Will Smith really Playing the Role of CIA Contracted Crisis Actor to Quickly change the Global Conversation from Biden SRussian Regime ChangeFiasco?

That Will Packer did not take any initiative to have Smith removed form the Oscar venue post-haste speaks volumes about the whole transparent psyop and set-up.  Big event producers like Packer all work for The Company and take strict orders from people they’ve never even seen or met.

Speaking of mysterious G men, let’s not forget that Will Smith starred in every flick of the “Men in Black” franchise, as well as in “Gemini Man”.  He also starred in the Pentagon sponsored 1996 film “Independence Day” as well as in “Enemy of the State” (1998).  So it S clear, just like black OJ Simpson was purposefully cast in films like “Capricorn One”, that Smith was used to condition the viewing public with all kinds of CIA triggered reactions, fill their minds with all sorts of memes and slogans, and furtively implant various mind control programs.

Let’s face it; this Oscar featured CIA Psyop is so Fraught with Nefarious Objectives and Malevolent Missions that we could spend A Year Unpacking All the Plots and Sub Plots. After all, No One does Real Criminal Conspiracy on A Grand Scale better than the CIA Mockingbird MediaBig Pharma Complex. The Same Bad Actors are still executing the OPERATION COVID 19 Bio War against Humanity, and promoting the Extremely Dangerous andDeadly Covid Super Vaccination Agendausing Top Hollywood Celebrities to sell Killshots to the Elderly and Clotshots to the Kids.

So, what in Tarnation won T they do?!?!

The Hollyweird Reporter

SOTN Editor S Note

Although this Excellent Analysis contains some Controversial Claims, it’s Quite Consistent with our Personal Experience with Psychotronic Warfare. The Author has written it for one Reason above All Others: to warn Every Hollywood A Lister that they are on THE LIST.  Each and every Celebrity who enjoys A high Public Platform can be Smithed in A Heartbeat from this Point forward.  The Stark Reality is that Will Smith was Taken Down so Dramatically to show everyone one in the Celebrity Space just how Vulnerable they really are. Just as JFK was Brutally Whacked in Broad Daylight to send A Message to every other Head of State in the World not to even think of leaving the NWO Reservation, Will Smith was Triggered to smack Chris Rock (as if he was Completely Taken Over) – which Immediately Boomeranged as his Own Smackdown.  The Perps clearly killed Smith S Brand for the Rest of his Lifetime; unless, of course, they want to hold his Rehabilitation over his Head for who knows what in return.  No Matter What their Hidden Agenda is with Will Smith, Time will tell.

State of the Nation, April 4 2022

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