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Bernie Madoff Compilation | The Untold Story Behind the Most Notorious Ponzi Scheme in History

In première gegaan op 8 mei 2022

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On May 12, 2009, PBS Frontline aired The Madoff Affair, and Subsequently ShopPBS made DVD Video S of the Show and Transcripts Available for Purchase by the Public at Large.
In Season 7 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Aired in 2009, the Character George (from Seinfeld) loses All of the Money he made from an App called iToilet by investing with Madoff.
Imagining Madoff was A 2010 Play by Deb Margolin that tells the Story of an Imagined Encounter between Madoff and his Victims. The Play Generated Controversy when Elie Wiesel, Originally Portrayed as A Character in the Play, threatened Legal Action, forcing Margolin to substitute A Fictional Character, “Solomon Galkin“. The Play was nominated for A 2012 Helen Hayes Award.
A documentary, Chasing Madoff, describing Harry Markopolos Efforts to Unmask the Fraud, was Released in August 2011.
Woody Allen S 2013 Film Blue Jasmine portrays A Fictional Couple involved in A Similar Scandal. Allen said that the Madoff Scandal was the Inspiration for the film. (202)
In God We Trust (2013), A Documentary about Eleanor Squillari, Madoff S Secretary for 25 Years and her Search for the Truth about the Fraud, The Halcyon Company). (203)
Madoff was played by Robert De Niro in the May 2017 HBO Film The Wizard of Lies, Based on the Best Selling Book by Diana B Henriques. Michelle Pfeiffer plays Ruth Madoff in the Film, which was Released on May 20, 2017.
Madoff, A Mini Series by ABC starring Richard Dreyfuss and Blythe Danner as Bernard and Ruth Madoff, Aired on February 3 and 4, 2016. (204) (205)
Ponzi Super Nova“, an Episode of the Podcast Radiolab Released February 10, 2017, in which Madoff was Interviewed over Prison Phone. (206)
Chevelle S SongFace to the Floor“, as described by the Band, was APissed Off, Angry Song about People who got Taken by the Ponzi Scheme that Bernie Madoff had for All Those Years.” (207)
The Heroine of Elin Hilderbrand S Novel, Silver Girl, Published in 2011 by Back Bay Books, was the Wife of A Madoff like Schemer. (208)
Cristina Alger S Novel, The Darlings, Published in 2012 by Pamela Dorman Books, features A Wealthy Family with A Madoff like Patriarch. (209)
The Action of James Grippando S Thriller, Need You Now, Published in 2012 by HarperCollins, was Set in Motion by the Suicide of the Bernie Madoff like Ponzi Schemer Abe Cushman. (210)
The Protagonist of Elinor Lipman’s Novel, The View from Penthouse B, Published in 2013 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, loses her Divorce Settlement by Investing It with Bernie Madoff. (211)
Randy Susan Meyers S Novel, The Widow of Wall Street, Published in 2017 by Atria Books, was A Fictionalized Account of the Madoff Ponzi Scheme from the Wife S Point of View. (212)
Emily St John Mandel S Novel, The Glass Hotel, Published in 2020 by Alfred A Knopf, includes A Character named Jonathan Alkaitis, who was Closely Based on Madoff. (213)
A Kaddish For Bernie Madoff (2021), a Docu Drama Created by Musician Poet Alicia Jo Rabins and Directed by Alicia J Rose, tells the Story of Madoff and the System that Allowed him to Function for Decades through the Eyes of Rabins, who watches the Financial Crash from her 9th Floor Studio in an Abandoned Office Building on Wall Street.


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