The Electronic Intifada Podcast – How the Gaza Genocide will Lead to Israel’s Collapse, with Shir Hever

How the Gaza Genocide will Lead to Israel’s Collapse, with Shir Hever

Published 11 jun 2024

The Electronic Intifada Podcast

More than Eight Months into this Genocide, Israel is Losing the War between its Army and the Resistance on the Ground.

Israel’s Own Economy is In Shambles, as More and More Israelis Leave Abroad for Good and as its High Tech Sector Collapses.

I think that What We’re Seeing is, First of All, that this Israeli Military Doctrine has Flown Out the Window,” Political Economist Shir Hever tells us on The Electronic Intifada Podcast.

There is No Doctrine Right Now, what We have is A Collapse of Israeli Society. It is A Social Collapse. It’s Also Psychological Collapse, [and] it has to Do with the Fact that Israelis have Lost Connection with Reality,” he adds.

Hever is the Military Embargo Coordinator for the Palestinian Boycott Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC) and works on its #ShutDownNation Campaign. Hever, who lives in Germany, is the Author of The Privatization of Israeli Security and The Political Economy of Israel’s Occupation.

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