The Dr Jordan B Peterson Podcast – The Fight against Worldwide Child Slavery and the Sex Trade: Jim Caviezel & Tim Ballard

The Fight against Worldwide Child Slavery and the Sex Trade: Jim Caviezel & Tim Ballard

Published 3 jul 2023

Jordan B Peterson

The Dr Jordan B Peterson Podcast

Dr Jordan B Peterson discusses the New Film Sound of Freedom,” with Star Jim Caviezel and Real Life Inspiration Tim Ballard. The Film details Ballard’s Work as A Special Agent to Fight against Sex Trafficking and the Child Sex Trade. They Go into Depth on the Psychology of Pedophilia, the Nature of Good and Evil, and How A Steady Faith in God has Guided All Three.

Tim Ballard is the Founder and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad, OUR, which Locates and Rescues Endangered Children Victimized by Sex Trafficking Rings. Previously, he u as A Special Agent in the Department of Homeland Security, Working as an Undercover Operator for the US Child Sex Tourism Jump Team.

Jim Caviezel is A Prominent American Actor and Household Name in No Small Part for his Portrayal of Jesus Christ in “The Passion of the Christ,” Sequel coming in 2024. He has Had A Decade Long Career Both On and Off Screen, and is an Advocate for Faith in the Modern World. Dr Peterson’s Extensive Catalog is Available Now on DailyWire+

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0:00:00    Coming Up
0:00:34     Intro
0:02:43     The Magnitude of the Modern Slave Trade
0:06:31      Addressing Criticism
0:09:23     Organ and Blood Trade
0:12:17       Slate and Dishonest Journalism
     Why Jim Caviezel JoinedSound of Freedom
0:18:33      Schindler’s List, Making the Film Now instead of 50 Years Too Late
0:21:49      Particularizing the Problem
0:22:45     The Real Story they Based the Film on
0:26:45     How Tim Ballard became A Special Agent
0:30:00    What you Deal with When Assigned to A Child Sex Crimes Unit
0:33:17      Tragedy and Malevolence, the Need for A Moral Narrative
0:37:33     Cain and Able, the Two Pathways to Adaptation
0:40:10     Psychology of Pedophilia, Progressing the Fantasy
0:44:21     The Face of Evil is Not Always Obvious
0:49:07    How the Monsters Justify Themselves
0:51:01     How Jim Studied for the Role, the UNA Bomber
0:54:50    You Do Not Go to the Devil to Play the Devil
0:56:04    Milton’s Satan, Characterizing Evil
   Truth and Good through Scripture
   The Shroud of Turin
1:00:33    The Black Holes that Actors Enter for their Work
1:02:03    More People are Afraid of the Devil then they are of God
1:04:40    To Become as A Child, Innocence in the Face of Evil
1:08:17     The Passion is an Archetypal Story, Decent and Rebirth
    When you Face your Maker, the Paths you Choose to Take
    The Reason People Lie, and What happens When you Tell the Truth
1:16:40     The Price for Truth, Sacrificing Security
1:19:21)    When the New Path clears, Opportunity and Reward
1:23:45     Tony Robbins, Connections that Change the World
1:25:12      Why Tim Ballard won’t be Silenced, Spiritual Warfare
    Chloe Cole
1:29:04    The Next Chapter, Sequels in the Works
   Fighting for Theaters




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