The Collective – Preparation for Your Redemption Appointment, Based on XRP LION’s Video

Preparation for your Redemption Appointment, Based on XRP LION’s Video

The Collective

This Video and Associated Links is Based on XRPLIONS Video.

Watch this Video First and Use the PowerPoint Template to Produce your Own Presentation to Bring to Your Redemption Appointment.

Special Thanks to A Great Humanitarian Glen Campbell for Producing the Initial Template Structure.

Welcome to The Collective Family.

The Collective Purpose to Awaken People to be Sovereign Conscious Humanitarians.

The Collective End State People have Ascended to their True Spiritual Consciousness and are Lovingly Helping in the Sacred Rebirth of Humanity.

The Collective Method To Enable A Virtuous Collective that Inspires People to Shine through Physical, Mental and Emotional Reconnection to GOD.

Our Culture is One of

Nothing in this Video or Any Associated Informative Platforms is to be Considered Financial Advice. Quantum Brownie, The Collective, All Members of the Telegram Chats and Any Other Social Medium Channel are Not to be Considered Financial Advisors. All Information is Provided As Is and for Education and Entertainment Purposes Only on Lobstr, GESARA, Conscious Leadership, Humanitarian Projects, Ascension, Healthy Living, Funding New Technologies, Inventions, and Start Up Companies to Rebuild Our World. As Always, the Decision to Put Any Information, All or In Part, Resides with the Viewer and They are Advised Strongly to Do Your Own Research (DYOR). Quantum Brownie and The Collective Family are A Worldwide Group of Sovereign Conscious Humanitarians, Who All possess the Desire to Help and Be of Benefit to our Planet and Inhabitants to Shine.


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