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Mind Control Collection


Mind Control (also known as Brainwashing, Reeducation, Brainsweeping, Coercive Persuasion, Thought Control, or Thought Reform) is a Controversial Pseudo Scientific Theory that Human Subjects can be Indoctrinated in a way that causes “an Impairment of Autonomy, an Inability to think Independently, and a Disruption of Beliefs and Affiliations. In this context, Brainwashing refers to the Involuntary Reeducation of Basic Beliefs and Values

The following is a List of Documents pertaining to Mind Control and Research of the US Military and Government.

Declassified Documents

Interrogation: Science and Art [371 pages], December 2006, US Military Personnel and Intelligence Officers in particular are expected to gain accurate Information from Detainees or Prisoners and thus need to know “what works” in “educingInformation through Interrogation, Strategic Debriefing and Information Elicitation. This Book presents the Work of 13 Specialists in Law, Psychology, Military Intelligence, Neuroscience, Computer Science, Conflict Management and Library Science. The Authors review what is known and not known about educing Information.

 Is Military Research Hazardous to Veterans’ Health? Lessons Spanning Half a Century, [58 pages, 3.48 MB], 8 December 1994, During the last 50 years, hundreds of thousands of Military Personnel have been involved in Human Experimentation and other Intentional Exposures conducted by the Department of Defense (DOD), often without a Service Member’s Knowledge or Consent. In some cases, Soldiers who consented to serve as Human Subjects found themselves participating in Experiments quite different from those described at the time they volunteered. For example, thousands of World War II Veterans who originally volunteered to ‘Test Summer Clothing’ in exchange for extra Leave Time, found themselves in Gas Chambers testing the Effects of Mustard Gas and Lewisite. Additionally, Soldiers were sometimes Ordered by Commanding Officers to “Volunteer” to participate in Research or face Dire Consequences. For example, several Persian Gulf War Veterans interviewed by Committee Staff reported that they were ordered to take Experimental Vaccines during Operation Desert Shield or face Prison. The Goals of many of the Military Experiments and Exposures were very appropriate. For example, some Experiments were intended to provide important Information about how to protect US Troops from Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons or other Dangerous Substances during Wartime. In the Persian Gulf War, US Troops were intentionally exposed to an Investigational Vaccine that was intended to protect them against Biological Warfare, and they were given Pyridostigmine Bromide Pills in an Experimental Protocol intended to protect them against Chemical Warfare.

On Resisting Social Influence [34 Pages], September 1979, Resisting Social Influences becomes important when such Influences can be appropriately thought of as ‘Mind Control.’ When Information is Systematically Hidden, Withheld or Distorted it is impossible to make Unbiased Decisions. Under these circumstances, people may be subtly led to believe they are ‘Freely’ choosing to act. It is precisely this kind of Decision that persists and most affects our Behavior since we come to believe in those Attitudes and Actions for which we have generated our own Justifications. The Thesis of this Essay  is that ‘Mind Control’ exists not in exotic Gimmicks, but rather in the most mundane aspects of experience. Because it does, it is possible to reduce our susceptibility to unwanted coercive control by increasing our vigilance and learning to utilize certain basic strategies of analysis. In this paper, we present resistance strategies which are broadly applicable to the wide array of mind-manipulation attempts that surround us daily–in a ‘self- help’ format that provides for ready accessibility. Findings from relevant social-psychological research, from interviews and personal experiences with con men, cultists, super-salesmen and other perpetrators of mind control comprise the reservoir of information from which we have drawn.

Parapsychology in Intelligence [12 pages], 1977

Individual Rights and the Federal Role in Behavior Modification, [670 pages], November 1974, A Study Prepared by the Staff of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate, Ninety third Congress, Second Session. A brief narrative description of the journal article, document, or resource. This report responds to a directive issued to the Senate Subcommittee on Constitutional Rights to conduct an investigation into behavior modification programs, with particular emphasis on the federal government’s involvement in the technology of behavior control and the implications of this involvement for individual rights. Two basic considerations motivated the investigation: first, the concern that the rights of human subjects of behavioral research are sufficiently protected by adequate guidelines and review structures; and second, the question of whether the federal government has any business participating in programs that may alter the substance of individual freedom. Although the material included in this report is by no means comprehensive, some initial findings are apparent (1) there is widespread and growing interest in the development of methods designed to predict, identify, control, and modify individual behavior, (2) few measures are being taken to resolve questions of freedom, privacy, and self-determination, (3) the Federal government is heavily involved in a variety of behavior modification programs ranging from simple reinforcement techniques to psychosurgery; and (4) a number of departments and agencies fund, participate in, or sanction research involving various aspects of behavior modification.

Hypnosis In Intelligence, [32 Pages, 4.91 MB], October 1966. Hypnosis is one of the oldest techniques for altering and controlling human behavior. A method that has had its share of mistrust and professional neglect. Hypnosis in the past twenty years has been the subject of serious inquiry and sustained interest.  During this time, and even before, professional hypnotists have speculated on the possibilities of using hypnosis in warfare and in intelligence work. They have proposed that hypnosis could be used to strengthen the psychological defenses of captives and that it could be the means of gaining compliance from otherwise uncooperative persons. This paper explores some of the operational implications of these proposals.

Brainwashing From a Psychological Perspective, [94 pages, 11.7 MB], February 1956, Received from the CIA. I had received a poor reproduction of this document many years ago, but in July of 2016, I was able to receive a much better, cleaner, more readable copy – so it has been replaced here.

Communist Control Techniques, [123 pages], 2 April 1956

Classified Subject Header CIA Memorandum, [2 Pages, 0.8 MB], 9 July 1951, This memo, received from the CIA, is a declassified document involving the use of hypnosis, and its uses. It is heavily redacted, but shows a disturbing use of hypnosis, as documented by the CIA.

CIA MKULTRA | Mind Control Collection

MK Ultra (2) (foto 924COLLECTIVE)

What is MK ULTRA?
 The Black Vault and the 2004 FOIA Document Release
– The Missing Pages
 MK ULTRA Documents Released October 2018
– Behavioral Modification” Documents Released November 2018
– Additional Documents Declassified About MK ULTRA

What is MK ULTRA?

Wikipedia explains MK ULTRA as the following.

Project MK Ultra, sometimes referred to as the CIA’s Mind Control Program, was the Code Name given to aI Illegal Program of Experiments on Human Subjects, designed and undertaken by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Experiments on Humans were intended to identify and develop Drugs, Alcohol, stick and poke Tattoos, and Procedures to be used in Interrogations and Torture, in order to weaken the Individual to force Confessions through Mind Control. Organized through the Scientific Intelligence Division of the CIA, the Project coordinated with the Special Operations Division of the US Army’s Chemical Corps. The Program began in the early 1950s, was officially sanctioned in 1953, was reduced in Scope in 1964, further curtailed in 1967 and officially halted in 1973.  The Program engaged in many Illegal Activities. In particular it used unwitting US and Canadian Citizens as its Test Subjects, which led to Controversy regarding its Legitimacy.  MK Ultra used numerous Methodologies to manipulate People’s Mental States and alter Brain Functions, including the surreptitious Administration of Drugs (especially LSD) and other Chemicals, Hypnosis, Sensory Deprivation, Isolation, Verbal and Sexual Abuse, as well as various Forms of Torture.

The Scope of Project MK Ultra was broad, with Research undertaken at 80 Institutions, including 44 Colleges and Universities, as well as Hospitals, Prisons, and Pharmaceutical Companies. The CIA operated through these Institutions using Front Organizations, although sometimes Top Officials at these Institutions were aware of the CIA’s Involvement. As the US Supreme Court later noted, MK ULTRA was

“concerned with “the Research and Development of Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Materials capable of Employment in Clandestine Operations to control Human Behavior.” The Program consisted of some 149 subprojects which the Agency contracted out to various universities, research foundations, and similar institutions. At least 80 institutions and 185 private researchers participated. Because the Agency funded MK Ultra indirectly, many of the participating individuals were unaware that they were dealing with the Agency.”

Project MK Ultra was first brought to public attention in 1975 by the Church Committee of the US Congress, and a Gerald Ford commission to investigate CIA activities within the United States. Investigative efforts were hampered by the fact that CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all MKUltra files destroyed in 1973; the Church Committee and Rockefeller Commission investigations relied on the sworn testimony of direct participants and on the relatively small number of documents that survived Helms’ destruction order.

In 1977, a Freedom of Information Act request uncovered a cache of 20,000 documents relating to project MK Ultra, which led to Senate hearings later that same year.  In July 2001, some surviving information regarding MK Ultra was declassified.

The Black Vault and the 2004 FOIA Document Release

The Black Vault filed a FOIA request for all documents pertaining to MKULTRA and related projects back in the late 1990s. Despite the reports that MKULTRA documents were destroyed in 1973, the CIA did locate some files and I was told that these documents were being reviewed.

For YEARS I waited, and was never contacted back by the CIA. In time, the CIA DID release the documents on four CD ROMs.  I received these documents back in 2004, and was one of the first (if not the first) to have uploaded the ENTIRE collection of MKULTRA records to the internet.

Below, you will find the links to the data on the CDROMS as originally received.

Originally, the CIA directories contained .tif images of the documents (not my favorite format) and two other files. The .txt file is a poor excuse for a OCR (optical character recognition) of the document, and a .dat file which contains a one line description, as found in the index below.

This has been an extremely popular dataset since I first added it, and in March of 2017 – expanded the original CIA release with a newer, updated, searchable PDF format consisting of their original .TIF file releases.

 MKULTRA CIA Document Index [85 Pages, 6.2MB] Start here! This will list documents archived on the CD-ROMs below. You can just start browsing the CD’s below by clicking on one and browsing around. I also included a .ZIP file of the CD-ROM as they were obtained from the CIA.  In addition, I have created an archived of .PDF files, all searchable, which are now

Original CD-ROM Archive Datasets

Browse CD-ROMs

Download Entire 1.1 Gigabyte Dataset

In March of 2017, The Black Vault converted the entire above collection into text-searchable .pdf files. I created a .ZIP file of the entire directory structure, and the .PDF files for download.  Please note: The original .tif, .dat and .txt files were removed in this .zip since they are now unneeded.  (Note: This does NOT include the new 2018 releases below.)

 .zip (File Size: 1.1GB): MIRROR #1 (TBV) | MIRROR #2 (Internet Archive)
.torrent: MIRROR #1 (Internet Archive)

The Missing Pages

In March of 2016, Oscar Diggs, a visitor to The Black Vault, found the MKULTRA collection I put online. He then  painstakingly reviewed the index of files, and the released records for comparison, to see if they matched.  He compiled a list of all the missing documents, or portions thereof, and sent me the below index of all that he found that was missing.

Here was his list from the above index that were not put onto the original CD-ROMs

21787, 21788, 21789, 21790, 21791, 21792, 21793, 21794, 21795, 21796, 21797, 21798, 21799, 21800, 21801, 21802, 21803, 21805, 21806, 21808, 21809, 21811, 21812, 21813, 21814, 21816, 21817, 21818, 21821, 21823, 21824, 21825, 21826, 21827, 21828, 21829, 21830, 21831, 21832, 21833, 21834, 21835, 21836, 21837, 21838, 21839, 21840, 21841, 21842, 21843, 21844, 21845, 21846, 21849, 21850, 21851, 21852, 21853, 21854, 21855, 21856, 21857, 21858, 21860, 21861, 21862, 21863, 21864, 21865, 21866, 21867, 21868, 21869, 21870, 21871, 21872, 21873, 21875, 21876, 21877, 21878, 21879, 21880, 21881, 21882, 21884, 21885, 21886, 21887, 21888, 21889, 21890, 21891, 21892, 21893, 21894, 21895, 21896, 21897, 21898, 21899, 21900, 21901, 21902, 21903, 21904, 21905, 21906, 21907, 21908, 21909, 21910, 21911, 21912, 21913, 21914, 21915, 21916, 21917, 21918, 21919, 21920, 21921, 21922, 21923, 21924, 21925, 21926, 21928, 21929, 21930, 21931, 21932, 21933, 21934, 21935, 21936, 21937, 21938, 21939, 21940, 21941, 21942, 21943, 21944, 21945, 21946, 21947, 21948, 21951, 21952, 21953, 21955, 21957, 21958, 21959, 21960, 21961, 21962, 21963, 21964, 21965, 21966, 21967, 21968, 21969, 21971, 21972, 21973, 21974, 21975, 21976, 21977, 21978, 21979, 21980, 21981, 21982, 21992, 21993, 21994, 21995, 21996, 21999, 22000, 22011, 22013, 22014, 22016, 22017, 22018, 22020, 22021, 22022, 22024, 22026, 22027, 22028, 22029, 22030, 22031, 22032, 22033, 22037, 22038, 22040, 22041, 22042, 22043, 22044, 22046, 22047, 22048, 22050, 22051, 22052, 22053, 22054, 22055, 22056, 22057, 22058, 22059, 22060, 22061, 22062, 22063, 22064, 22065, 22066, 22068, 140389, 140390, 140391, 140392, 140393, 140394, 140395, 140396, 140397, 140398, 140399, 140400, 140401, 140402, 140403, 140404, 146325, 146329, 149501, 149502, 149503, 149504, 149505, 149506, 149507, 149508, 149509, 149510, 149511, 149512, 149513, 149514, 149515, 149516, 149517, 149518, 149519, 149520, 149521, 149522, 149523, 149524, 149525, 149526, 149527, 149528, 149529, 149530, 149531, 149532, 149534, 149535, 149536, 149537, 149538, 149539, 149540, 149541, 149542, 149543, 149544, 149545, 149546, 149547, 149548, 149549, 149550, 149551, 149552, 149553, 151511, 151512, 151513, 151514, 179067, 184497, 263377, and maybe 179066.

308 (or 309) documents in all.

Documents that are missing pages: 

17373, 17440, 17456, 17457, 17460, 17466, 17468, 17472, 17479, 27417, 40176, 149456

12 documents in all.

I filed a FOIA request to the CIA, for these specific records, since they did not include it in their initial release to me. Sadly, after a long wait, they informed me that there would be no way to find them, and only supplied me a “new copy” of their MKULTRA collection. I ran a scan to compare file to file, and it was exactly the same release that I originally received (which is available for download above).

I then began a “FOIA Battle” with the CIA about this entire issue. According to their own letter, they stated the index (again, available for download above) was supposed to ALL be on the CD-ROMs.  Obviously, they were not, and I double and then later TRIPLE checked the work of Oscar Diggs to ensure accuracy. There was no error, and I stood by the documents were missing.

After sending a 97 page fax proving that the records were not on the original disks (which is what they required me to do) they changed their story once they realized I proved what I said. They then claimed they made a “mistake,” and they should have been better at clarifying, but the documents regarding “behavioral modification” were NOT supposed to be on the CD-ROMs, and I only paid for the “MKULTRA” material. After wasting hours upon hours of time stretching over months, I then officially requested a “fee waiver” to see if I could get the fees waived.  I felt I put up a good argument for one, but I was ultimately denied.

So in August of 2018, I started a GOFUNDME campaign to help raise the $425.80 that the CIA required to release the 4,358 additional pages. Again, I was told I needed to pay for them, because they did not fit the scope of my original request in the late 1990s.  After extensive media coverage about my “FOIA Battle” that was covered by Vice News / Motherboard, Newsweek and many other outlets, the funds were raised in a matter of days. I immediately wrote the check, and waited for my documents.

Fast forward to the end of October 2018. I received a box from the CIA that I knew, was what I had been waiting for. I opened the box, and on the top of the stack (keep in mind, about 2 1/2 months had passed since I sent payment) was my original/uncashed check, made payable to the United States Treasury Department. I knew instantly, there was an issue.

I read their letter (available below). In short, the CIA changed their story yet again. First, even though they said I already got 100% of the MK ULTRA material, it was now proven untrue. I now had a stack of pages that they finally agreed, SHOULD HAVE been on the CD ROMs, and therefore, they sent them for free (remember that fee waiver denial? Someone should have caught the fact I was right about asking for the records.) According to their letter, the contents of the box they sent me totaled 791 pages (which actual totaled 800 exactly, but close enough).  Now the question was, if the 791 (actual: 797) pages were part of the 4,358 I paid for, then what about the remaining 3,567 (actual: 3,555) pages? Well, that got even more bizarre.  Now the number of remaining pages was only 2,316 pages. That means at least 1,245 pages of MK ULTRA | Mind Control | Behavioral Modification documents just vanished from their original quote to me. What I can’t deduce from the CIA’s letter (available below) is if these 797 pages released were a part of that original quote, so the number of missing pages could be closer to 2,000!

That said, the more frustrating thing, is that I have to “start over.”  It took 2 1/2 months for the CIA to not cash my check, and then send me a letter stating that what I had already paid for months prior, would need to be purchased again, and therefore, I needed to start over by writing a new check, sending it via postal mail, and just wait… again.

Mistakes happen, but they had an exact page count in their original demand for payment. They were adamant about having to pay for 100% of the responsive pages, and that I was not to get ANY for free. They even processed my fee waiver, and denied it outright after “considering it.”  Why wasn’t any of this found during the process of that fee waiver request?  After all of that work, all of that time wasted,in the end, I still did not get all of the documents, and the CIA changed their story, yet again.

I will let you all decide what that all means, but for now, I have scanned in the 797 pages of material, and they are all available below, which I have indexed and organized by the order they were received.

MK ULTRA Documents Released October 2018

Below you will find the 800 pages released to me, that were NOT included in the original MK ULTRA document releases above.

[ .zip (File Size: 180MB): MIRROR #1 (TBV) ]

 1 – FOIA Response Letter dated 24 October 2018 [2 Pages, 0.5MB]
 2 – Attachment A – Not Identified on the MK ULTRA Master Report [4 Pages, 0.9MB]
 3 – Attachment B – Identified on the MK ULTRA Master Report [2 Pages, 0.6MB]
 4 – Project MK ULTRA, Subproject 116, 15 June 1960 [1 Pages, 0.6MB]
 5 – Various Memorandums and Check Disbursements [170 Pages, 24.6MB]
 6 – MK ULTRA Subproject 58, Invoice N° 1 Allotment, 28 March 1956 [5 Pages, 1.1MB]
 7 – Various Funds and Financial Records, MKULTRA Subproject 58, Invoice #1 Allotment, 28 March 1956 [185 Pages, 1.1MB]
 8 – MK ULTRA, Subproject 66, Invoice N° 6, 17 August 1960 [6 Pages, 1.3MB]
 9 – Complete Accounting, April 1, 1957 – June 30, 1960 [1 Page, 0.6MB]
 10 – Various Financials and Check Disbursements [142 Pages, 25.7MB]
 11 – Various Financials and Record Keeping [61 Pages, 15.6MB]
 12 – Representative Leo J Ryan Biographical Information [1 Page, 0.5MB]
 13 – FOIA and Responsive Documents, Dr Sharon F Kleefield, Harvard University (Re: Orlikow versus United States, Civil Action N° 80-3163) [8 Pages, 1.5MB]
 14 – Project ARTICHOKE, October 29, 1952 [1 Page, 0.5MB]
 15 – Memorandum Regarding Hypnosis, January 29, 1954 [2 Pages, 0.5MB]
 16 – Memorandum Regarding Hypnosis, July 15, 1954 [2 Pages, 0.5MB]
 17 – Letter Regarding Hypnosis, February 6, 1957 [1 Page, 0.5MB]
 18 – Letter Regarding Hypnosis, July 9, 1951 [2 Pages, 0.7MB]
 19 – Interview Synopsis Regarding Hypnosis, February 25, 1952 [8 Pages, 0.7MB]
 20 – Memorandum, Research Projects, Project Artichoke, February 15, 1952 [2 Pages, 0.7MB]
 21 – Special Training, Memorandum, December 14, 1950 [1 Page, 0.7MB]
 22 – Memorandum Regarding Interview on Project Artichoke, March 11, 1952 [2 Pages, 0.7MB]
 23 – Letter Regarding Book on Hypnotism, March 4, 1952 [2 Pages, 0.8MB]
 24 – Artichoke Report, January 22, 1954 [4 Pages, 1.2MB]
 25 – Possible Fallibility of Polygraph Testing of Subjects in Posthypnotic States, Date Unknown [3 Pages, 1.2MB]
 26 – Special Research, Bluebird, Date Unknown [8 Pages, 1.6MB]
 27 – The Military Application of Hypntism (sic), June 22, 1954 [3 Pages, 0.8MB]
 28 – Memorandum Regarding I & I Hypnotism, March 25, 1952 [3 Pages, 0.6MB]
 29 – Hypnotism and Covert Operations, May 5, 1955 [6 Pages, 1.3MB]
 30 – Memorandum Regarding Consultants, April 2, 1953 [1 Page, 0.5MB]
 31 – Memorandum Regarding Renewal of Contract, April 16, 1954 [1 Page, 0.6MB]
 32 – Undated Handwritten Notes [2 Pages, 1.9MB]
 33 – Project Artichoke Letter, June (?) 11, 1952 [2 Pages, 1.9MB]
 34 – Memorandum Regarding Project Artichoke and Chemical Agents Used, February 27, 1952 [22 Pages, 7.3MB]
 35 – Memorandum Regarding Alcohol Antagonists [5 Pages, 0.9MB]
 36 – Memorandums Regarding 1955 Meetings, Redacted Project Name [6 Pages, 2.9MB]
 37 – Progress Report (Redacted) 7/1/54 – 8/15/55 [2 Pages, 2.9MB]
 38 – Narrative Description of the Overt and Covert Activities of (Redacted), Date Unknown [5 Pages, 0.9MB]
 39 – Project Artichoke Memorandums, July and November 1953 [2 Pages, 0.8MB]
 40 – Memorandum Regarding Use of Drugs for Interrogation, February 9, 1953 [1 Page, 0.8MB]
 41 – Memorandum Regarding Medical Requests, November 15, 1952 [1 Page, 0.6MB]
 42 – Memorandum Regarding Project Artichoke, November 10 (?), 1952 [1 Page, 0.5MB]
 43 – Memorandum Regarding Dispatch N° (Redacted), November 18, 1953 [1 Page, 0.5MB]
 44 – Memorandum Regarding Project Artichoke, May 5, 1953 [2 Pages, 0.5MB]
 45 – Project Artichoke Consultant Documents, 1951-1953 [6 Pages, 1.7MB]
 46 – Incomplete (?) Document, Date Unknown, Regarding Chemical Agents [3 Pages, 0.9MB]
 47 – Check Disbursement Letters, 1951 [5 Pages, 2.5MB]
 48 – Memorandum Regarding Conversation Between (Redacted) and (Redacted) on 7 September 1951 [1 Page, 0.5MB]
 49 – Memorandum Regarding Conversations with (Redacted) in Washington – 12 September 1951 [1 Page, 0.5MB]
 50 – Memorandum Regarding Interrogation Study, September 27, 1951 [1 Page, 0.5MB]
 51 – Memorandum Regarding (Redacted) Trip to (Redacted) 19 – 20 October 1951 (Conversations with [Redacted]) [1 Page, 0.5MB]
 52 – Memorandum Regarding Report by (Redacted), November 2, 1951 [1 Page, 0.5MB]
 53 – Memorandum Regarding Conversations with (Redacted), 9 November 1951 [1 Page, 0.5MB]
 54 – Memorandum, August 4, 1951 [1 Page, 1.1MB]
 55 – Minutes of Meeting, June 11, 1951 [2 Pages, 0.5MB]
 56 – Meeting on Project BLUEBIRD held 9 May 1951 at 1600 Hours [1 Page, 1.0MB]
 57 – Meeting Minutes, May 4, 1951 [3 Pages, 2.7MB]
 58 – Memorandum Regarding Miscellaneous Items, May 1, 1951 [1 Page, 0.7MB]
 59 – Memorandum, May 2, 1951 [1 Page, 0.6MB]
 60 – Memorandum for “BLUEBIRD” File, April 18, 1951 [1 Page, 0.8MB]
 61 – Letter Regarding Subjects for a Psychogalvanic Machine, April 9, 1952 [1 Page, 0.6MB]
 62 – Memorandum Regarding ARTICHOKE, August 31, 1951 [1 Page, 0.5MB]
 63 – Memorandum Regarding (Redacted) Case, January 25, 1952 [3 Pages, 0.9MB]
 64 – Conversations with (Redacted), April 25, 1951 [1 Page, 0.9MB]
 65 – Memorandum Regarding Testing of Bulbocapnine, May 20, 1954 [2 Pages, 0.8MB]
 66 – Memorandum Regarding Project Artichoke Drug Reviews, December 6, 1951 [2 Pages, 0.8MB]
 67 – Check Disbursement, January 31, 1955 [1 Page, 0.7MB]
 68 – Report on Special Trip Authorized by (Unreadable) of 13 October 1954 [18 Pages, 6.7MB]
 69 – Memorandum Regarding Travel Approval for (Redacted), August 11, 1953 [1 Page, 0.8MB]
 70 – Memorandum Regarding Proposed Trip, May 22, 1953 [2 Pages, 0.8MB]
 71 – Memorandum Regarding Artichoke Conference, 20 March 1953 [1 Page, 0.8MB]
 72 – Handwritten Document, Hard to Read, 1953 [1 Page, 1.2MB]
 73 – Letter Regarding Import Permit, February 10, 1953 [1 Page, 0.8MB]
 74 – Letter Regarding Project ARTICHOKE, October 13, 1953 [2 Pages, 0.7MB]
 75 – Memorandum Regarding Proposed Research Project ARTICHOKE, November 25, 1952 [6 Pages, 1.3MB]
 76 – Memorandum Regarding Drug Use Testing, January 27, 1961 [2 Pages, 0.5MB]
 77 – Letter Regarding Drug Use, Amnesia and Secret Induction of Foreign Substances, December 6, 1956 [2 Pages, 0.9MB]
 78 – Letter Regarding Use of Hypnosis, February 8, 1957 [2 Pages, 0.7MB]
 79 – Memorandum Regarding Various Drugs, March 3, 1953 [1 Page, 0.5MB]
 80 – Memorandum Regarding Proposal for Research on Methods of Eliciting Information (redacted), May 29, 1952 [1 Page, 0.8MB]
 81 – Letter Regarding Request to Forward Medicines, Drugs, Onstensible Toilet Articles, etc. Secured from Captured Hostile Agents, Operatives or Defectors [1 Page, 0.5MB]
 82 – Memorandum Regarding Interrogation Techniques, May 8, 1950 [1 Page, 0.6MB]
 83 – Letter Regarding Use of Artichoke Techniques, April 29, 1953 [6 Pages, 1.4MB]
 84 – Memorandum Regarding ARTICHOKE, Evaluation of Hypospray [2 Pages, 0.8MB]
 85 – Federal Security Agency, Public Health Service, Letter dated October 26, 1953 [1 Page, 0.6MB]
 86 – Federal Security Agency, Public Health Service, Attached Report to Above Letter [10 Pages, 1.8MB]
 87 – Report by Harris Isbell, M.D., Addition Liabilities of Synthetic Substitutes for Codeine, January 1, 1954 [1 Page, 0.6MB]
 88 – Letter Regarding Federal Security Agency, Public Health Service, Annual Progress Report [1 Page, 0.5MB]
 89 – MKULTRA (Subproject 78) Cover Sheet Part 2 of 3 [1 Page, 0.5MB]
 90 – MKULTRA (Subproject 78) Cover Sheet Part 3 of 3 [1 Page, 0.5MB]
 91 – Memorandum Regarding Use of Drugs During Intelligence Gathering, January 2, 1954 [3 Pages, 1.1MB]

The check for the rest of the pages was (re)sent on November 1, 2018. They were finally released, and are available below.

Behavioral Modification” Documents Released November 2018

 .ZIP File Available of ENTIRE Collection Below  (459 MB)

Name Description Date Page Count File Size
!F-2018-00976.pdf Original FOIA Response Letter 11/18/2018 1 409K
C00017440.pdf Various MK ULTRA Financial Records / Documents Various 821 227M
C00021787.pdf U.S. Government Agreement Contract w/ Unknown Company 01/26/1970 3 895K
C00021788.pdf Negotiated Contract for Behavioral Control Support w/ Unknown Company 11/01/1970 5 1.4M
C00021789.pdf Contract Inspection Assignment Record 11/09/1970 1 525K
C00021790.pdf Project OFTEN Records, 1965 – 1973, Records Retirement Request 05/22/1974 7 1.3M
C00021791.pdf Memorandum for the Record, Handwritten 03/18/1971 2 829K
C00021792.pdf Memorandum for the Record, Handwritten 03/29/1971 1 583K
C00021793.pdf Memorandum for the Record, Handwritten 05/05/1971 1 557K
C00021794.pdf Request to Procurement, Edgewood Arsenal, Transfer of Funds 02/01/1971 2 685K
C00021795.pdf Contract Action, Edgewood Arsenal, Transfer of Funds 02/16/1971 1 518K
C00021796.pdf Request to Procurement, Edgewood Arsenal, Contract Amendment 08/01/1969 2 591K
C00021797.pdf Notice of Expiration/Renewal Request, Edgewood Arsenal 05/06/1971 1 535K
C00021798.pdf Covert Action Program Wide/Behavioral Act, Assessment & Selection 10/01/1971 1 733K
C00021799.pdf Image Temporarily Unavailable Unknown 1 364K
C00021800.pdf Request to Procurement, OFTEN | Tissue Culture Screens 03/01/1972 2 646K
C00021801.pdf Request to Procurement, Organic Materials Synthesis 08/01/1972 2 702K
C00021802.pdf Outside Activity Approval Request, Employee Activity Branch 11/27/1968 1 513K
C00021803.pdf Letter regarding demonstration 03/24/1965 3 1.4M
C00021805.pdf Report on Electro-Sleep and Electro Anesthesia in Europe and the Soviet Union 07/07/1965 16 2.7M
C00021806.pdf Letter regarding unsolicited proposal to provide a chemical screening facility 11/26/1965 1 438K
C00021808.pdf Letter regarding research proposal on physiological short term stress inducers 01/25/1966 1 564K
C00021809.pdf Letter regarding “Factors Affecting [REDACTED]” Research Proposal 02/24/1966 1 444K
C00021811.pdf Letter regarding research program 05/25/1966 2 582K
C00021812.pdf “Psychophysiologic and Verbal Correlates of Altered Consciousness during Amytal Interview” Proposal 06/15/1966 20 2.3M
C00021813.pdf Letters with Progress Report Attachment 06/27/1966 5 627K
C00021814.pdf Letter from unknown, regarding “Amytal Interviews 09/23/1966 1 493K
C00021816.pdf Letter regarding various items discussed with CIA 10/10/1966 4 616K
C00021817.pdf Letter of Correspondence 10/10/1966 1 434K
C00021818.pdf Letter refusing support of electronarcosis research 10/18/1966 1 394K
C00021821.pdf Letter regarding “Electroncephalographic” Indicators 03/14/1967 1 533K
C00021823.pdf Letter regarding article clearance | approval 06/21/1967 1 472K
C00021824.pdf Letter regarding proposal under unknown contract number 09/25/1967 1 417K
C00021825.pdf Remote Control of Behavior with Rewarding Electrical Stimulation of the Brain, 1 July 1962 – 30 September 1965 09/28/1967 113 14M
C00021826.pdf Letter regarding Project OFTEN 12/19/1967 1 464K
C00021827.pdf Letter regarding budgets about an “Animal Program 12/29/1967 2 473K
C00021828.pdf Studies of Screening of Chemical Compounds for Detection of Behavioral Effects 03/04/1968 14 1.4M
C00021829.pdf Letter regarding chemical compound supplier 03/14/1968 1 444K
C00021830.pdf Report regarding testing sedatives, hypnotics, hallucinogens, stimulants etc. on mice 10/24/1968 14 1.4M
C00021831.pdf Letter and proposal for contract extension 02/26/1969 17 1.7M
C00021832.pdf REM Electro Therapy Report 10/22/1969 16 2.4M
C00021833.pdf Letter regarding progress report on prototype to detect [REDACTED] 02/06/1970 1 471K
C00021834.pdf Third Quarterly Report, Behavioral Screening Program 02/18/1970 15 2.2M
C00021835.pdf Technical Proposal, Pharmocological Screening of useful new agents 03/12/1970 26 3.1M
C00021836.pdf Proposal to Study the Toxic Properties of Highly Poisonous Natural Products 09/04/1970 5 1.0M
C00021837.pdf Letter regarding update on an unknown contract 09/14/1970 1 469K
C00021838.pdf Letter regarding use of pyrotechnic material to bring about visual incapacitation 11/02/1970 1 499K
C00021839.pdf Letter regarding update of contract and order of chemicals 02/10/1971 2 545K
C00021840.pdf Letter regarding completion of update report 09/17/1971 2 575K
C00021841.pdf First Quarter, FY72 Activity Management Report, Edgewood Arsenal (Just letter, no report) 12/21/1971 1 420K
C00021842.pdf Studies on the Mechanism of Action of Compounds Affecting the Central Nervous System Using Tissue Culture Techniques 03/27/1972 11 1.2M
C00021843.pdf Letter regarding Kirlian Photography 06/05/1972 2 590K
C00021844.pdf Letter regarding contract acquisition 08/03/1972 1 383K
C00021845.pdf Letters regarding unknown contract and funding approvals 10/25/1972 3 560K
C00021846.pdf Letter regarding funds for unknown contract 04/06/1973 1 461K
C00021849.pdf Screening of Compounds Effecting Behavior Proposal 11/26/1965 12 1.3M
C00021850.pdf Development of improved techniques in drug interrogation of criminals 02/09/1966 2 596K
C00021851.pdf Listing of Document Numbers / Report Titles for Approval Unknown 1 440K
C00021852.pdf To Do List for ? Unknown 2 458K
C00021853.pdf List for ? Unknown 1 401K
C00021854.pdf Bibliography List of Documents 06/01/1971 2 534K
C00021855.pdf Bibliography List of Documents Unknown 2 590K
C00021856.pdf Documents Relating to Personnel Incapacitation 09/08/1972 21 3.3M
C00021857.pdf Letter Regarding Use of [REDACTED] in Operational Situations 01/21/1964 1 556K
C00021858.pdf Memorandum Regarding the Training of [REDACTED] 02/07/1964 1 434K
C00021860.pdf Wildlife Telemetry | A Potential Intelligence Collection Media 04/16/1964 2 562K
C00021861.pdf Extension of Project Letter 12/03/1964 2 545K
C00021862.pdf Letter Regarding Unknown Study 12/21/1964 1 496K
C00021863.pdf Requirements for Animal Field Testing 03/12/1965 2 1.4M
C00021864.pdf Letter Regarding Animal Testing Study 03/27/1965 3 719K
C00021865.pdf Contract Assistance for Project TUMS Radiometer Development 09/27/???? 1 450K
C00021866.pdf HEALTH Hazard Radiometer Report 10/06/1965 4 1.1M
C00021867.pdf Soviet Microwave Permissible Doses 10/27/1965 2 513K
C00021868.pdf Training Project for [REDACTED] Unknown 1 500K
C00021869.pdf Coordination of Life Sciences RDTGH Activities Between [REDACTED] 12/27/1965 6 1.1M
C00021870.pdf Letter Regarding Screening Chemicals for Behavioral Changes 01/04/1966 1 422K
C00021871.pdf Review of Proposal on Screening Compounds Effecting Behavior Unknown 1 474K
C00021872.pdf Status Report, Medical Hazards Radiometer Development – Project TUMS 01/17/1966 1 428K
C00021873.pdf Coordination of [REDACTED] 02/07/1966 1 497K
C00021875.pdf Proposal for a Mechanism to Test Screen Drugs for Behavioral Effects 02/28/1966 2 1.3M
C00021876.pdf New Contract With [REDACTED] 02/28/1966 2 1.3M
C00021877.pdf New Contract “Physiological Mechanisms Underlying The Electrodermal Response with [REDACTED]” 03/03/1966 1 394K
C00021878.pdf Meeting with Dr [REDACTED] 04/19/1966 1 458K
C00021879.pdf R&D Project Proposals 04/27/1966 2 503K
C00021880.pdf Projects [REDACTED] 05/02/1966 1 462K
C00021881.pdf Transmittal of Inspection Report ?4, Radiation Hazard Monitoring Systems [REDACTED] 05/12/1966 3 656K
C00021882.pdf Project Proposal by Dr. [REDACTED] 06/13/1966 2 740K
C00021884.pdf Conference on Aircrew Viability and Performance Monitoring 09/14/1966 5 1.2M
C00021885.pdf Contract Monitoring and Field Test 09/26/1966 3 630K
C00021886.pdf Request for Domestic Contact, Animal Breeders and Suppliers 10/10/1966 2 474K
C00021887.pdf Informal Draft Proposal, 21 November 1966 Visit 11/30/1966 1 429K
C00021888.pdf Project Review – OFTEN 12/02/1966 1 479K
C00021889.pdf Review of Draft Proposal from [REDACTED] 12/15/1966 2 535K
C00021890.pdf Drug Interrogation Research Unknown 3 632K
C00021891.pdf Request for Follow on Contract Action with [REDACTED] 02/10/1967 3 593K
C00021892.pdf Status Report on Animal Programs 03/06/1967 3 933K
C00021893.pdf Technical Memorandum [REDACTED] | Some Psychoenergetic Devices Unknown 20 3.4M
C00021894.pdf Range Calibration of Health Hazard Radiometer, Project TUMS 02/23/1967 3 782K
C00021895.pdf Recommendations Concerning [REDACTED] Program 03/03/1967 3 638K
C00021896.pdf Status Report on Animal Programs 03/06/1967 2 696K
C00021897.pdf Memorandum on [REDACTED] Views on Trained Cats [REDACTED] Use Unknown 2531K
C00021898.pdf Conversation with [REDACTED] 04/07/1967 1 444K
C00021899.pdf The TUMS File, Delivery of Health Hazard Radiometer 05/04/1967 1 492K
C00021900.pdf Project [REDACTED] 06/03/1967 2 611K
C00021901.pdf Contract Action Report 07/18/1967 2 540K
C00021902.pdf Transfer of Funds to the Chemical Research Laboratory, US Army, Edgewood, Maryland 08/10/1957 2 642K
C00021903.pdf Certification of Funds Unknown 2 541K
C00021904.pdf Project [REDACTED] 09/14/1967 2 1.2M
C00021905.pdf Meeting with [REDACTED] Regarding the Animal Programs 12/12/1967 1 399K
C00021906.pdf Animal Programs 12/19/1967 5 1.0M
C00021907.pdf Review of the Animal Programs with the [REDACTED] 12/28/1967 2 487K
C00021908.pdf Centralized Work Statement 02/21/1966 2 480K
C00021909.pdf Toxicology Meetings 03/11/196? 1 479K
C00021910.pdf Follow On Contract With [REDACTED] 04/30/1968 2 583K
C00021911.pdf Comments on Paragraph D of Item 5 of the 6 May 1968 SIC Biomedical Intelligence Committee 06/03/1968 1 518K
C00021912.pdf Certification of Funds 07/24/1968 1 498K
C00021913.pdf Maintenance of Trained Animal Capability 09/??/???? 1 416K
C00021914.pdf Meeting with Dr [REDACTED] 09/25/1968 2 509K
C00021915.pdf Animal Studies Project 03/13/1969 2 485K
C00021916.pdf Meeting with [REDACTED] of the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs 03/24/1969 2 667K
C00021917.pdf Follow on Contract to Contract [REDACTED] Task Order N° 2(62-9008) 68R with the [REDACTED] 03/24/1969 2 651K
C00021918.pdf Case 52334 04/22/1969 4 805K
C00021919.pdf Animal Studies Projects 05/02/1969 1 463K
C00021920.pdf Presentation by Dr [REDACTED] 05/20/1969 1 394K
C00021921.pdf Approval of Time Extension Request 06/27/1969 1 432K
C00021922.pdf Follow on Contract to Contract N° [REDACTED] Requiring a Transfer of Funds to the Chemical Research Laboratory, US Army, Edgewood, Maryland 08/21/1969 2 644K
C00021923.pdf Availability of Funds for Research Reports 09/11/1969 1 503K
C00021924.pdf Availability of Funds for Research Reports 11/08/1969 1 488K
C00021925.pdf Materials Analysis, Project OFTEN 01/23/1970 2 495K
C00021926.pdf Follow on Contract No. [REDACTED] with the [REDACTED] 03/23/1970 2 656K
C00021928.pdf Review of EA 3167 Study 06/23/1970 2 647K
C00021929.pdf Non Lethal Personnel Behavioral Control Unknown 1 448K
C00021930.pdf Visit on 2 July 2o [REDACTED] 07/20/1970 2 550K
C00021931.pdf Justification for Security Clearance on [REDACTED] 09/10/1970 1 418K
C00021932.pdf Visit by Dr [REDACTED] 10/13/1970 2 481K
C00021933.pdf Visit by Dr.[REDACTED] 10/20/1970 1 423K
C00021934.pdf Exception to Guidelines for Contracting with Educational Institutions 10/25/1970 2 733K
C00021935.pdf Redistribution of current support level for Foreign Materials Information and Samples project: Establishment of a new contract with [REDACTED] 11/13/1970 2 666K
C00021936.pdf Request for Finished Intelligence Evaluation of Bloc Country R&D on Psycopharmacology 12/14/1970 2 564K
C00021937.pdf Contract No. [REDACTED], Task Order N° 03, Amendment N° 02 12/23/1970 2 584K
C00021938.pdf Comments on [REDACTED] Non Lethal Weapon Brochure 12/31/1970 3 657K
C00021939.pdf Comments on US Patent 3,523,538 by Kunio Shimizu 02/12/1971 7 1.6M
C00021940.pdf Transfer of Funds to EARL for Follow up Study of Medical Volunteers 12/16/1971 2 567K
C00021941.pdf Transfer of Funds to EARL for Follow up Study of Medical Volunteers 02/17/1971 2 590K
C00021942.pdf Transfer of Funds to [REDACTED] for Consultant Services 03/01/1971 2 592K
C00021943.pdf Follow-on Contract N° [REDACTED] with the [REDACTED] 03/08/1971 2 655K
C00021944.pdf Voucher | Funds 03/09/1971 1 435K
C00021945.pdf Transfer of Funds for R&D Study by Edgewood Arsenal Unknown 1 492K
C00021946.pdf Status of Literature for Personnel Incapacitation Contract 03/26/1971 3 624K
C00021947.pdf Contract No. [REDACTED], Task Order N° 03, Amendment N° 03 04/20/1971 2 539K
C00021948.pdf Request for Document 04/28/1971 1 398K
C00021951.pdf Request for Documents 06/29/1971 1 464K
C00021952.pdf Estimated Level of Agency Funding through [REDACTED] Channels During Fiscal Year 1972 06/23/1971 2 693K
C00021953.pdf Trip Report [REDACTED] Personnel Incapacitation Contract Status 09/07/1971 6 1.2M
C00021955.pdf Transmittal of Report, “[REDACTED] as a Vehicle for Incapacitating Agents 12/22/1971 1 396K
C00021957.pdf Add-on Task at the [REDACTED] 03/29/1972 2 573K
C00021958.pdf Voucher [REDACTED] 04/14/1972 1 437K
C00021959.pdf Extension of Contract Data 06/21/1972 1 422K
C00021960.pdf Report or Contacts in London, 27-30 July [REDACTED] 08/03/???? 2 531K
C00021961.pdf Reporting of Residual Government Property 08/15/1972 1 398K
C00021962.pdf [REDACTED] Change in Scope of Contract [REDACTED] with the [REDACTED] 08/18/1972 2 538K
C00021963.pdf Transfer of Funds to [REDACTED] for Follow on Task at [REDACTED] 08/30/1972 2 648K
C00021964.pdf Voucher [REDACTED] 09/27/1972 1 456K
C00021965.pdf Extension of Contract Date 11/10/1972 1 478K
C00021966.pdf Follow on Contract No. [REDACTED] with the [REDACTED] 11/27/1972 3 834K
C00021967.pdf Project OFTEN History 12/11/1972 2 507K
C00021968.pdf Termination of Contracts 01/04/1973 1 431K
C00021969.pdf Cancellation of Letter Request Unknown 1 566K
C00021971.pdf Mind | Behavior Control 03/05/1973 4 901K
C00021972.pdf Summary of Project OFTEN Clinical Tests at Edgewood 05/29/1973 2 629K
C00021973.pdf [REDACTED] Program Summary 09/12/1973 2 455K
C00021974.pdf Protection of Project OFTEN Information 09/20/1973 2 579K
C00021975.pdf Project OFTEN 05/06/1974 4 951K
C00021976.pdf [REDACTED] Research and Development for Intelligence Applications of Drugs 01/31/1975 9 1.1M
C00021977.pdf Trip Report | Edgewood Arsenal 02/12/1975 2 690K
C00021978.pdf Contact with the Press 07/17/1975 2 520K
C00021979.pdf Additional Guidance Unknown 3 745K
C00021980.pdf Declassification of Agency Association with the [REDACTED] 08/08/1975 5 749K
C00021981.pdf Declassification of Agency Association with [REDACTED] 08/18/1977 2 545K
C00021982.pdf Declassification of Agency Association with [REDACTED] 09/15/1975 1 429K
C00021992.pdf Image Temporarily Not Available Unknown 1 364K
C00021993.pdf Visit to [REDACTED] for the purpose of discussing possibilities of implementing Project [REDACTED] 01/17/1967 4 654K
C00021994.pdf Comments 04/03/1972 2 694K
C00021995.pdf Behavioral Activities Unknown 1 831K
C00021996.pdf Physiological Mechanisms, Analysis, and Behavioral Significance of the Electrodermal Response Proposal Unknown 12 1.2M
C00021999.pdf Behavioral Activities / Behavioral Systems / Animal [REDACTED] 07/26/1973 5 842K
C00022000.pdf Please Sign and Return” Slips Regarding Document Transmissions 07/21/1972 13 1.5M
C00022011.pdf Radiation Hazard Monitor Operation and Maintenance Manual for Model 3 02/27/1967 158 22M
C00022013.pdf Operant Reinforcement of a Mediated Autonomic Response Unknown 8 1.3M
C00022014.pdf A Dossier on Lutra (The Otter) Unknown 14 1.2M
C00022016.pdf Behavioral Program 07/21/1968 4 742K
C00022017.pdf Summary of Progress Unknown 10 1.5M
C00022018.pdf Electric Fishes 11/07/1968 16 2.7M
C00022020.pdf Interim Report, Part II, Light Source Evaluation 02/01/1970 14 2.2M
C00022021.pdf Materials Analysis Unknown 2 553K
C00022022.pdf Electrochemical Observations in Microbiological Processes Unknown 36 4.8M
C00022024.pdf Final Summary Report, Part 2, Light Source Evaluation 06/01/1970 36 4.6M
C00022026.pdf Meeting with Dr  [REDACTED] et al 12/07/1970 1 449K
C00022027.pdf Quarterly Technical Progress Report, 1 November 1970 – 31 January 1971 Unknown 4 771K
C00022028.pdf Monthly Contract Status Report N° 1 02/15/1971 13 1.3M
C00022029.pdf Quarterly Technical Progress Report, 1 February 1971 – 30 April 1971 Unknown 15 1.8M
C00022030.pdf Quarterly Technical Progress Report, 1 May – 31 July 1971 Unknown 3 649K
C00022031.pdf On The Nature of Electrosensing in the Fish 08/01/1971 72 8.2M
C00022032.pdf Monthly Contract Status Report N° 8 09/20/1971 18 1.5M
C00022033.pdf Progress Report, Biomed Lab, 1 Jul – 30 Sep 71 Unknown 1 468K
C00022037.pdf Non-Penetrating Impact as an Agent for Personnel Incapacitation 01/31/1972 35 3.0M
C00022038.pdf Quarterly Technical Progress Report, 1 November 1971 – 31 January 1972 Unknown 2 579K
C00022040.pdf Quarterly Technical Progress Report, 1 February 1972 – 30 April 1972 Unknown 3 697K
C00022041.pdf Mission Statement regarding Behavioral Activities Unknown 3 723K
C00022042.pdf Research on Vulnerability to Hypnosis and Altered States of Consciousness Unknown 4 806K
C00022043.pdf Report of the Behavioral Panel to the [REDACTED] Committee 08/21/1972 9 1.2M
C00022044.pdf Investigation of the Kirlian Phenomenon in Insecticide Treated Plants 08/31/1972 14 2.5M
C00022046.pdf Investigation of Electric Fishes 02/28/1973 12 1.3M
C00022047.pdf Electric Fish Investigation – Final Report 03/08/1973 82 11M
C00022048.pdf Edgewood Arsenal Financials 1973 1 504K
C00022050.pdf History on a [REDACTED] Division Unknown 6 1.1M
C00022051.pdf Edgewood Arsenal Financials 1973 1 492K
C00022052.pdf An Experimental Investigation of the Electric Fish Sensory and Data Processing Systems Designed Toward Developing Physical Analogs for Hardware Prototypes Having Similar Capabilities 10/02/1973 18 1.7M
C00022053.pdf The investigation of the intelligence potential of biocommunications emphasizing an analytical study of the intrinsic capability of man as a biocommunications system and also an investigation of the conditions whereby his capability can be enhanced or augmented. Unknown 2 637K
C00022054.pdf Investigation of Electric Fishes 01/28/1974 35 3.5M
C00022055.pdf Electric Transmitting Organs and Detection Process Hypotheses in Electric Fishes 02/04/1974 7 903K
C00022056.pdf Progress Report, Edgewood Arsenal, Financial Information Unknown 1 478K
C00022057.pdf Investigation of Electric Fishes – Final Report – Phases 1 and 2 08/01/1974 110 12M
C00022058.pdf Maintenance of Trained Animal Capability Unknown 2 574K
C00022059.pdf Meeting with [REDACTED] on Moscow Microwave Exposure Hazard Problem, 3 April 1965 04/05/1965 6 1.0M
C00022060.pdf Names of trainees and reference material 06/18/1965 3 674K
C00022061.pdf New Grant with [REDACTED] 10/17/1966 6 1.1M
C00022062.pdf Project [REDACTED] Demonstration 02/14/1967 6 858K
C00022063.pdf Meeting of the [REDACTED] Committee 06/05/1969 5 879K
C00022064.pdf Contracting Agency for Project TUMS Radiometer 09/07/1965 3 773K
C00022065.pdf Guidance for Further Panel Action 09/21/1972 3 693K
C00022066.pdf Project Summary Document 12/19/1966 1 429K
C00022068.pdf Responses to Texas Research Institute for Mental Sciences (TRIMS) I CIA Research Unknown 5 954K
C00253199.pdf NY TIMES Articles, CIA Tells Columbia, Princeton of Secret Behavioral Research 08/26/1977 1 505K

Additional Documents Declassified About MK ULTRA

Studies in Intelligence, March 2010 [76 Pages, 3.28 MB] The Center for the Study of Intelligence (CSI) was founded in 1974 in response to Director of Central Intelligence James Schlesinger’s desire to create within CIA an organization that could “think through the functions of intelligence and bring the best intellects available to bear on intelligence problems.” The center, comprising professional historians and experienced practitioners, attempts to document lessons learned from past activities, to explore the needs and expectations of intelligence consumers, and to stimulate serious debate about current and future intelligence challenges. To carry out this mission, CSI publishes Studies in Intelligence, as well as numerous books and monographs addressing historical, operational, doctrinal and theoretical aspects of the intelligence profession. It also administers the CIA Museum and maintains the Agency’s Historical Intelligence Collection of published literature on intelligence.

Studies in Intelligence, December 2009 [97 Pages, 1.65 MB] Contents of this volume include the following topics, articles, comments and reviews: HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVES: Operation INFEKTION Soviet Bloc Intelligence and Its AIDS Disinformation Campaign; The Origins of Modern Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Military Intelligence at the Front, 1914 – 1918 25; INTELLIGENCE TODAY AND TOMORROW: An Experiment in Collaboration on an Intelligence Problem,  Developing STORM, a Methodology for Evaluating Transit Routes of Transnational Terrorists and Criminals; INTELLIGENCE IN PUBLIC MEDIA: The James Angleton Phenomenon | Cunning Passages, Contrived Corridors”: Wandering in the Angletonian Wilderness; On the Web: Moles, Defectors, and Deceptions: James Angleton and CIA Counterintelligence; The Accidental Guerrilla: Fighting Small Wars in the Midst of a Big One; Vietnam Declassified: CIA and Counterinsurgency in Vietnam; OSS Training in the National Parks and Service Abroad in World War II; The Secret War in El Paso: Mexico Revolutionary Intrigue, 1906 – 1920; The Intelligence Officer’s Bookshelf; Comment | In Defense of John Honeyman (and George Washington); Books, Film, and Television Reviewed in Studies in Intelligence, 2009.

Human Experimentation – An Overview of Cold War Era Programs, GAO Report, September 28, 1994 [16 Pages, 1.11 MB]

Spring 1986 9 109 1 The Future of Intelligence, by Walter Laqueur [13 Pages, 6.8MB], Series: Articles from “Studies in Intelligence”, 1955 – 1992 Record Group 263: Records of the Central Intelligence Agency, 1894 – 2002.

Winter 1986 10 112 1:The Supreme Court and the Intelligence Source, by Louis J. Dube and Launie M. Ziebell [18 Pages, 7.7 MB], From: Series: Articles from “Studies in Intelligence”, 1955 – 1992 Record Group 263: Records of the Central Intelligence Agency, 1894 – 2002.

Project MK Ultra, The CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification, [172 Pages, 8.87 MB] 3 August 1977

The Role of Instititional Review Boards in Aviation Research: It’s the Law and it Makes Sense, Date Unknown [6 Pages, 178 kb] by Dr Earl S.Stein, FAA, William J Hughes Technical Center, Atlantic City International Airport, New Jersey. Unknown Date. References MK Ultra.

The Black Vault,  Updated:

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