The Atlantis Report – The Controlled Demolition of the US Economy: Unemployment, Debt, Poverty, Homelessness Skyrocketing

The Controlled Demolition of the US Economy (foto YouTube)

The Controlled Demolition of the US Economy: Unemployment, Debt, Poverty, Homelessness Skyrocketing

In première gegaan op 12 apr. 2021

The Controlled Demolition of the US economy has been completed.
40% of small and medium businesses have closed.
Unemployment and debt are skyrocketing.
Temporary layoffs being replaced with permanent layoffs.
Businesses who took the Payroll Protection Program Loans which will not have to pay the money back if they retain workers without laying anyone off, will then begin to lay off people after their obligations are met, businesses that have, and will continue to be permanently closed, Stimulus money drying up, exposing the scammers of the Pay Check Protection Program, end of Eviction Moratoriums, unemployment money drying out, and the most important thing, the real panic that will result from when the secretive Federal Reserve has their cronies pull all that free money from the markets. The Wealth Effect will turn into a massive Poverty Effect. And you think the oil companies are hurting now?
We haven’t seen nothing yet. All that gas that will not be burned due to people not having jobs to drive to anymore. Spenders will become savers, slowing our economy even more. Or, people simply will have no more money to spend, only credit that won’t be repaid. All this is right around the corner.
The only thing keeping things afloat now is all the money the Government is pumping in.
And all that money is drying up.
Unemployment gone, no new Stimulus Rent Moratoriums will expire, leading to mass homelessness and foreclosure.
All hell gonna break lose.
America’s debt has soared past 28 Trillion dollars and is now expected to leap by several more by the end of the year. This debt surge would have been unimaginable just a year ago, and adding to our woes is the road ahead appears bleak.

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