The Atlantis Report – America On The Brink Of Bankruptcy, Economic Collapse and Monetary Reset

A Financial Crisis like no other (foto YouTube)

America On The Brink Of Bankruptcy, Economic Collapse and Monetary Reset

Published May 3rd 2021

The Atlantis Report

America On The Brink Of Bankruptcy
, Economic Collapse and Monetary Reset

America’s economic depression is accelerating. Dark days are ahead. The Federal Reserve Quantitative Easing into infinity will precipitate the collapse of the dollar and subsequent Depression. The Fed will debase the dollar and cause Hyperinflation, and the ensuing calamity will be Apocalyptic. It will be worse this time because we are headed to an Inflationary Depression rather than a Deflationary one. At least until the last Deflationary one, the average person may not have had much money, but what money he did have actually bought more stuff. In the coming Inflationary one, the dollars you do have will buy less, so the average man’s Standard of Living will go down even more. Critical events are happening so fast all around the world, as markets cool, political unrest heats up. It’s all part of the “Greatest Depression” when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose they lose it and the markets are losing it, too. The Global Slowdown will accelerate, and Equity Markets will decline, as companies brace for periods of growing economic uncertainty.

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