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Editor’s Note: It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of the author of this story, Terrence Aym.

HAARP technlogy

HAARP technlogy

Disturbing evidence is emerging that HAARP has been weaponised. Noted Brazilian physicist, Dr. Fran De Aquino, recently asserted the fully functional HAARP network is not only modifying weather and geophysical events, it may also be warping space and gravity even time (http://beforeitsnews.com/science-and-technology/2012/05/physicist-HAARP-manipulates-time-2167703.html)! Now applications of Nikola Tesla’s legendary “Death Ray” weapon may have been activated.

HAARP’s high frequency radio waves that can be intensified, modulated and directed to almost any place on Earth, are built upon some of the most advanced work of the legendary inventor and visionary, Nikola Tesla. Tesla worked for decades on a revolutionary weapons technology he named teleforce: a powerful, deadly death ray Tesla claimed would change Warfare forever.

Recently, bizarre auroras and disturbances to landmasses have called attention to the possibility that elements of HAARP technology have been weaponised to adopt Tesla’s annihilating death ray that works with the propagation of focused radio frequencies to disrupt the bonds that keep molecules together using nonlinear effects of intense radiated power.

Map of current global HAARP installations (excluding Antarctica)

Mysterious disappearances

As early as 2009 the warning sign of a HAARP super weapon left its signature on a tiny Mexican island In the Gulf of Mexico. The island, named Bermeja, was there one day and, quite simply disappeared the next.

Bermeja before it vanished

The mystery has never been solved. Although the official explanation is “global warming” and rising waters, the Gulf didn’t measurably rise during 2009, nor did the sea floor drop.



Cleo Paskal, an associate fellow at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London, notes: “In September 2009 it was reported that, in spite of being on maps for centuries, the tiny island of Bermeja, in the Gulf of Mexico, could no longer be found.”

Former location of the vanished island, Bermeja

Former location of the vanished island, Bermeja

The Mexican Government sent out planes and boats and used satellites to try to find it but it was gone. And, along with it, a large claim Mexico was making in the hydrocarbon-rich waters of the Gulf. Some in Mexico said that, clearly, the CIA had blown up their island to subvert their stake.

The United States’ response was clear: no island, no claim.”

How convenient. Vaporized at the touch of a button?

It’s claimed the island inexplicably vanished. Or was it inexplicable?

At the time the island ceased to exist strange phenomena were reported in and around the Gulf of Mexico. Shimmering rainbow clouds formed and massive chemtrail spraying took place. At the same time mysterious vortexes erupted in the normally placid waters. Odder still, sailors in the vicinity of Bermeja the day of its disappearance reported bizarre light refraction in the skies. Their testimony was written off as unconfirmed UFO reports.

Yet the display of energy and the vortexes are telltale signs of HAARP activity. The kind of activity that has nothing to do with analysing and experimenting with the ionosphere.

New Moore Island is now no more island

New Moore Island is now no more island

And then another island just vanished. This one too was there one day and gone the next. That tiny bit of land called New Moore Island was claimed by both India and Bangladesh. The two nations fought political turf wars over it.

Could it be that both disappearances were caused by covert tests of a radical new technology based on Tesla’s teleforce weapon? Both islands vanished without a trace as if they had simply disintegrated.

HAARP’s nonlinear power

HAARP’s non linear power

The case of a weaponised HAARP was argued by the late Dr. Rosalie Bertell who wrote (http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/haarp_mind_weather_control.htm): “(…) the nonlinear effects of one billion watts of effective radiated power being directed at the ionosphere by the HAARP transmitter [is overwhelming]. This is the first phase capability of the project. The second phase will increase the effective radiated power levels even further – to 4.7 billion watts!

Dr. Rosalie Bertell

Dr. Rosalie Bertell

Energy in certain frequencies when reaching the outermost portions of the ionosphere can be amplified up to 1,000 times by natural processes. This phenomena has been recorded by scientists at UCLA who have observed the results of these power amplifications at a fraction of the power level which HAARP will transfer to this region. This is extremely important in considering what may occur with this level of energy. A serious environmental disaster may well be the result.

HAARP nonlinear radial energy vortex

HAARP non linear radial energy vortex

Vaporizing cities

Some investigators of the HAARP facilities in Alaska and Peru believe that the radiated power is now approaching 10 billion watts. That kind of raw energy directed through an array configured along the design of the teleforce could not only vaporize islands and mountains, but whole cities.

It’s a power that Tesla claimed he had created more than 90 years ago.

Illustration of a HAARP pulse bouncing off ionosphere

Illustration of a HAARP pulse bouncing off ionosphere

Bertell added, “The earlier referenced article from 21st Century magazine goes on to describe the implications of the use of phased array antennas and their potentials at 1 billion watt power levels. This is the antenna array HAARP uses and the level of power it is designed to broadcast.

Physicist Dr. Fran De Aquino warns of HAARP capabilities

Physicist Dr. Fran De Aquino warns of HAARP capabilities


What the article describes is a system which can be used for knocking down missiles and aircraft by effecting their guidance systems and creating atmospheric disturbances which lead to them crashing.”

They also talk about the ability, at lower power levels, to be able to look down from the ionosphere and detect cruise missiles and other incoming objects utilising what was described as an advanced form of radar. Again this is exactly what has been described in the HAARP patents.”

Knocking down aircraft was the original function of the teleforce weapon. More advanced technology and greater power transforms the death ray into a city-killer – even a potential continent killer. Given enough power and a vantage point from space, the teleforce could theoretically take out an entire planet like the Death Star did in Star Wars.

Illustration of teleforce power installation

Illustration of teleforce power installation

Tesla describes teleforce

In an article published by the New York Times on December 8, 1915 the paper writes: “Nikola Tesla, the inventor, has filed patent applications on the essential parts of a machine, possibilities which test a layman’s imagination and promise a parallel of Thor’s shooting thunderbolts from the sky to punish those who had angered the gods (…) Suffice it to say that the invention will go through space with a speed of 300 miles a second, a manless ship without propelling engine or wings sent by electricity to any desired point on the globe on its errand of destruction, if destruction its manipulator wishes to effect.

Teleforce illustration compared to enhanced satellite photo of a HAARP complex

Teleforce illustration compared to enhanced satellite photo of a HAARP complex

“‘It is not a time,’ said Dr. Tesla yesterday, ‘to go into the details of this thing. It is founded upon a principle that means great things in peace; it can be used for great things in war. But I repeat, this is no time to talk of such things.’

“‘It is perfectly practicable to transmit electrical energy without wires and produce destructive effects at a distance. I have already constructed a wireless transmitter which makes this possible, and have described it in my technical publications, among which I refer to my patent number 1,119,732 recently granted. With transmitters of this kind we are enabled to project electrical energy in any amount to any distance and apply it for innumerable purposes, both in war and peace. Through the universal adoption of this system, ideal conditions for the maintenance of law and order will be realised, for then the energy necessary to the enforcement of right and justice will be normally productive, yet potential, and in any moment available, for attack and defence. The power transmitted need not be necessarily destructive, for, if distance is made to depend upon it, its withdrawal or supply will bring about the same results as those now accomplished by force of arms.’”

Did an early teleforce experiment destroy part of Siberia?

Did an early teleforce experiment destroy part of Siberia?

Tesla was already at work perfecting a weapon that some say destroyed part of the Siberian forest in 1908.

Despite losing major funding years later, Tesla never stopped working on his “Death Ray’” weapon.

Illustration of Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower fending off airships

Illustration of Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower fending off airships

A second article about Tesla appeared in the New York Times (http://www.teslasociety.com/deathray.jpg), on September 22, 1940: “Nikola Tesla, one of the truly great inventors, who celebrated his eighty-fourth birthday on July 10, tells the writer that he stands ready to divulge to the United States government the secret of his ‘teleforce’, with which, he said, airplane motors would be melted at a distance of 250 miles, so that an invisible Chinese Wall of Defense would be built around the country (…)“

Newspaper editors around America were amazed.

Hollywood’s idea of Tesla’s teleforce ‘Death Ray’

Hollywood’s idea of Tesla’s teleforce ‘Death Ray

This teleforce,’ Tesla explained, ‘is based upon an entirely new principle of physics that no one has ever dreamed about. different from the principle embodied in inventions relating to the transmission of electrical power from a distance.” (Called at the time “broadcast power.”)

“‘This new type of force,’ Mr. Tesla said, ‘would operate through a beam one one hundred-millionth of a square centimeter in diameter, and could be generated from a special plant that would cost no more than $2,000,000 and would take only about three months to construct.”

HAARP high altitude plasma energy burst

HAARP high altitude plasma energy burst

The beam,’ he states, ‘involves four new inventions, two of which already have been tested. One of these is a method and apparatus for producing rays and other manifestations of energy in free air, eliminating the necessity for a high vacuum; a second is a method and process for producing very great electrical force; the third is a method for amplifying this force, and the fourth is a new method for producing a tremendous electrical repelling force. This would be the projector, or gun, of the system. The voltage for propelling the beam to its objective, according to the inventor, will attain a potential of 50,000,000 volts.

With this enormous voltage,’ he said, ‘microscopic electrical particles of matter will be catapulted on their mission of defensive destruction.’ He has been working on this invention, he added, for many years and has recently made a number of improvements in it.

Secret U.S. HAARP facility in Peru

Secret U.S. HAARP facility in Peru

Every one of Tesla’s four requirements have been achieved by HAARP.

According to Tesla, the teleforce has potential for three major applications:

1. It can be used to generate tremendous electrical force.

2. The weapon can be tuned, amplified and directed against armies, ships, aircraft, cities (and islands?).

3. It also holds the promise of creating a barrier or repellent that can stop aircraft (or missiles). The last is outlined in some of the patents for HAARP.

Tesla detailed how teleforce could be used in a 1937 abstract he wrote, The Art of Projecting Concentrated Non-dispersive Energy through the Natural Media. A copy of the work is currently on display at the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia.

Sandy island in region of Australia - vanished

Sandy island in region of Australia—vanished

HAARP activation creates artificial auroras as another island disappears

Recently, another island disappeared shocking some, and puzzling others.

According to The Independent (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/australasia/where-did-it-go-australian-scientists-undiscover-phantom-pacific-island-that-appears-on-world-maps-8343611.html), an island named Sandy vanished – or it was no longer where people thought it was for many years. The paper notes: “Sandy Island was thought to be somewhere midway between Australia and the French-governed New Caledonia, but after scientists went looking for it during a geological expedition they declared that it doesn’t exist.

The explanation? The the island never existed and the maps were all in error. Many cartographers charted the island, including Google Earth and the authoritative Times Atlas of the World.

Yet when a boatload of scientists went to explore it, the island had vanished as if it were never there.

Radar paints HAARP complex in Australia’s radial signature

Radar paints HAARP complex in Australia’s radial signature

Perhaps unlike the fate of Bermeja and New Moore Island, Sandy wasn’t vaporised by HAARP. Yet some crews of oceangoing vessels swear they saw Sandy at least several times since 2000, and then there were those artificial auroras and strange telltale lights.

Sandy didn’t sink into the sea, nor was it swallowed up by rising waters.

If it did exist, as some swear, then something removed it swiftly and completely.

Something like a teleforce death ray perhaps?

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