TEDx Venlo | Marijn Poels – Listen to the Voiceless

Luisteren naar Listen to the Voiceless Marijn Poels (foto TEDxVenlo)

Listen to the Voiceless

Gepubliceerd 1 dec. 2015

Most People have a Voice. But sometimes, these Voices aren’t heard, or even worse: Nobody is Listening. Documentarian Marijn Poels has been in this Voiceless Position himself, but found a way to be heard. Now, he has made it his Goal to give Those without Voices a Chance To Be Heard by Filming Documentaries about their Lives. In his Talk, Marijn will give People from Every Continent in the World a Voice.

The 40 years old Marijn not always has been a Documentary Maker. When he was a Teenager he was a Grave Digger. While he was Digging a Grave, He saw the Light. After Several Attempts to Study he started working at a Local News Paper. He learned about Filming and People loved his Movies. Marijn could easily compare the People in Hopeless Situations with himself. And that motivates him to give a Voice to the Voiceless.

This Talk was given at a TEDx Event using the TED Conference Format but Independently Organised by a Local Community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx


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