TEDx Talks – Four technologies for Liechtenstein based on high art: Peter Fend at TEDxVaduz

Gepubliceerd op 18 feb. 2014

After showing at Documenta (1992) and the Venice Aperto (1993), then producing a book with editor Peter Weibel, Ocean Earth (1994), I discovered that all along I was doing what Leon Battista Alberti in the 1400s called Architecture. That’s deploying the technologies that assure for a city, or inhabited area, four needs: air, water, circulatory space and defence. A decade of sales to global news media of civil-satellite imagery, with analysis, was defence. Models and tests were produced in Vienna, London, Bristol, Chicago and the Mojave Desert for earthworks and wastes-to-keratin cycling, to ensure sufficient fresh water. Ultra-light waterwheels were designed to replace dams, which harm rivers (e.g., the Lech). For circulation without damaging soil, I designed and built models of megastructures that straddle over ground, or indent into slopes, to minimize interference with animal habitats. For clean air, I deploy buoyed, submersible rigs and rowing/sailing vessels for regular harvest of both fresh and offshore water plants to yield zero-emissions methane or hydrogen. Walk-through models of action sites, produced for the Sharjah Biennial, Smart Museum of Art (Chicago), Arnolfini (Bristol), pioneered at American Fine Arts Co., New York. A global version, for an Antarctic-centred planet (including Global Feed oceanographic-satellite imagery in a viewing station) is practiced in public spaces of world cities as NEWS ROOM. All such tasks are researched and executed with colleagues in Ocean Earth Development Corporation (NY/NZ).

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