Tapestry – The Beatles’ 1965 movie ‘HELP!’ was all about human sacrifice: Were the iLLUMiNATi getting to them? + The Beatles Complete Movie Help (1965)

The Beatles – Help! (foto YouTube)

The Beatles’ 1965 movie ‘HELP!’ was all about human sacrifice: Were the iLLUMiNATi getting to them?

The year before Paul McCartney died, were there any clues as to why he was eliminated and replaced? Perhaps the band just wasn’t taking the Satanic brotherhood that controls the world seriously enough. The film kicks off with an attempted human sacrifice, and the theme continues describing daily sacrifices as the norm. It’s all a big piss take like you cannot be serious about all this nonsense. This film has rarely been seen since 1965. It’s not on YouTube. There has to be a reason. It’s a fair old load of crap, it has to be said, but it is The Beatles at the very peak of their popularity, and interesting to watch. You get a very good look at Paul McCartney as he was, before he was replaced.

Apparently a farce, it’s all disembowelling, sacrifice and red gore. Not far off what was to actually happen to them all, apart from Ringo, who’s nervously kept himself on the right side of the iLLUMiNATi for the last 50 years. His undoubted acting ability possibly saved him, as he could play all sides. He and the others were made into gods by the media, and told to challenge and ridicule the system. They were simply too good at it. The parasites couldn’t tolerate what they’d permitted to come into being, especially once they started expressing their own ideas. This film foretells their coming battle to survive, as do the words in the title song.

The Beatles were not the only entertainers to die in strange circumstances. See the 27 rockers who died at 27 years old. Paul McCartney is no doubt another one, just the most mysterious of them all, as he was replaced.



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The Beatles Complete Movie Help (1965)

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