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I’m sure you have heard a lot about General Qassem Soleimani from the mainstream media and his alleged crimes against the Americans in the Middle East. In this video, I will tell you the real story behind the US hatred towards Soleimani and why he was assassinated.

Why the US hated General Soleimani

General Soleimani has foiled the US and Israeli plots in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine. That’s why he was assassinated.

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First of all, the allegation made by the MSM that Soleimani is responsible for killing more than 600 soldiers in Iraq is completely fake news. The source of this allegation is the Pentagon; the same source that lied on Iraq’s WMD wants you to believe that Soleimani supported groups in Iraq that killed American soldiers after the illegal occupation of Iraq in 2003. So, firstly, the US occupation of Iraq was illegal according to international law and any agreement with successive Iraqi government after the occupation should be considered null and void. And secondly, the Pentagon is made up this allegation to demonize Iran during the era of George W. Bush and put Tehran in Washington’s “axis of evil” list, despite the fact Iran and Soleimani were cooperating with the US back then in order to fight Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.
So let’s go back to the real reasons behind the US hatred towards Soleimani: Late Soleimani has taken charge of Al-Quds force in the Iranian revolutionary guard in 1998. One of his first trips was to Lebanon, particularly to the Lebanese Hezbollah that was back then engaged in a war of attrition with Israel. Hezbollah was not strong enough, so its strategy was to exhaust the Israeli army that was occupation south Lebanon. Soleimani increased the Iranian support to Hezbollah, and alongside the military support of Syria’s late President Hafez al-Assad, Hezbollah managed to kick out Israel from south Lebanon in the year 2000 and liberate most of the Lebanese territories, in exception of Shabaa farms and Kafr Shouba hills.
When the liberation happened, Soleimani told Hezbollah that Israel will certainly try to take revenge, therefore the Lebanese group must prepare itself for another round of War. Thus, Soleimani increased the Iranian support to Hezbollah in a bid to change the strategy of Hezbollah from only exhausting Israel into fighting as equals with Tel Aviv. Of course, this was not possible due to the air superiority of Israel, so Iran and Syria made their weapon stores available for Hezbollah, particularly the mid- ange missiles and the anti tank rockets. Additionally, Tehran and Damascus transferred their military expertise to Hezbollah, in order to produce their weaponry instead of shipping them from Iran or Syria. So, when Israel invaded Lebanon once again in 2006, Hezbollah managed to kick the invading army out of Lebanon thanks to this military support. Soleimani himself was present in Lebanon during the war in 2006 and he put his military expertise at the service of Hezbollah.
After 2006, Soleimani took the Iranian support of Hezbollah to an advanced level, in order to create a deterrence with Israel. And the truth is since 2006, Israel didn’t dare to invade Lebanon again. This was mainly thanks to Soleimani.
In 2011, the proxy war erupted in Syria, where the US and Israel wanted to overthrow Bashar al-Assad and destroy the Syrian regional power through proxy forces, mainly the Islamist groups, such as the FSA, Al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham, Islam’s Army, etc. Even ISIS at some point was getting tacit support from the US by turning a blind for their rapid expansion in north Syria and looting the Syrian oil and selling it in Turkey; a NATO member state, which hosts one of the biggest NATO bases in south Turkey.
Former foreign minister John Kerry once said in a leaked audio conversation with anti Assad activists that the US was watching the expansion of ISIS because they thought the existential threat of ISIS will force Assad to compromise.
But Soleimani rushed to Damascus, organized thousands of well trained fighters, and himself commanded the fighting against ISIS and Al Qaeda. Soleimani’s impact on the War on terror was tremendous and foiled the US plot in Syria.
The same thing happened in Iraq, where the US had a similar plan in destroying the Iranian influence in Iraq through ISIS. And let’s not forget that when ISIS was advancing towards Irbil in order to commit genocide against the Kurds as it did with the Yezidis, it was Soleimani who rushed to help the Kurds and other minorities such as the Assyrians through the Iraqi popular mobilization forces.
In conclusion, although the US claims that it has a mutual ground with Iran, which is fighting salafi terrorism, it is the US who used terrorism against Iran and its allies in the region. And Soleimani’s role was essential in defeating not only terrorism in Syria and Iraq but also in stopping the expansion of Israel in Lebanon and Gaza. This is why the US and Israel wanted Soleimani dead. And any other allegation is completely made up and fake news.

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Syriana Analysis, January 15, 2020

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