Updated January 2021
Published January 2019
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The following article offers an overview and references regarding the topic of organized pedocriminality in the context of geopolitics, elite management, and the Western media system.


No active reading recommendation; only intended for people who (want to) deal with this topic anyway. Not suitable for minors and sensitive persons.


Geopolitical power structures require effective management instruments. One of the most effective management instruments has always been blackmail, and the ultimate form of blackmail, especially in Western countries, is based on involvement in pedocriminality.

As the following overview shows, various court trials and victim testimonies, but also sabotaged investigations and murdered witnesses, point to a potentially influential role of pedocriminal power-political elite networks in Europe and the USA.

In the case of Italy, for example, it has been documented that the former Italian military secret service SIFAR compiled over 150,000 dossiers on “irregular behaviour” on behalf of the CIA, which enabled it to blackmail and control Italy’s social and political elite for decades.

With the exception of a few cases (see below), established Western media hardly report on this topic in a timely and investigative manner. It should be borne in mind, however, that these media are usually embedded in the very same geopolitical power structures as the suspects themselves.

For instance, a suspect identified by several Belgian witnesses was Vice-President of the European Commission and Chairman and later Honorary President of the prestigious Bilderberg Conference, to which Western elites in politics, business, the military and the media are invited.

Another suspect identified by Belgian witnesses prevented the investigation of terrorist attacks as Belgian Minister of Justice and in 1992 ordered the early release of pedocriminal Marc Dutroux; later the man became judge and Advocate General at the European Court of Justice.

A later NATO Secretary General was also identified as a participant by a Belgian witness. These and many other high-level personalities have never been prosecuted.

In many cases, children’s homes or child welfare organisations have directly or indirectly been involved in pedocriminal networks; in other cases, the children were recruited from problem families or procured by kidnapping. Some of these children were ultimately murdered.

While from a societal point of view, people of integrity are desirable as elites, from a power-political point of view, on the contrary, corruptible and blackmailable persons are in demand. This results in a fundamental contradiction with far-reaching consequences.