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Black Eyed Babies: The Offspring of the Vaccinated

Published October 19, 2022

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Het Begin van de “Alien” 👽 Invasie? 🤔


Mutant or Trans Human Child (foto Telegram)

Doctor discusses the Black Eyed Babies. They are Mutants.

Geïnjecteerde Ouders produceren Gemuteerde en Trans Humane Kinderen. 👽



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World Economic Forum – Code des Lebens Neu zu Schreiben (video Telegram)

Het #WEF wil voor God gaan Spelen. Quotes Improving Biology and Redesigning Organisms for Beneficial Purposes (..). We have Write Level Permissions ()


Het is Reeds Bevestigd dat de Pfizer Spuiten het DNA  🧬 veranderen.

Your DNA  🧬 has been Hacked!  🤖 👽

Pfizer mRNA Vaccine changes our Genetic Code that determines how Our Organisms operate by adding a Little MysteriousEdit” from Pfizer.

BOMBSHELL: Biological Study PROVES Pfizer mRNA Vaccine Permanently Alters Human DNA


Yuval Harari (gif Gfycat)

Free Will is Over, Humans are Hackable Animals” 👇

Quote WEF
Dr Yuval Harari

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