Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan – Intel briefing, January 3rd 2019 + FBI Division 5 Tried To Kill Wanta!

Intel briefing, January 3rd 2019

Intel Briefing – Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb (1-3-19) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Vimeo, Thursday, January 3, 2019 at 11:37 AM EST

FBI Division 5 Tried To Kill Wanta!

Tom Heneghan puts out the latest on the FBI Division 5 plot to kill Lee Wanta! Tom reports Robert David Steele has reported on Youtube he can bring back trillions to the US Treasury! Robert David Steele has nothing to do with Lee Wanta and can offer nothing according to Tom. Robert David Steele still refuses to report anything about Lee Wanta even though he seems to be talking about HIS money on his Youtube! I’m asking all patriots to keep asking Robert David Steele why he is hiding the real Lee Wanta when Wanta says he’s offering him $1 billion to walk away and stop doing radio shows! Email me at if you need anything.

The big news is Tom Heneghan reports agents of the FBI’s Division 5 were involved in the plot to kill Lee Wanta and are also involved in threats and lies against patriots. Tom goes over who is involved in this broadcast. Stew Webb is very familiar with this named individual.Hopefully patriots in US intelligence can stop this rogue group who only target innocent patriots while leaving scum like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and others to walk free on their crimes of treason!

FBI Division 5 is so secret you can’t find anything on it doing searches at all. Here’s one video I found where an elderly lady who went through hell was told about it from a newspaper reporter who wrote more details on it! This reporter said FBI Division 5 was a super secret police agency started in the 1940s. See what he said at the 7:40 mark in this video! It’s quite interesting.

Peggy Ann Childers – FBI Division “5” secret “police agency”: Ferguson

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Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan report FBI #5 has infiltrated many patriots and have even killed people! Ted Gunderson was in the FBI Division 5 according to what Stew Webb has reported! He fooled many patriots including Stew Webb for a while but listen to this guy threaten to illegally put Stew in jail for 20 years! This guy was promoted by Alex Jones who said he was a hero and helped him infiltrate all the patriot groups! Alex Jones also lied and said Lee Wanta wasn’t real! And now Tom reports on an FBI Division #5 asset involved in the plot to kill Wanta! Below you’ll hear FBI Division #5 agent Ted Gunderson threaten Stew Webb! Ted also framed patriot Dave Hinkson for murder and put him in jail for life! The video below shows Ted Gunderson Division #5 threatening to illegally frame and arrest Stew Webb for 20 years! Clearly Alex Jones lied about this guy being a “hero”!

Ted Gunderson is yet another reason I will never trust Alex Jones or Jeff Rense who both promoted FBI Division 5 Ted Gunderson for as long as he was alive! Ted also conducted an illegal SWAT raid on Stew Webb in which he was almost killed by stun grenades! All of Ted’s bogus charges on Stew were dropped by prosecutors when they found out Ted had lied about Stew taking documents! The clincher came when Ted said “that is MY book, he STOLE it!” as agents were going through Stew books. Stew said open the book and see who signed it! Agents opened it and saw it was signed to Stew Webb by the author! After that the case was quickly dropped and they paid to have the house fixed! Ted didn’t get his wish of putting Stew in jail illegally for FBI Division 5. Stew reported Ted was actually fired from the FBI for conducting satanic sacrifices in his FBI office. He married Anton’s Lavey’s ex wife and married into the most satanic family in America! Alex neglects to mention this of course but we have the testimony of Anton’s son, Anthony Lavey in the second video below!

Ted Gunderson FBI Division 5 threatens to put Stew in jail for 20 years! Pure evil here.

Stew Webb – Dirty FBI CIA Ted Gunderson: Threat against Stew Webb Sept 2001

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Ted Gunderson Threats against Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower in September 2001 in Violation of 18 U.S.C. 1510-1515. Gunderson a Bush Organized Crime Family Stooge and Iran Contra Player. Worked for FBI Division #5 until his dead spying on Whistleblowers, Victims and Informants for the Illegal FBI #5 known as the Bush Nazi Goons who are on the internet and stalk people who know too much to slander and discredit them
Related Video and link showing Stew Webb Restraining orders Read what Ted Gunderson said about Patriotic Americans in the Full Court Transcripts in archives.


Truth Warriors – Anthony Lavey Sees US Leaders at Satanic Sacrifices!

Ted Gunderson, FBI Division 5 married into the most satanic family in the US – they Laveys! Hear the story from Anthony Lavey! HUGE information that won’t be mentioned by Robert David Steele or Alex Jones of course. But Stew has it all on tape!

Anthony Lavey Sees US Leaders at Satanic Sacrifices! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Vimeo, 2018

Before It’s News, Thursday, January 3, 2019 14:55

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