Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan – Trump’s Marines Anthraxed!

Intel Report (2-28-18)

Tom and Stew go over all the latest information about the attack on Trump’s Marines!

Intel Report – Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb (2-28-18) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Tom Heneghan just reported they hit Trump’s Marines with Anthrax on a base in Virginia! These were some of the Marines involved with raiding the CIA headquarters last November Tom and Stew reported on in past shows.

The base was completely evacuated and several people were hospitalised including a Colonel and Corporal Gunnery Sergeant who were showing symptoms.

Tom reports CIA director John Brennan was involved because he knows he is eventually facing incarceration for high treason. Also involved are the Bushes who aren’t really the Bushes but are instead the Nazi spy Scherf family. This information is being censored by the fake news of course who serves the Scherf run deep state.

There is basically a media blackout on this bio attack by the deep state! It was mentioned just once or twice on the Fake News and then disappeared. They are keeping very quiet about this one! Usually this means it was a real terrorist event versus a Sandy Hook totally fake event they played up for months.

Trump is now being guarded more than any President in history. This was reported by Jerome Corsi in the last week. The backbone of this protection is the US Marines! The Secret Service was infiltrated by the deep state before JFK was shot in 1963! The Secret Service allowed JFK to be shot! They were directly involved! Watch as an agent is called off his duty at the back of the Limo to open up a lane for the shooters to kill JFK! He’s VERY upset also! You can see him basically saying, “What the Hell Is Going On!” This is why Donald Trump must NEVER trust the Secret Service until they can be fully purged of all deep state left overs using 99.9% accurate MRI lie detectors! Trump should be using these lie detectors on all high ranking CIA, FBI, NSA, and other critical agencies and cabinet members! It’s the only way to weed out deep state traitors guaranteed to work. Most will quit once these tests are announced! Swamp drained in record time!

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