Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan – Obama Treason Memo, FBI Kill Teams!

Trump knows now it was British GCHQ who tapped his phones!
We have the actual memo on this.

FBI Hit Teams – Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb (2-4-18)

Gepubliceerd op 4 feb. 2018


Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb just did a program today to go over information on the FBI kill teams who have killed patriots and tried to assassinate Stew Webb on multiple occasions with staged car crashes! Stew can prove these assassination teams are linked to the FBI but every time he tries to go to court they try to kill him again!

Tom also goes over the GCHQ memo below that jails Barack Obama for treason immediately once it becomes known! Ever since this classified memo was leaked on the Internet, Obama has been in hiding and kept his lying mouth shut! All controlled opposition in alternative media such as Alex Jones are making sure their listeners know nothing about this HUGE story far bigger than the memo just released! This is Obama illegally using the British to spy on an incoming President! We have the document! Get this out everywhere so Alex Jones can’t keep covering it up for his masters! Remember, before MegaAnon was silenced, she said Alex Jones was Blackmailed and that’s how they control him. You can read about this in this article. Is this why Alex is hiding the following GHCQ memo? Ask him yourself!

MegaAnon Drops Nuke On Alex Jones!

This article and video must be shared everywhere right NOW! This leaked GCHQ memo is being censored by Illuminati Agent in Place Alex Jones! This memo gets Barack Obama executed for TREASON but Alex Jones refuses to put it out and WIN the fight! I’m giving $500 to anybody who either calls or emails Alex Jones and gets him to put out the memo and put Obama in prison! Email Alex Jones at If Alex Jones is fake or blackmailed as I’ve been telling you for years, then he’ll never respond to your emails about this game ending memo! Take my challenge I dare you.

Tom goes over why this document puts Obama and others in jail. It’s beyond treason to use a foreign power to spy on a citizen much less an elected President! Tom and Stew have told their listeners for many months this is what happened and now we have the proof! This changes everything!

Using GCHQ to spy on Trump was done to try to keep Obama’s hands clean since he was breaking the law but now it’s been leaked! All traitor media are censoring this so we need everybody to post to their Facebook, Twitter and send to all your email lists and tell them to do the same. With your help, we’ll force Alex Jones to carry it and hopefully push it into the mainstream! This puts Obama in jail where he belongs! Tom and Stew go over much more in this update. Share this harder than you’ve ever shared anything and people go to jail! Tom and Stew want to thank you for all the support you have been giving them!

The Document Alex Jones is censoring! Email him at and FORCE him to quit covering it up!!! This is the knockout punch on Obama and Alex is worried more about selling vitamins!

Robert Hannigan, director GCHQ - Letter to Boris Johnson, Renewel of warrant to surveil Donald Trump on rerquest of US National Security advisor Susan Rice, 17 november 2016
Robert Hannigan, director GCHQ – Letter to Boris Johnson, Renewel of warrant to surveil Donald Trump on rerquest of US National Security advisor Susan Rice, 17 november 2016

Alex Jones has now also been exposed for blatant lying to America about Leo Wanta! All lies come from satan. The Wanta Funds are bringing back trillions to rebuild America. Get the latest information from Tom and Stew’s show above. Leo will be coming on our program again in the near future when he has some good news to report!!

Alex Jones Lies About Leo Wanta! He serves the evil ones!

Gepubliceerd op 22 nov. 2017

Alex Jones blatantly lied about Leo Wanta during one of his broadcasts. Tom Heneghan just reported that the deep state made another death threat on Wanta today! So if Wanta dies it will be because traitors such as Alex Jones lied about him so the US never gets the trillions stolen by the Bush crime syndicate! The only people who lie about Leo Wanta are the evil ones working for the other side who don’t want to give up their power and money stolen from America!

There is a reason Alex Jones was proudly put on the Illuminati Card Deck as “Agent in Place”! They have to tell you what they’re going to do! Always remember, Jones supported Ted Cruz for President before being forced to move to Trump by his fans! You’d have to be a total moron to support Ted Cruz – his father was involved and tied to CIA assets during the JFK assassination. Notice how Jones NEVER calls out all the Israeli dual citizens in our Congress. He never names the Zionists such as Larry Mizel (AIPAC) who stole over $100 Trillion from America! He knows these names very well but tells you to get your news from him and homosexual in the closet Zionist Matt Drudge who hides the federal reserve scam, vaccines and chemtrails! Jones says Drudge will save you – what a sick joke!


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