Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan – Intel Briefing, May 30th 2018 + More Trump Spies! Gowdy Sessions Treason!

Intel Briefing, May 30th 2018

Vimeo, Wednesday, May 30, 2018 at 4:40 PM

More Trump Spies! Gowdy Sessions Treason!

Huge information in todays intelligence briefing with Tom Heneghan. Tom and Stew go for the throat and put out hardcore truth you’ll never hear from controlled opposition who we’ve caught lying and censoring the truth again and again.

Here’s some of the bullet points in the broadcast. First thing covered was the Trump tweet about deep state cockroach – Jeff Sessions who is a Senior Executive Services (SES) traitor! Trump now knows now Jeff Sessions is a deep state swamp monster sent in by Daddy Bush to cover up crimes! Only a pure demon would stay in the office as attorney general after their boss just told them they are TRASH and regretted picking them! Here’s the tweet below! I LOVE It! If Sessions were a man of honor he would resign immediately! But he won’t because he’s been paid to cover up all the crimes!

Trump tweets about Sessions (foto Twitter)

Here’s more information in the show today.

Trey Gowdy clearly now guilty of capital high treason! He’s even been called out for TREASON by another Congressman! He just walked away because he wants to make millions as an Senior Executive Services (SES) traitor for the Queen of England!

Michael Vreeland holds many keys to the 9/11 attack on America! He knew of the plan far in advance and wrote about it when they put him in a Canadian jail on a bogus credit card charge. Here’s more information on Vreeland. Trump has been given access to all the files from Vreeland on 9/11! He KNOWS the Bushes did it! Vreeland was in naval intelligence. He wrote about the attack on 9/11 before the event! He had uncovered the plan! They mention Vreeland at the beginning of this video. Vreeland was put into jail because he knew too much! Now Trump has all his files that clearly prove 9/11 was an inside job by the Nazi Bush Scherf family!

Docum1 – 9 11 Inside Job Documentary on 9 11, the Conspiracy Coverup and Delmart Vreeland Full Document

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Mike Vreeland, codename “Wild Card” knew they were running a Red Blue war game between US and Canadian forces to cover up the attack.

The US Provost Marshall has told Al Gore he was the 2000 duly elected President according to the NORAD audit. 9/11 was done to legitimize the Bush Scherf Jr Nazi fraud.

The US military has told CNN they are going to be totally shut down if they don’t start telling the truth! French Intel dumped over 90,000 documents to CNN proving collusion between the Nazi Bush Scherf Clinton crime syndicate to rig elections, shred the Constitution, loot the Treasury and turn the USA into a banana republic run by the Nazi Scherfs. The media and both houses of Congress were complicit in covering up for the Scherf fraud. They were paid very well to do this.

In part two, Heneghan gives an update. His intel sources have just leaked more information on SpyGate! The CIA, FBI and MI6 were all involved in spying on Trump and each other! They all had to spy on Trump and each other to make sure Trump never found out the truth on Lee Wanta, Bush Scherf, 9/11, murder of Vince Foster and all the collusion going on between the Bush Scherf Clinton crime syndicate and the FBI and CIA! It’s was Spy Vs Spy and it was huge treason and Trey Gowdy is trying to cover up the treason which makes him guilty of treason too!

Obama Birth certificate has now been leaked and it proves Obama was 100% illegal to run as President. He is a British citizen from the British colony of Kenya! It’s all being leaked now! Trump was right about this fraud all along. Obama has to be completely exposed as a fraud and traitor now along with the Bushes and Clintons. Nothing else will suffice.

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