Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan – Intel update, May 16th 2018 + Hawaii Under Scalar Attack!

Intel update, May 16th 2018

Heneghan-Webb-5-16-17 from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Hawaii Under Scalar Attack!

Tom Heneghan discusses Hawaii being under sustained scalar attacking using the HAARP toys. Poppy Bush aka H.W. Bush (Nazi Scherf family) is still running a lot of the evil for the deep state and has retreated from Texas to his Maine command base. There’s a reason the fake news traitors such as Sean Hannity never says a word against the Bush family! Poppy Bush runs a lot of the deep state. He has over $100 trillion in assets hidden away. He makes money on narcotics trafficking and oil mostly and the corrupt Department of Justice and FBI have protected his CIA operations since the very beginning!

These scalar weapons are being done through E-Systems of Dallas.

Other topics covered are a Grand Jury is operating in the great state of Tennessee concerning 9/11, the Iraq war, Obama’s birth certificate and the year 2000 election fraud! They have the NORAD audit! Bob Corker is singing like a canary in the grand jury! He’s trying to get a deal! This is because we have his buddies Senator Songstad and Governor Sundquist on tape plotting to murder Lee Wanta!

Lee Wanta Murder Plot By Governor Sundquist and Senator Songstad!

Tom also discusses the John Bolton neocon scumbag opening his mouth to try to torpedo the North Korea peace deal for the deep state! Why Trump chose this idiot makes no sense. He’s one of his worst picks besides Nikki Haley who is another idiot. If Trump would pick up the phone and talk to somebody like Tom Heneghan for 5 minutes instead of surrounding himself with liars such as John Bolton and Sean Hannity who covered up all the crimes of the Bushes we’d be in a lot better shape right now. Tom will expose the crimes of BOTH parties and doesn’t serve anybody.

Jesse Ventura knows a high tech weapon was used on 9/11!

Gepubliceerd op 19 sep. 2013

Jesse Ventura talks evidence of Directed Energy on 9/11, Alex Jones goes Damage Control Mode


How HAARP and scalar technology can be used to create earthquakes manipulate the weather and much more!

HAARP the Earthquake Machine (Part 1)

Gepubliceerd op 22 apr. 2011

Part 2: -A compilation of evidence that the US government is manipulating weather and causing earthquakes around the world.

Any skeptics should go to . One simply has to choose the date of an earthquake and see what HAARP was doing on that day.