Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan – Intel update, December 21th 2018 + US Under Military Law! US Media Will Be Shut Down!

Intel update, December 21th 2018

Tom goes over everything he’s been allowed to release about military tribunals and the US now being under military law!

US Now Under Military Law! Tom Heneghan Stew Webb (12-21-18) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

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US Under Military Law! US Media Will Be Shut Down!

UPDATE: Tom just found out from his Whitehouse sources the deep state cockroach Mitch McConnel just went to see President Trump to pull some kind of blackmail deal over the border wall and Trump threw him out of the oval office! Trump isn’t playing games anymore!

Tom Heneghan was just given permission to put out all the very latest information on the military tribunals and recent activities by the US military by Lee Wanta and the group he works with! He also got late breaking information from Robert David Steele formerly CIA. We literally have only days now before something big will happen! We’re in uncharted territory now as this level of corruption has never been confronted before. The only way to save the United States is through patriots in the US military! We’re already under military rule!

The US military now has control of the Argo and Manna Trusts setup by H.W. Bush to launder the stolen Reagan Mitterrand Wanta funds. Lots covered in this briefing! Pray for the good guys helping President Trump and pray against the enemies of humanity and our Republic! Pray for all the crimes of the deep state to be laid bare! Special thanks to all truth warriors who have helped spread the truth about the deep state in any way! We might not always agree on everything like Q or how they brought the towers down and that’s perfectly okay! We’re still patriots and we’re spreading the truth the best we can! When we discover we were wrong we admit it and move on!

None of us have all the answers because there are so many lies put out there and I’ve come to realize this. All we can do is look at the evidence and put out the very best information we can! Ultimately everybody working against the deep state is a patriot and I’m honored to work with every single one of you! We stand united against evil in all forms petty differences in opinion aside! Thank you patriots! Keep spreading the truth no matter what happens! Pray Lee Wanta and his team are victorious!

EAGLE ONE TO WANTA 10 Minute Preview

EAGLE ONE TO WANTA. President Reagan is Eagle One and his Secret Agent is Lee Wanta. This is the 10 minute preview of the feature film documentary that is scheduled for release in 2017. The project has been in production for three years. It has been delayed for reasons to be explained in detail in the film. The funding source for the project was billionaire retired military officer, respected Corporate CEO, Beryl Wolk from Pittsburg. Beryl Wolk mysteriously died after two reported falls having allegedly hit his head twice on two separate occasions. His estate and family has chosen to ignore and not honor the agreement with Ambassador Lee Wanta and Gibby Media Group, Inc. The cause of Beryl Wolks death remains under investigation. In the meantime threats and damage to the Producer Gibby Media Group, Inc. has occurred. Unlawful efforts to claim ownership and take control of the content from various sources will be identified. The adversity relating to the documentary production will now become an additional part of the film content that will expose who is really behind efforts to stop its release and why. Besides greed, the primary reason for the adversity relating to its delayed release is due to the subject matter which has an impact on every American. Some political factions that are criminal enterprise, Globalization based do not want this story told. Others hope to benefit from its release by claiming exclusive ownership to content after they walked out on the Producer and did not fulfil agreements. The historical information released is declassified. Some of the fresh & exclusive information in this film has never been revealed to the public before and may be considered at some point classified if it was fully understood. Ambassador Lee Wanta worked as a secret agent private citizen for President Ronald Reagan under the Totten Doctrine established by Abraham Lincoln. The behind the scenes efforts to end the cold war and bring down the Soviet Union is described for the first time. Few people know how this was accomplished and Ambassador Lee Wanta’s critical role. After review the material in the Bio & documentary including back up documents most people will accept that Lee Wanta is a great American hero & patriot. Lee Wanta is the 31.2 Trillion Dollar Man. How he earned this wealth will be detailed in the documentary followed up by how it was stolen from him and who was responsible. It explores his courageous but sad dangerous life as Political prisoner basic human rights taken from him for 23 years. Efforts to assassinate him continue. Learn about the privately owned non Federal, Federal Reserve System exposed for what it really is a clearing house Ponzi scheme derivative based private organization that includes elite and foreign ownership. Evidence President Kennedy was assassinated for his efforts to shut down the Federal Reserve while printing new United States treasury notes. Operation Still Point is exposed in more detail. Information on corruption within our Intel community is exposed such as funding terrorists organizations starting coups, arming criminals and working as Black Swan’s and White Hats at the same. This massive cover-up, the largest in modern US history is explained, and shocking information about who is behind the delay of Ambassador Wanta’s money being returned. What are RiCO statutes & Title 18 laws explained. How do these laws apply to all politicians past present and future as well as their staff. Wanta’s honorable plan to pay his taxes and eliminate our National Debt. The building of new infrastructure including a new high speed rail system will be revealed in detail. The biography entitled Wanta! Black Swan White Hat is available right now at Ibooks, Barnes & Noble and Amazon online. Paper back copies with data disc backup documents can be ordered at The exclusive documentary Eagle One to Wanta will be released in 2017 with date to will be announced soon. Several follow-up major feature films are planned around this incredible story. For more information go to Distribution by Viking International ,LLC Co-Produced by Lee Wanta & Gibby Media Group Inc. All Rights Reserved.

EAGLE ONE TO WANTA 10 Minute Preview from Gibby Media Group on Vimeo.

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