Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan – Intel Briefing, October 15th 2018 + Mueller, Holder Treason Over Stolen Stealth Tech!

Intel Briefing, October 15th 2018

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Mueller, Holder Treason Over Stolen Stealth Tech!

Tom Heneghan had a shocking update today on what is absolute treason by Robert Mueller and Eric Holder. But will they ever be punished for it? Not as long as Donald Trump appoints homosexual in the closet and totally compromised Lindsey Graham as his next attorney general! Nothing will happen and the statute of limitations will run out! That’s their plan! Tweet this show to Trump @potus and @realdonaldtrump and all your social networks and cause chaos out there! It’s up to you patriots! YOU are the real news! You have the power!

Basically this story involves the allowed theft of national defense secrets to foreign powers so its definitely treason! A small Florida marine company invented a really good way to help protect Navy ships and nuclear ballistic submarines using stealth technology.

This technology was stolen by Fincantieri, a massive Italian shipbuilder who was partners with Lockheed Martin. The FBI knew they did it! They had wiretap recordings!

On the eve before it was supposed to go to a Grand Jury the case was closed by then FBI Director Robert Mueller and then Attorney General Eric Holder! And who was the lawyer for Lockheed Martin, none other than James Comey!

Mueller, Comey and Holder – America’s dirtiest cops! Why these people are still allowed to walk around without ankle bracelets is beyond me! You can be sure a lot of people made a lot of money selling America’s secrets out! But Lindsey Graham who backstabbed Trump will fix it! Right? Barf! He’ll do lots of special counsels which is the kiss of death and how they cover up all their crimes!

Can Trump will be so dumb to trust this swamp monster? I guess Sean Hannity has been whispering in Trump’s ear at bed time again! I love you Trump but don’t get fooled by Bush Stooges Lindsey (Stab you in the back) Graham and Sean (I never met a Bush war I didn’t Love!) Hannity.

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