Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan – Intel Briefing, November 8th 2018 + JFK Murder Re-Opened By Military Tribunals!

Intel Briefing, November 8th 2018

Intel Briefing – Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb (11-8-18) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Vimeo, Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 12:01 PM EST

JFK Murder Re-Opened By Military Tribunals!

Tom Heneghan reported the US Military Tribunals have now reopened the case of the assassination of John F. Kennedy! They have the pictures (shown below) of both Herbert Walker (H.W.) Bush and George W. Bush in Dealey Plaza when JFK was killed by the deep state H.W. was serving at the time! Some people are reporting John F. Kennedy Jr. was still alive and that his “body” was buried at sea to hide this fact. It would be great if this was true and JFK Jr had been plotting the take down of his father’s killers from the shadows. But, it’s a long shot of course so I’m not counting on it. What we do know is Donald Trump was great friends with John F. Kennedy Jr. So I think it would be safe to speculate JFK Jr at least told Trump that George H.W. Bush was involved in the plot to kill his father!

JFK Jr. & Donald Trump (foto YouTube)

Some say JFK Jr. named his magazine “George” as a not so subtle way of letting the world know George H.W. Bush Scherff was involved in the plot to kill his father! I’m sure JFK Jr had talked to Donald Trump about the murder of his father at some point!

George (foto Before It's News)

Was Trump’s brutal defeat of the Bush legacy in the election because he knew JFK was killed in a plot involving George H.W. Bush? Bush called Jeb’s campaign a “disaster” that was “bleeding money” and of course gave him the nickname of “Low Energy Jeb Bush”! I think Donald Trump had knowledge of the traitor Bush Scherff family and he got this from his friend John F. Kennedy Jr! That’s why he absolutely destroyed Jeb Bush and humiliated him in the election.

Jeb Bush humiliated (foto BeforeIt's News)

Tom also reports Diane Feinstein has already been secretly indicted for sex trafficking as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton among others. Lindsey Graham appears to have some trouble of his own in the military grand jury. Have you noticed how Lindsey Graham has been sucking up to Trump for the last year? Some people saying Lindsey Graham should be Attorney General – BARF! Lindsey Graham and Trey Gowdy are fully compromised. Neither one is to be trusted. I pray Trump knows this!

paul8kangas – Is there evidence Geo. H.W. Bush killed JFK? Yes, Here!

Gepubliceerd op 2 jan. 2012
How is these photos of Bush in Dallas, 11-22-63,

Proof Bush killed JFK???

The line-up.
We measured the height of the cement wall behind GHW Bush in Dallas.

From his CIA ID we obtained his listed height.
Exact same height as the GHW Bush standing in Dallas.

That is a big clue. Exactly the same height!!!
We know Nixon’s height from his line-up photos.
With GHW Bush standing next to Nixon we can prove his height.

Murder trial of Geo HW Bush begins in SF, CA April 3rd, Monday, Federal Building, Dept 17, 2pm.

During the trial, we intend to ask Bush “If he heard the 5 shots fired by Hunt & Sturgis & X,
at JFK on 11-22-63?

Seriously. Bush is now on trial in SF, for war crimes in Iraq.

As any investigator or lawyer can tell you, if a person is asked,
“‘Where were you on 11-22-63?”
And the person denies being in Dallas,
and 7 pieces of solid evidence prove he was in Dallas, with his wife, whose photo you will see here next week,

That is an admission against interest,
an actual confession. Bush lied as to where he was. His wife told the truth.

He looks like Bush, has his hands in his pockets just like Bush, dresses like Bush, same tie, same suit, same in-crowd, walks like Bush, talks like Bush, stands like Bush, smells like Bush. Maybe its Bush’s evil twin brother.
Blame somebody else. Please.
That must be Bush. Arrest Bush for the murder of President Kennedy.

Yes, we now also have a photo of Dorothy Hunt standing next to Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis and the other CIA assassins, as she is Supervising the assassination of President Kennedy.
We demand Obama arrest Bush for the murder of JFK.

JFK Special film conference SF,

SF Pub. Library SF, 2pm -3pm

Unitarian Church 7pm – 9pm 1127 Franklin & Geary & O’Farrell.

Friday Nov. 22, 2013
3 great speakers: Paul Kangas, etc.

The winners write the history books.

This photo of Bush at the TSBD is an implied confession by Bush,
because he never denies that this is him.

It is so eerie how the right hand in his pocket
is exactly the same pose in both pictures.

Almost everything about the 2 photos is identical. Positive proof Bush killed JFK.

Feed-in Tariff.

We demand PG&E pay us what we are owed.
We won’t back down until PG&E pays us for solar.

This elections is about what we the people need to be doing the day after the election.

The world is out of oil.
We must shift to 100% of solar power to run the state of California & the nation,
the exact same way Germany has shifted into an economy based 100% on solar energy.

America wants someone who can provide leadership to show us how to create a million new solar jobs in 2013.

Please return to: Paul Kangas, 15 Boardman Pl., SF, Ca 94103

Download this petition now.
Circulate it in your town.

Ask the 10 most powerful people you know to sign.
Ask 10 friends to sign.
Ask the Mayor to sign.
Ask the city council to pass it as a policy statement.
Only CIA journalists, trying to cover-up the Bush role in the assassination,
dispute that both these photos are Bush.

Even if Geo HW Bush confessed to killing JFK, Obama & the ruling class would do nothing.

Obama signed an oath to protect the Bush family from prosecution.
Obama signed an oath with the Skull & Bones to never release all the evidence from Dallas showing the role of Bush in the JFK assassination until 100 years after Bush is dead.

Obama is a war criminal who deserves a second term,… in prison.

Romney is about to select Mario Rubio, the son of one of the people who assassinated JFK, to be part of his cabinet. Then when Rubio is in the cabinet, the CIA will assassinate Romney and put Paul Ryan up as the new LBJ, the new Hitler, etc.

And the average American will accept whatever lies the media puts out.
And so it goes … as the CIA flushes America down the bloody drain of history.

Banana Republic America.

Look carefully at the face of Bush in the White House.
Can you see the dimple on his left cheek?
Use a magnifying glass.
It is perfect.

Notice you see the same small dimple on the photo of Bush on the right, in front of the Texas School Book Depository.
Proof Bush was in Dallas when JFK was executed in a military style public execution, at high noon.
How much more evidence do you need?
Time to arrest Bush for the murder of JFK.

Who has the best quality copy of this photo?
The one with Nixon comes from: Pomegrante, POB 808022,
Petaluma, Ca 94975, Michael Ochs Archives.

2014: 376,000 people viewed line-up.


Here’s more information about the Bush Scherff connection and the JFK assassination! Get it everywhere!

Did you know H.W. Bush was actually arrested in Dealey Plaza after JFK was assassinated! This is HUGE information that’s been covered up by the fake news and compromised Alex Jones ( for all these years! Bush has always said he didn’t know where he was when he heard JFK was shot but he’s a demonic lying scumbag because not only was H.W. Bush there in Dealey Plaza watching the assassination he brought his young son! We have proof from the police officer who arrested him and remembered him as an oil operator from Houston Texas! He was arrested but apparently somebody got him released before he was officially booked booked! H.W. Bush was one of the conspirators who killed John F. Kennedy, there’s no doubt at all about it. He was also seen at the after party where Bush, Nixon and many others involved all celebrated and got drunk.

Here’s information showing who arrested him! A police officer named R.E. Vaughn!

“In fact, isn’t that actually GHWB in the process of being arrested? Dallas Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig was later quoted as saying: “Jim also asked me about the arrests made in Dealey Plaza that day. I told him I knew of twelve arrests, one in particular made by R.E. Vaughn of the Dallas Police Department. The man Vaughn arrested was coming from the Dal-Tex Building across from the Texas School Book Depository. The only thing which Vaughn knew about him was that he was an independent oil operator from Houston, Texas. The prisoner was taken from Vaughn by Dallas Police detectives and that was the last that he saw or heard of the suspect.”

Well, folks were jeering anyone coming out of the Dal-Tex Building, and Bush didn’t belong in the building, which might have seemed suspicious. The detectives in the corrupt DPD jumped in to give Bush a safety escort from the crime scene. That’s one explanation. Or maybe it was just another independent oil operator from Houston, Texas, who seemed like a noteworthy arrest but never actually made it to booking — thanks, it seems, to a higher-level intervention — while, at the same time, his Doppelgänger just happened to be photographed on the scene with police.

Bush was 39 years old at the time. He was chairman of the Harris County (Houston) GOP and quite outspoken in his criticisms of Pres. Kennedy as he campaigned for the Senate seat his father, Prescott Bush, was vacating. He remembers that he was “somewhere in Texas” at the time of the assassination, which narrows it down to about a quarter-million square miles. And now we know that it was in or near Dallas, according to the tipster claiming to be Bush and giving his home address to the FBI, which narrows the area down very substantially. But, really, GHWB forgets he was in Dallas on the very day the President was shot there?”

Here’s H.W. Bush’s (Scherff) son, George W. Bush who Daddy Bush brought to see JFK get killed that day! He was wondering around once his Dad got arrested and taken away! This montage was by Richard Hooke, a JFK assassination researcher.

George W. Bush at Dealey Place during JFK murder (foto Before It's News)

H.W. Bush Quote (foto Before It's News)

The deep state rabbit hole goes much further than most people realize. Hopefully most of you have awoken from the Fake Q garbage who says Trust Sessions when anybody can see that Trump does NOT trust Sessions and knows he got fooled! I can’t wait until SES Jeff Sessions is FIRED this year so Q is totally destroyed as a psyop once and for all! Then some patriots can get back to doing more productive things instead of pushing the deep state Q psyop! Stay tuned, Jeff Sessions WILL be fired this year and Q will be destroyed as the biggest fraud in history!

Be sure to read the evidence of the Bushes being the NAZI Scherff family that came over in operation paperclip according to Ambassador Lee Wanta! That’s why you will only find a few pictures of H.W. Bush as a baby and young man whereas you get dozens of Jimmy Carter who was the same age and 1,000 times poorer! The lack of photos of H.W. Bush as a baby, toddler and young man are the dead giveaway as I go over in this video. This is the biggest hoax on America!

The Bushes Were Nazis! Biggest Hoax On America!

The Bushes Were Nazis! Biggest Hoax On America! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Vimeo, Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at 9:25 PM EST

Before It’s news, Thursday, November 8, 2018 19:08

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