Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan – Intel Briefing, November 29th 2018 + Frightening Laser Dots On Trump!

Intel Briefing, November 29th 2018

Intel Briefing – Tom Heneghan (11-29-18) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Vimeo, Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 11:51 AM EST

Frightening Laser Dots On Trump!

Frightening Laser Dots On Trump! (foto Before It's News)

Frightening Laser Dots On Trump! (foto Before It’s News)

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump lit the official White House Christmas Tree on Wednesday night during a live broadcast. During the president’s speech red laser dots started popping up on his chest and face. Is this why Trump left the ceremony early and left the press pool behind?

“President Trump on Wednesday departed the National Christmas Tree lighting event without White House staff notifying a pool of reporters assigned to monitor the president’s movements of his whereabouts.

Members of the protective press pool – a group of reporters assigned to remain with the president and document his activities – indicated shortly after 6:30 p.m. that Trump had returned to the White House without any warning or comment from staffers.”

Tom Heneghan goes over this as well as the following:

Mueller blackmailing and threatening President Trump

Deutsche Bank was involved in the put options that made fortunes for the deep state on 9/11!

Jerome Corsi blew out HUGE truth about Obama’s fake birth certificate and the total lie about Oswald killing JFK! You can see some of this hilarious footage from MSNBC on my other article here:

Corsi Dropping Truth Bombs on the Fake News! Priceless!

Before It’s News, Thursday, November 29, 2018 12:05

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