Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan – Intel Briefing, June 6th 2018 + Secret Tapes Prove Bush Behind 9/11!

Intel Briefing, June 6th 2018

Intel Briefing – Tom Heneghan Stew Webb (6-11-18) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Vimeo, Monday, June 11, 2018 at 2:17 PM EST

Secret Tapes Prove Bush Behind 9/11!

Tom Heneghan just reported that Wesley Clark has just leaked a secret recording proving Paul Wolfowitz and Donald Rumsfield plotted to use the 9/11 false flag operation on America to take out 7 countries in 5 years. They said 9/11 was the greatest thing that ever happened. They said we can now link Sadam Hussein to Al Qaeda (CIA) and take over 7 countries in 5 years! Tom says these secret recordings also include phone calls of President Bush and others which prove that he is guilty of treason for being involved in the 9/11 attack on America.

There’s no question Wesley Clark knows Bush is a traitor. Here is his own words about what a scam the Pentagon was involved in regarding taking over Iraq even though they knew they had nothing to do with 9/11. Wesley Clark has the evidence to bring them all down according to Tom Heneghan’s sources!

General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned, Seven Countries In Five Years

Gepubliceerd op 11 sep. 2011

Originally published in March 2007 General Wesley Clark: Because I had been through the Pentagon right after 9/11. About ten days after 9/11, I went through the Pentagon and I saw Secretary Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz. I went downstairs just to say hello to some of the people on the Joint Staff who used to work for me, and one of the generals called me in. He said, “Sir, you’ve got to come in and talk to me a second.” I said, “Well, you’re too busy.” He said, “No, no.” He says, “We’ve made the decision we’re going to war with Iraq.” This was on or about the 20th of September. I said, “We’re going to war with Iraq? Why?” He said, “I don’t know.” He said, “I guess they don’t know what else to do.” So I said, “Well, did they find some information connecting Saddam to al-Qaeda?” He said, “No, no.” He says, “There’s nothing new that way. They just made the decision to go to war with Iraq.” He said, “I guess it’s like we don’t know what to do about terrorists, but we’ve got a good military and we can take down governments.” And he said, “I guess if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem has to look like a nail.” So I came back to see him a few weeks later, and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan. I said, “Are we still going to war with Iraq?” And he said, “Oh, it’s worse than that.” He reached over on his desk. He picked up a piece of paper. And he said, “I just got this down from upstairs” — meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office — “today.” And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” I said, “Is it classified?” He said, “Yes, sir.” I said, “Well, don’t show it to me.” And I saw him a year or so ago, and I said, “You remember that?” He said, “Sir, I didn’t show you that memo! I didn’t show it to you!”


Wesley Clark has recently leaked this secret recording to many new people and groups and it’s causing chaos! Tom told me he has talked to a Senator who he wants to keep anonymous who told him Barack Obama was given these recordings and did nothing with them of course because he’s a CIA stooge fake President! Will Trump do what Abraham Lincoln did and begin the military tribunals as foretold by Mark Taylor’s Trump prophecy? Taylor was told by God Donald Trump would be President many years before he even announced!

Greg Hunter – Mark Taylor: Military Tribunals Coming for the Wicked

Gepubliceerd op 4 sep. 2017

How can the so-called deep state and crooked politicians keep doing evil to America? Mark Taylor, author of the popular book “The Trump Prophecies,” says it’s God’s will for that to stop. Taylor starts with fired FBI Director James Comey. Taylor contends, “James Comey was the clog in the pipe that was keeping the swamp from being drained. Now that he’s out of the way, you are starting to see things happen. . . . In 2015, I wrote a prophetic statement from God, and it says the spirit of God says your time has come to an end. You are both (Bill and Hillary Clinton) being omitted tor the crimes you have committed. . . . this is what God told me to write. . . . They are going to go down. I believe at some point she (Hillary) will go to jail. It will be a sign to the United States that that spirit of Jezebel has been locked up and the key thrown away. God is not going to let this stuff go, and look at the pedophilia. There has been a total media blackout, and there has been 4,000 arrests. . . . This is what God has been telling me for a long time. There are military style tribunals coming because this thing goes so deep. I think it is even boggling the mind of Donald Trump right now. He’s trying to get his team in place so they can go after these people and prosecute them. There are going to be military style tribunals break out when the names come to light.”
Taylor says, “Don’t fall for the doom and gloom. . . Some of my prophecies I have written say America is going to prosper like never before. Everybody thinks America is under judgment . . . but what about all the good things America has done. There are 100 different countries out there that are way worse than America, and they are still on the map. 90% of the Gospel that has gone throughout the earth has come from America. Where are all those seeds? God is going to use Donald Trump to bring those seeds back, and part of that is going to be getting America out of debt. You have a hard time prospering if you are in debt.”
Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Mark Taylor, author of the popular book “The Trump Prophecies.”

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Mark’s information has been proven correct again and again so maybe Robert Mueller pushes Trump too far very soon and Trump goes Abraham Lincoln on him and the rest of the swamp including Supreme Court justices who Mark says are guilty of massive crimes too! Trump has the power to stop this Bush Clinton swamp nightmare anytime he wishes. I think he doesn’t want to go to this Abraham Lincoln military route unless there is no other option. In my opinion there is no other way we get our country back since it’s infested with Senior Executive Services (SES) traitors like Jeff Sessions! The courts are fake, the news is fake, medicine is fake! This country needs a complete cleansing and the only way this happens is military tribunals. These deep state swamp creatures are enemies of this country and have committed treason! People such as Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb and those they know in US Intelligence can put many of the swamp in prison but they can’t get into a courtroom because we live in a banana republic where 95% of the judges are evil scum appointed by Bush, Obama or Clinton!

Also covered in this briefing is information now coming to light showing Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch guilty of massive crimes in looting the national archives in Washington DC. They took documents concerning information on the Clinton foundation and shredded them! The IRS lost thousands of records that could have been used to implicate the Clintons in massive tax fraud! Once again the criminals get away with their crimes just as the computer was stolen from the Capitol police tying Debbie Wasserman Schultz to a spy ring!

The deep state are doing everything they can against Trump. They have tried to kill him many times and God has protected him. They will lie, cheat and steal to stay in power. The deep state killed JFK and did 9/11!

Let’s pray Donald Trump uses the military and every tool at his disposal to drain the swamp. We the people are tired of nobody ever getting in trouble. It seems you can murder, steal, lie, have sex with kids and commit massive tax fraud as long as you’re tied to the Bushes or Clintons. Pray for justice!

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