Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan – Intel Briefing, June 16th 2018 + Arrest Traitors To Save Republic!

Intel Briefing, June 16th 2018

Intel Briefing – Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb (6-16-18) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Vimeo, Sunday, June 17, 2018 at 12:43 PM EST

Arrest Traitors To Save Republic!

Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb had strong words of advice for President Trump. They ask patriots worldwide to Tweet this show to him @potus and @realdonaldtrump! Tom and Stew both know how the deep state works. You can’t play nice with them anymore now the whitewashed IG report has come out! The report is a total JOKE of course but what did you expect from Horowitz, another deep state scumbag just like Rosenstein! What is Trump waiting for? Demand ALL the dcouments be turned over in 24 hours from cocky Rosenscum and Keebler elf Jeff Sessions and if they doesn’t turn them over in 24 hours then fire both of them and clean house! Go to he NSA and get copies of all Hillary’s emails and declassify all the ones that put deep state scum in jail and clean house! This is war! Trump must use his power now before the mid terms!

America is tired of living in this banana republic! We’re tired of NOBODY ever getting in trouble except normal Americans who do nothing in comparison to the monsters of the Bush Clinton cabal.

Here some of the highlights from the show.

Hillary Clinton was directly in charge of the assassination teams! This is proven in the emails covered up by the FBI! She was responsible for killing Ambassador Stevens by leaking his exact location and she was using ISIS in the middle east for black ops including the killing of Muammar Gaddafi! That’s treason right there – aiding terrorists! We have her red handed on it as well as leaking classified documents! No quesiton about it!

Some of the things in the IG report not being reported on the Fake News including Fox News are listed below. Most of the IG report is nothing but a fraud as Judge Jeanine correctly states in her video below!

The NYPD had a search warrant to search Anthony Weiner’s laptop. The warrant was turned over to the FBI. Large portions of that search warrant were deleted and covered up by James Comey! These emails dealt with child sex trafficking by Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner! Bring all that out NOW President Trump!

Judge Amy Berman just put Paul Manafort in jail and is the very same judge who dismissed the lawsuit against Hillary Clinton regarding the killing of Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi! What a surprise!

All these bad judges are criminals appointed by G.W. Bush, H.W. Bush, Clinton or Obama. The few good ones left were appointed by Ronald Reagan!

Peter Stzrok had a party with the FISA judge! What a joke! This is just one big party of corruption!

“Part of their exchange went as follows:

Page: “Rudy is on the [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court]! Did you know that? Just appointed two months ago.”

Strzok: “I did. I need to get together with him.”

Strzok: “[He] said he’d gotten on a month or two ago at a graduation party we were both at.”

Strzok: “[REDACTED] suggested a social setting with others would probably be better than a one on one meeting. I’m sorry, I’m just going to have to invite you to that cocktail party.”

Strzok: “Have to come up with some other work people cover for action.”

Page: “Why more? Six is a perfectly fine dinner party.”

It’s not clear if the meeting ever took place, but the FBI did begin investigating the Trump campaign for alleged ties to Russia on July 31, 2016.”

Read Newsmax: Texts Reveal FBI Officials Tried to Set Up Meeting With FISA Judge |

Judge Jeanine’s Best Opening Statement is below! The FBI and DOJ are FRAUDS! She knows it and so do the rank and file within the FBI! We live in a banana republic people! Most Americans now know it and are VERY angry about it! The bottom line is if Trump doesn’t take action against the deep state, they will either impeach him or kill him. You can’t play nice with the Devil! Trump should know this after this fraud IG report so many people had such high hopes on exposing the deep state! Nobody but the military can solve this thing now. Military tribunals just like prophet Mark Taylor says will happen!

Congress is going nuclear on Rosenstein next week! Impeach this guy immediately! He’s had over a year to give these documents! Sessions is hiding stuff too for his deep state masters! Jeff Sessions is Senior Executive Services (SES) which should mean the firing squad anyway! He is loyal to SES and not the US Constitution! Why is Alex Jones not talking about SES, Serco and recanting his lies on Lee Wanta? He’s showing he’s crypto deep state in my opinion. NO reason to censor and lie about that stuff unless your deep cover controlled opposition to gather names of patriots in my opinion.


Gepubliceerd op 16 jun. 2018


Much more is covered! Tell Trump to get all the evidence from Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb by tweeting him @potus and @realdonaldtrump Not one person at the FBI or DOJ has asked for any evidence against the deep state from these men! They and their friends in US and French Intelligence have more than enough to put most of the deep state in prison and claw back over $100 trillion into our US Treasury! That’s why they’ve tried to kill them again and again! We could stop all taxes for 10 years if this illegal loot is clawed back! Spread the word patriots! The Fake News isn’t going to do it! It’s up to all of us! Thank you!

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