Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan – Intel Briefing, July 30th 2018 + Trump Orders Wanta Paid! Blocked!

Intel Briefing, July 30th 2018

Intel Briefing – Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb (7-30-18) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Vimeo, Monday, July 30, 2018 at 2:06 PM EST

Trump Orders Wanta Paid! Blocked!

Tom Heneghan released a ton of new information from US Intelligence sources today! Tom’s apartment was buzzed by a military helicopter at tree top level at 1:00 am in California this morning! The deep state is not happy with Tom Heneghan and neither is Alex Jones because Tom exposed how Larry Nichols threatened the life of Al Gore’s daughter to help steal the 2000 election for H.W. Bush Scherff! Alex’s promotion of Larry Nichols who stole a lot of money from patriots for operations he never had is coming home to roost now.

The biggest news Tom discusses is that President Trump and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin have ordered for Lee Wanta to be paid but it’s now being blocked by the somebody in the office Comptroller of the currency – a woman named Kim! She’s blaming the USSR for why she’s not doing as ordered! There is no USSR anymore! Russia is also owed some of this money stolen by the Bush Scherffs. This Kim lady is tied to H.W. Bush Scherff (nazi spy) and also tied to a man named Dr. Wolf who was put on the Trump transition team!

See my other article about the Bush Scherff proof that was put out on a deathbed confession. We have the photographs and this is known by most of our blackmailed congress! Alex Jones hides it for his masters though. You can see the proof in the photographs easily! Look for yourself in the article!

Proof Bushes Were Nazis! America Hoaxed! Heneghan

Benjamin Fulford who also worked with Lee Wanta confirms H.W. Bush was a Nazi spy known as George Scherff sent to America by Hitler! You can read about it in the following article posted on Rense.

When George Scherff (known to us as George Bush Senior), the new Fuhrer, took over the US in the 1980′s, plans resurrect the Third Reich and carry out Hitler’s plan for genocide on an unprecedented scale began to be implemented. These plans are well known to those of us who have escaped the mind-slavery of the illuminati rulers. The Nazis wanted to reduce the world population to as low as 500 million people and enslave the majority of the survivors in order to ensure a “middle class lifestyle in harmony with nature” for the mostly “Aryan” survivors. The plans included artificially created diseases, starvation and a fake Armageddon known as Project Bluebeam. This, the new leading clique promises, has been cancelled.

Tom reports the deep state is desperate to stop Lee Wanta from being paid because this is how they’ve controlled our country since H.W. Bush Scherff stole the money back in the 1980s! Everything revolves around these stolen Wanta funds! It’s why controlled opposition Alex Jones has lied about Lee Wanta for over 20 years now and continues to cover up all information on Senior Executive Services (SES) from his patriot audience he uses only to personally enrich himself. In my opinion, Alex Jones is working for the Bush Scherff deep state who put Wanta in a prison to kill him as there would be no other reason to lie about him and say he was “as real as the Easter Bunny”! Lee Wanta is very real and Alex Jones is very very fake who only pretends he’s a patriot trying to win. It’s all a huge con by the new world order to make you think Alex will win the fight for you!

Who is really paying Alex Joes to lie and censor and suck all the money out of patriots and never win the fight even though he promises again and again to “take the gloves off!””? With all the tens of millions he sucked from patriots, Alex Jones has not initiated one lawsuit against the fake news or anybody else who lies about him. He spends 90% of his time these days complaining about unfair coverage of him! This coming from a man who has over 30 million fans who could be passing out 1,000 flyers apiece on doorsteps to wake up everybody to Chemtrails, Vaccines and the illegal Federal Reserve! Can you imagine what George Washington would do to a General who refused again and again to deploy his 30 million man army door to door in the information war when he could have done this for 20 years? He would hang him from the cherry tree for treason I’m sure!

Alex Jones still runs from all patriots who beg him to deploy his 30 million army door to door with weekly flyer drops to win the fight! I ask ANY Alex Jones fan to simply email and ask him to send his 30 million man army door to door with flyers, expose SES or tell the truth about Lee Wanta and see how he runs from you! Email me at with the result of your email to Alex at When patriots discover they’re only good enough for sucking money they tend to walk up FAST! Alex hangs up on patriots who have called him and asked him to have his listeners pass out a billion flyers door to doors on the truth so we can win! If it’s a real solutions that works, Alex isn’t interested! But he’ll spend 90% of his shows talking about how the fake news is lying about him when he could be having his army go door to door each week waking up 100 million new people in a year! It’s a total joke if you think about it! You can spot all the fakes in alternative media by seeing who won’t talk about the Bush Scherff connection and who censors SES which is how the deep state controls our government and nothing ever changes!

Lee Wanta wants to pay for the wall himself when he gets the funds a federal court has ordered! This is why the RINO traitors in our Congress still won’t give Trump funding for the wall! They are involved in the theft of the Wanta funds also by taking illegal payoffs for years! All the evil ones out there are desperate to hide the information on Lee Wanta but you can see it all in the video below that tells the story of Lee Wanta – secret agent to President Reagan!

Other big news in this broadcast is about General Kelly! General Kelly has been busy telling military units in Syria to disobey Trump’s orders there! We are still in Syria because of the evil General Kelly is doing behind Trump’s back! Trump needs to get rid of General Kelly immediately. He can’t be trusted. Remember when Kelly facepalmed Trump’s speech at the UN? It made Trump look like a chump and is a favorite for deep state meme makers!

Tom reports General Kelly has been communicating with H.W. Bush Scherff! He’s another stooge of the deep state! President Trump should call Tom Heneghan for the job! At least we wouldn’t have to hear of another Bush stooge like Kavanaugh being picked! Nobody knows politics and the deep state scum like Tom Heneghan Mr. President! As you always say, “What have you got to lose!” You have traitors in your inner circle! These traitors tell you to pick other traitors for important jobs! No more Bush stooges PLEASE! Get people who know and can tell you the crimes of the Bushes and you’ll do much better. Tom and Stew can put them all in jail but of course the DOJ and FBI want to kill them and not listen to them!

General Kelly & Melania Trump (foto Before It's News)

General Kelly & Melania Trump (foto Before It’s News)

Tom also discusses the deep state psyop known as QAnon who defends Trump nemesis Jeff Sessions and Robert Mueller! Amazingly there are still many patriots making a buck off this Q garbage designed to waste patriots time and NOT promote citizen grand juries or expose SES of course! Citizen grand juries are the ONLY solution. QAnon fairy tales spread by patriots keep patriots from getting our country back. Remember the QAnon fairy tale when Q told you about Trump telling ALL the truth on 3 national press conferences! Remember that HUGE lie! It never happened of course!

Also being reported in this broadcast is the laser type weapons and operatives being used too burn down Greece and California!

Tom reports the FISA warrant also used the illegal President G.W. Bush Scherff’s patriot act to spy on Trump from the very beginning! It’s all illegal of course but we live in a banana Republic!

Tom was told by his contacts, Chuck Schumer, deep state scumbag met personally with Al Gore over the weekend and he was shown the NORAD audit proving Bush Scherff stole the 2000 election! He begged Gore for mercy at the meeting! Democrats are now asking for all documents from Bush Scherff stooge Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh was involved with bribing Supreme Court justices and covering up the murder of Vince Foster according to Heneghan.

Heneghan also talked about Project Pelican which is the key to unmoving all the money laundering and arms deals done by Hillary Clinton and going through the Clinton foundation!

MUCH more is covered in this update. Get it out everywhere and copy to all youtube channels so Google can’t stop it. You always have permission to copy these articles and videos to all other platforms in their entirety. Email if you need anything! Keep spreading the truth Patriots!

I’m asking all patriots to email Alex Jones about the following lies and censorship at so you see yourself how he runs from you! Don’t let Jones take your money and then run from your questions about the lies and censorship proven below! Time for compromised Alex Jones to retire or be run out of town for the good of the Republic! We want to WIN, not make Jones rich!

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