Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan – Intel Briefing, July 16th 2018 + Trump Putin To Pay Wanta Trillions! Swamp Loses It!

Intel Briefing, July 16th 2018

Intel Briefing – Tom Heneghan Stew Webb (7-16-18) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Vimeo, Monday, July 16, 2018 at 4:10 PM EST

Trump Putin To Pay Wanta Trillions! Swamp Loses It!

Trump Putin Press Conference!

Trump Putin Press Conference! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Tom Heneghan goes over the behind the scenes details of the very important President Trump and President Putin news conference today! It was GREAT news all around!

Tom discusses one of the most important topics discussed behind closed doors – the Wanta funds! These Wanta funds have now ballooned to $433 Trillion! Much of this money has been illegally parked in crooked banks! Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin has done everything possible along with the swamp and all the never Trumpers to stop all information about Lee Wanta from reaching Donald Trump! That ended today! Tom says Trump was given information today by phone regarding all the details about Lee Wanta’s operation for President Reagan! So the good guys just punched through the Swamp’s firewall and that’s why the Fake News is going NUTS! They are desperate to get rid of Donald Trump now because of how well President Trump and President Putin got along plus their agreement on the deep state’s biggest nightmare – the Wanta funds!

The Fake News is calling Trump’s press conference treason when they are committing treason along with former CIA director and known communist John Brennan! They are all freaking out because of the Wanta money most of them are involved with stealing! They know once this money is repatriated America will experience a new golden age and Trump goes down a hero when Lee Wanta pays for the wall himself!

The mockingbird media including traitor Sean Hannity will never report on Bush Clinton spy Stefan Halper. They also won’t dare mention the name Lee Wanta because H.W. Bush Scherff (Nazi spy) stole these Wanta funds and bought up the entire republican and democratic party and Fox News! That’s why Fox News will NEVER criticize the Bushes! Only the truly uncompromised people in alternative media will talk about Lee Wanta! Alex Jones must be paid well to lie about him from HW Bush because he is caught on tape below saying the secret agent who worked for President Reagan is as real as the Easter Bunny! See the lies Jones told at the end of the article!

Putin and Trump just dropped a nuclear bomb on deep state alligator Robert Mueller. Putin offered to let him come to Russia and be involved with the interrogation of the intelligence operatives Mueller fraudulently charged! Mueller won’t go of course because everything he’s done is a total farce! But the entire Russian Collusion is all falling apart now – Putin just called his bluff! People who saw the press conference all said Trump did a GREAT job! I loved it! Tom talked to people who didn’t even like Trump who admitted Trump did very well! So everybody loved Trump’s speech except the traitors and the Fake News deep state messengers!

Listen to Tom’s important information and also you MUST listen to the press conference. Especially the second time Vladamir Putin speaks when he throws down the challenge to the fraud Robert Mueller! It’s priceless to see Putin stick it right down Mueller’s throat!

Alex Jones has repeatedly lied about the Wanta trillions and ambassador Lee Wanta! I caught one of these lies on tape and show you the truth! Alex Jones has never repented for this lie about patriot Lee Wanta just as he has never repented for his lies about patriot Stew Webb. Jones still refuses to cover the deep state backbone known as “Senior Executive Services” or SES! Not one article posted on any of his websites on this huge piece of the swamp puzzle! Check it yourself and email and watch him run from your questions as all the fakes do! All patriots must force Alex Jones to explain these lies and censorship or we have no chance at REAL action being taken against the deep state! All lies come from satan and patriots shouldn’t tolerate it from self appointed leaders who control the flow of information to you! Who lies and censors information unless they are on somebody’s payroll?

Monday, July 16, 2018 17:41

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