Stew Webb & Tom Heneghan – Hot Intel Update, Februari 7th 2019 + Mnuchin Faces IMF Arrest Over Wanta Funds! It’s Coming!

Intel Update Februari 7th 2019

Hot Intel Update – Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb (2-7-19) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Vimeo, Thursday, February 7, 2019 at 2:22 PM EST

Mnuchin Faces IMF Arrest Over Wanta Funds! It’s Coming!

Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb pulled out their baseball bats and smashed the lies of the fake news today. Tom was called today by a VERY high ranking political source saying that finally things were moving regarding the Wanta funds! Steven Mnuchin the Goldman Sachs banker scum has lied to President Trump about the Wanta funds repeatedly and Trump is finally beginning to see him as the enemy! The IMF is about to issue a red notice on Steve Mnuchin over theft of the US and French Treasuries regarding the Wanta Mitterrand protocol funds! Mnuchin is doing the bidding of his Goldman Sachs masters! Also involved in lying to Trump is Kellyanne Conway! She is a viper telling lies to Trump daily. She is a Bush Scherff agent responsible for being a gatekeeper to Trump so he can’t learn the real truth! I pray Trump wakes up and shows this snake the door! Word is she’s already plotting to say she’s been “mentally abused” by Trump IF he wakes up and fires her! Please wake up President Trump! Fire Kellyanne Conway and Steve Mnuchin and get Lee Wanta paid so he becomes the first patriot Trillionaire in history!

Tom says the reason they are going after the Governor and Senator from Virginia is all about the Wanta funds! The state will be a recipient of over $3 trillion since Wanta’s corporation is based in Virginia. So it seems they are trying to decapitate the Virginia government so they can put in their more loyal deep state cockroaches to steal the money! There’s no loyalty among thieves.

Trump can be the hero if he shows Steve Mnuchin the door and puts in a REAL patriot and not a Goldman Sachs puppet. Sean Hannity is disclosing the crimes of Robert Mueller being involved in 75 cases of bogus FISA warrants in the G.W. Bush administration in 2002. Of course Sean Hannity doesn’t mention the criminality of his Bush Scherff masters. As if Mueller wasn’t following orders for the Nazi Bush Scherffs who killed JFK and looted all our money! We know you are scum Sean Hannity. Your day is coming when America finds out all the lies you told for the Nazi Bush Scherff family. You think you’re all cute throwing your football around but you’re nothing but a Judas Iscariot who sold his soul for 30 pieces of Bush Scherff silver. All the US media is our enemy. Expose them and give them a piece of your mind when you see the traitors on the street. Call them fake news when they’re doing a live shot! That’s really fun!

Sorry for the Sean Hannity rant but I’m sick of seeing traitors on my television pretending they’re patriots when they serve the deep state Bush Scherffs who killed over 3,000 Americans with their 9/11 attack and enslaved us with their Federal Reserve ponzi scheme! Sean said he hates 9/11 truthers. I’m sure he does because they have guts and Sean serves evil federal reserve scum to this day. We don’t forget Sean. We know you’re just as bad as Rachel Maddow you just pretend you’re a patriot.

Lots more covered in this broadcast! Get the truth out there because Alex Jones LIED about Lee Wanta for the deep state! Only liars who serve the deep state lie about Wanta! Jones said Jesus told him to attack Joe Rogan. Hey Alex, why don’t you stop worrying about the demon Rogan and admit your lies on Wanta and actually try to win the fight with ACTION with your army sitting on the sidelines listening to your voice! Go door to door with your army with flyers and quit pretending you’re a patriot who wants to win while you play games with Joe Rogan!

Before It’s News, Thursday, February 7, 2019 15:34

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