Stew Webb – Intel Update, March 4th 2019 + Military Tribunals Fake! Q Fake! Patriots Push Trump To Act Not Tweet!

Intel Update, March 4th 2019

Military Tribunals Fake! Q Fake! Patriots Push Trump To Do More! from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Vimeo, Monday, March 4, 2019 at 8:58 PM EST

Stew Webb and I, Glenn Canady, have decided to part ways with Tom Heneghan at this time for something that happened between us. Not going into the details but we wish him the best and hope he gets paid millions of dollars along with Lee Wanta. We made others aware of the Wanta information but it’s time to change directions and stop being satisfied with the hope porn of the Fake Military Tribunals and the Fake Q and all the other nonsense. Those days are now over! It’s time patriots only do two things. Spread information like never before through uncensored sites like and get active with recall petitions, protests in front of the Whitehouse to get Trump’s attention and any other way to generally become a pain in the rear for the pedophile new world order order!

The only thing that matters is holding President Trump accountable for the things he IS NOT doing! I’m not happy and neither should any patriots out there be happy with how things are right now. Here’s a brief recap!

Only one year left before Trump will be busy trying to get elected and so far nobody but Trump’s friends went to jail! Hillary is laughing at Trump and says she’ll run again! What a joke! 2018 election stolen in many states and Trump didn’t do one thing to stop it! Didn’t even mention all the races in California that were flipped to Demonrat AFTER the election! The 2020 election will feature the biggest election fraud in history and it will take another miracle from God to pull off a victory since Trump didn’t fix the problem! He should have been working on this from day one!

Q is fake and all the talk of military tribunals is fake and being put out there to sideline patriots from taking action! It’s designed to run out the clock on Trump so they can either kill him or impeach him. The days of Q and hope porn are OVER! Massive action is the only thing that matters anymore. If you’re listening to Q tickle your ears with fun riddles then YOU are now directly aiding the Illuminati cockroaches!

We’re still being chemtrailed daily and have GMOs rammed down our throats! Nothing was done to stop the vaccine lies and mandatory jabs! Now Trump says he’ll push deadly 5G when it’s super deadly to all life! He’s surrounded by scum who probably told him how wonderful it is! That’s what happened when your daughter marries an Israeli Mossad asset though.

Not one mention or development of the already existing free energy technology out there by President Trump! This alone guarantees him a second term regardless of the evil put out against him but he’s not doing it!

He’s still got Kellyanne Conway whispering in his ear while Kellyanne’s husband says he should be impeached! Why would Trump let Kellyanne into his inner circle when she’s married to a demon from hell who wants Trump out of office? Only a fool trusts the spouse of a demon who wants you dead and impeached and says so publicly! You want that witch with all her access to go home to that scumbag every night so he can go through her files and computers? Dumb Dumb Dumb!

Not one thing has been done to Facebook, Twitter, Google or Apple for their censorship of conservatives. They are engaging in the biggest election meddling in history and should have their doors kicked in by Federal Marshalls but they are laughing at Trump while they lie during their visits to Congress!

If Trump signs ANY more gun control bills put out by demonRats there will be hell to pay and he can forget a second term. The bump stop ban was bad enough. But when he said “we should take the guns first and then go to court” that was a super DUMB move! This green lighted that it was okay for Florida and many other states to take guns if ANYBODY said those people were a threat with no proof needed! Anonymous Liars who work for the DemonRat agenda ALWAYS lie to take anybody’s guns! So you’re going to take somebody’s guns and make them go through hell and a fortuen to get them back? You can’t give an inch to an evil DemonRat who loves killing God’s babies. If Trump even signals he will sign another bill to control guns in any way we should send a 20 million man army of MAGA protestors to his front door. Just because we voted for you does not mean we are okay with you licking the boots of the gun grabbers Mr. President. We don’t give up our guns for anybody for ANY reason!

You get the idea! I’m not happy with Trump right now and neither are the patriots I talk to! So much more could have ben done already! He didn’t even need to go the emergency route to build the wall, it’s right in the Constitution he has the authority to protect from invasion!

Before It’s News, Monday, March 4, 2019 20:12

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