Stew Webb – HW Bush Seen In Arizona! He’s Alive! Multiple Sources Report! May 25th 2019

H.W. Bush Is Alive! Multiple Sources Report! Stew Webb (5-25-19) from Truth Warriors on Vimeo.

Vimeo, Saturday, May 25, 2019 at 2:07 PM EST

Stew Webb and his friend Joe go over the information they’ve both been told regarding the fake death of H.W. Bush. Multiple sources have confirmed that H.W. Bush faked his death and was recently seen in Marana Arizona getting stem cell treatments. I always wondered why H.W. Bush had a closed casket. Did you know that JFK was going to have an open casket so the public could view him but Jacqueline requested it close because of the head wound. Why was there not an open casket for H.W. Bush when he didn’t die a violent death? Here’s proof JFK’s casket was going to be open for the public

President Kennedy’s body was returned to the White House at about 4:30 a.m. on Saturday, November 23. [30] The motorcade bearing the remains was met at the White House gate by a U.S. Marine Corps honor guard, which escorted it to the North Portico. The pallbearers bore the casket to the East Room where, 18 years earlier, the body of Franklin D. Roosevelt, [31] and nearly one hundred years earlier, the body of Abraham Lincoln had lain. [27] [32] Kennedy’s casket was placed on a catafalque previously used for the funerals of the Unknown Soldiers from the Korean War and World War II at Arlington .[33] Initially, the casket was to be open for public viewing, but Jacqueline Kennedy declared that the casket would be kept closed for the viewing and funeral. The shot to Kennedy’s head left a gaping wound, [34] and religious leaders said that a closed casket minimized morbid concentration on the body. [35]

Sources say H.W. Bush has been coming back and forth into the US through Mexico and operating from the massive Bush compound in Paraguay complete with underground bunkers. Stew Webb has also been given this information independently from his sources in US Intelligence so it’s coming from multiple sources. I would not doubt this is true. Hope porn was being pushed hard at the time of the “funeral” saying G.W. Bush was going to GTMO right after the funeral and this was supposedly in the note he read at the funeral. All the happy talk was bogus of course and still nothing at all has happened! Don’t believe a word of hope porn until you see massive arrests of deep state rats! Until then assume it’s CIA generated to sideline patriots while the clock runs out on Trump! Two years in now and not one person has even had their hands slapped! It’s a total joke!

Keep hammering the truth hard out there patriots and send it to Trump daily on his Twitter. We won’t ever quit no matter what happens! Trump must always be held into account whenever he does anything we don’t agree with such as Iran War, 5G, Vaccines or prosecuting Julian Assange when he said, “I Love Wikileaks!” during the campaign! Increase your efforts out there! We must realize, there is no cavalry coming to save us. WE are the cavalry! It’s up to all of us to increase our efforts! Keep causing chaos out there by sharing and posting stories at the most uncensored truth anywhere!

Before It’s News, Saturday, May 25, 2019 16:12

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