SPACESHOT76 – With Juan O Savin, October 5th 2021

The Greatest Military Intelligence Operation of Our Time (foto Operation Diclosure Official)

Juan O Savin Reveals What Next To Take Back This Country (foto Rumble)

Nino Rodtiguez and Kerry Cassidy Juan O Savin = JFK Jr = John Kennedy (foto Project Camelot)

Juan O Savin is JFK Jr or is he John Kennedy Since his Father was Murdered(foto Life according to Marz, Story at 6)

Q Drop (1) (foto roject Camelot)

Q Drop (2) (foto Project Camelot)

Np Matter Who They Are (foto Project Camelot)

With Juan O Savin, October 5th 2021

First published at 06:17 UTC on October 5th, 2021.


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