SPACESHOT76 – Juan O’ Savin: Important Spike Protein Shedding Treatment Info

Juan O Savin Point of View (foto Before It’s News)

Juan O’ Savin: Important Spike Protein Shedding Treatment Info

Published November 28, 2021


In this Vital Video, Listen to Juan O’ Savin Explain How the ‘Spike Protein Shedding’ can be Treated and Cured within 30 Seconds, and Much More.

Important Spike Protein Treatment Info | Just The SITREP Edit

Capitol Punishment (The Movie), Jan 6th Documentary, Now Released

• Many Things Happening Behind The Scenes At GITMO
The Awan Brothers Pakistan Communists Treason Case Is NOT Over, Those Crimes Will Be Prosecuted
• We Have Other MIL Max Sites Besides GITMO ;)
• The Maxwell Case Will Expose A Much Larger Network And Other Locations
Three Letter Agencies Will Be Exposed
• Obama’s CIA Ties and Fake Life Will Be Exposed
• The Military Industrial Complex Will Be Exposed
• Once The Arrests Begin To Occur It Will Be Stunning
• There’s Much More Than Durham & Maxwell Happening
• The Timing Is The Timing, But We’re Very Close Now
• The Pressure To Withdraw The 2020 Vote Certifications Will Continue To Build, We’re Not Done With The 2020 Vote
• More Durham Indictments and GITMO Nuremberg Type Trials Are Not That Far Out In The Future
• The Trump Strategy Around Warp Speed Vaccines Is More Complex Chess Than Most Think
• Disney Backing Down On Vax Mandates Signal That Mandates Are Not Going To Be Able To Last Much Longer
Your Body Begins To Replicate and Manufacture Spike Proteins After About 45 – 60 Days After Vax
Shedding Happens In Multiple Ways
• Even The Unvaxxed Can Accumulate Shedded Spike Proteins
• Juan Picked Up A Very High Amount Of Spike Proteins At The Vegas Event
Spike Protein Treatment Is Possible With 20 – 30 Second Specialized Precise Ultra Sound Frequencies
Other Treatments Are Needed For Spike Proteins In The Vascular System
• There’s Going To Be The Ability To Treat Large Numbers Fairly Easily
Maintenance Will Be Long Term As The Spike Proteins Are Now Deeply Spread Throughout The Population
Anti Static ESD Type Clothing Helps To Keep Spike Proteins From Being Attracted To The Body
• There Is Plenty Of Hope, We’re Not Done
• We Have A Lot Going On, Behind The Scenes, Keep The Faith
• Nobody Knows Exactly What’s Going On At GITMO, Anyone That Says They Do Is Full Of Shit
More Will Come Out Regarding The Economy and  Currency Issues

Juan O Savin

The Called | Makings for a Perfect Day with Juan O Savin (a 74 Minute Film) by Jennifer Mac



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