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Identity of the Anti Christ REVEALED

First published at 10:37 UTC on November 29th, 2022

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Kenan SonOfEnos

A New York Born Jew called Yanuka Rav Schlomo Yahuda has been Declared by Israel to be their Long Awaited Messiah. They believe he’s the Man whom the Talmud says that his Arrival will Usher in the Complete Enslavement of the Human Race.

Covid, the Abomination Shot, All of It has been Engineered to Lobotomize the Jabbed, hook them up to the Mainframe, so they’ll Become Obedient Programmable Slaves to the Beast System.

They believe the Subjugation of the Human Race is their Destiny, and they’ve Enacted A Plan Spawned by Lucifer Himself to Make it Come to Pass. I’m Exposing it All in this Video, you are Not Gonna Want to Miss it.

I’ve gone Full “Death Con 3Truther, because I‘m Beholden to you, my Viewers. It’s your Support Alone that Allows me to Continue Making these Shows, your Generous Contributions are Much Appreciated. Here’s the Link

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Published 10 nov 2022

WHO IS THIS GUY??? Today I’m Sharing Information about A Very Suspicious Man gaining Thousands of Followers in Israel. He has the TitleYanuka” because he has Memorized the Entire Torah, and the Jewish Talmud by the time he was 15. He has been Accredited for Performing Miracles and Recognized by the Most Highly Esteemed Rabbi’s.


@festusthelastpharaoh Top Israel Rabbis Crown Messiah 🇮🇱 👑 #jewslifesmatter #yenuka #rabbis #rabbisoftiktok #conspiracytiktok #jewsoftiktok #jizkiahubendavid #israel #yenuka #conspiracyplot #judaismo ♬ Patience – Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley

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Sixth Angel Sounded – The Satanic Maffia That Controls The World Today And Soon The Satanic New World Order And Luciferian Beast Kingdom!!

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  1. And as for the Pope, I refuse him, as Christ’s enemy and Antichrist, with all his false doctrine.
    ~ Arch Bishop Thomas Cranmer on his way to be burned at the stake in 1556

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