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People Fotget that the Bank of Englsnd’s Bond Portfolio Lossed Already £ 200  Biliion (fofo Gold  Telegraph | Telegram)

England is Cooked!

I am so excited as I just left the bank.  In the past 6 – 8 months, I have asked a couple of times if they were ready for the new system and the employees would look at me and say that they didn’t know what I was talking about.  Today it was a very different story.  Went to Bank of America where my accounts are and asked 2 different people if they were ready for the changeover to QFS and they answered yes.  Said they had already been trained.  This is in the Atlanta suburbs.

England is Cooked! (1) (foto video | Telegram)
England is Cooked! (2) (foto video | Telegram)
England is Cooked! (3) (foto video | Telegram)

Judy Note

From the below we learn that an announcement was made in a UN Emergency meeting 

that the Iraqi Dinar revalued on Thurs. Sept. 22

the Zim revalued the next day on Fri. Sept. 23 

and the entire Global Currency Reset of currencies happened on Sat. Sept. 24

Bond people were expecting liquidity in their accounts overnight Wed. 28 Sept. to Thurs. 29 Sept. 

The GCR would complete by Fri. 30 Sept. 

and the new fiscal year would begin on Sat. 1 Oct.

Watch For A Catastrophic Worldwide Black Swan Event

Be Prepared with 2-3 weeks of Cash, Food, Fuel and Essential Items

The Federal Reserve and the Cabal’s Worldwide Central Banks Went Officially Bankrupt as of Tues. 23 Sept. 2022

Governments Worldwide Were Collapsing to Make Way for New Republics


We’ve entered the closing Act initiating the EBS, Military Tribunals and Full Disclosure Of The Galactic Alliance. 

Prepare to archive and be offline.”


JFK Jr. Republic VP

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