SGAnon – Turkey to Leave NATO | Putin and Xi Coordinating | German | UK Militaries Running Background Operations

Emerging World Power Shifts (foto Rumble)

Turkey to Leave NATO | Putin and Xi Coordinating | German | UK Militaries Running Background Operations

Published November 22, 2022


QNewsPatriotAnon Audio File (27)

SGAnon breaks down Some Recent Events, Discussions, and Reports, and gives Some Brief Information on Where we are World Wide, especially for Those in Europe, Turkey, and Asia.

Trust the Plan. Nothing can Stop What is Coming



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1 Comment

  1. The plans of the Jesuits are, according to Eric Jon Phelps, to invade the USA, using China, Russia and Muslim countries.

    If Turkey allies with BRICS, as Saudi Arabia seems to be interested already for several weeks now, this alliance is beginning to take shape.

    I would hear some one say, that came back from death on Intensive Care, that she saw China invading USA in 2063. Than again, NDE experiencers also say, that the future is never completely certain, since future changes. Otherwise there would be no freedom.

    China has no reason to invade USA, contrary, USA freed China from Japanese occupation in 1945. But in the way that Russia and China are being bullied by NATO and US administrations, after they US army bullied several Muslim countries in the last few decades, such a thing could be happening in the future.
    Russia is already use to American military technology now in Ukraine, learns to deal with it, while China has the manpower of millions in a draft.

    There are 28 Jesuit universities in the USA, and Jesuits have USA under Martial law since 1933, while diplomatic relations to the Vatican have been restored in the Ronald Reagan era, which where frozen since the murder on Abraham Lincoln by the Catholics, a Jesuit plot.

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