Screw Big Gov | Lewis Herms – Cages, Human Trafficking Truth + Idem + Fox43 – An Invisible Cage | Truth about Trafficking in Central Pennsylvania

Cages, Human Trafficking Truth

Published  june 26 2024



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CAGES” premiered April 2023.

This Bone Chilling Documentary on Human Trafficking takes A Deep Dive into the Sinister Underworld, Exposing All it’s Evil Truths () Once held as Conspiracy Theories.

Lewis and his Family have Sacrificed Immensely in this Battle to Free our Planet from Tyrannical Globalist Control. He is on Video Saving Lives at the Capitol on January 6th in Yet Another Suppressed, Untold Story.He has Been Harassed and Stalked by the FBI.



First published at 09:41 UTC on July 6th, 2023

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Fearless Nation

Fearless Nation

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An Invisible Cage | Truth about Trafficking in Central Pennsylvania

Published 8 nov 2022

FOX43 News

Human Trafficking is On the Rise Everywhere, including Pennsylvania. We spoke with Victims and Experts to Break Down the Warning Signs and Signals of Trafficking.


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