SaraConnor17 – How to Create an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Led Revolution + Idem

How to Create an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Led Revolution

How to Create an AI Led Revolution

Published December 24, 2022



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  1. AI can just as well be used to prevent revolution.

    This year, 2022, AI has taken very large steps. Suddenly, several image generators made artists afraid to loose their jobs, text generators create websites and write books, ChatGPT can creates software apps. And all this free to use for the public.

    I personally don’t see much difference with earlier new technology. The images made by AI are mostly space ships, cyberpunk stuff. Although AI’s technical abilities to use professional looking drawing techniques are impressive, the stories and concepts I saw, were never original from an artistic point of view. The work for an artist there is, generate image, select what you want, make something around it.

    Stable Diffusion learned me to understand Piet Mondriaan and Jackson Pollock better, and other difficult to grasp art. By making many images in their styles, one observes their original paintings. Nothing new in AI, but a huge help in understanding art better. Better art will come in a few years from now, and seeing what has been produced last 10 years, that’s a good thing.

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