Russian TV – RT News, September 22 2023

RT News, September 22 2023

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Q Team Created NESARA and GESARA

1963 President John Kennedy was Assassinated because he was
About to Free the World from Globalist Control
The US Military, Combined with Other Patriot
Militaries of the World
has Been Working Since To Free The People from Globalist Control

The Bush Presidents, along with Clinton and Obama, were Traitors
Under this Cabal Leadership Hitler and his Generals were Rescued
Received Protection throughout their Lives and Then in Turn
Aided in the Set Up of the CIA
And their Mind Control Experiments on Children
Throughout Canadian and US Universities and Hospitals

The Cabal then Proceeded to Collect Billions for their Rich Globalist Friends through the Fake US Space Program Set Up
And ran Project Mockingbird
To Control the Mainstream Media Narrative
That Covered Things Up All over the Globe
Plus Assassinated President Kennedy for Trying to Take Down
The Globalist Privately Owned Federal Reserve
That has Stolen Trillions of US Taxpayer Monies
While Creating Massive US Debt since it’s Inception in 1913

In 1994 through the UN, the Globalists Blackmailed
160 Nations into an Agreement
To Reduce the World Population to 800 Million by 2030

In 2020 the Fake Virus Scare was the Globalist’s Attempt
To Take Over the World and Install A World Government

The Virus was Developed in China’s Wuhan Lab
And Paid For by Bill Gates
In Cooperation with Barack Obama
The Next Phase was to Instigate China To Take Over World Power from the US

Trump has Been Working with the Military in What is Known as the Q Movement

People with Top Clearance within the Military,
Known as the Q Team
Have Been Working with Trump to Free the World
From these Globalists

Instead the Q Team Created NESARA and GESARA

To Instigate NESARA and GESARA the Military’s Emergency Broadcast System (EBS)
Will Take Over Worldwide Broadcasts
No Internet, TV, Radio for Ten Days

Globalist World Leaders and Corrupt Political Officials will
Be Arrested and Willingly Step Down

GESARA Assures that Nations can No Longer Go to War with Each Other

NESARA Assures that Globalist No Longer have Control over US Taxpayer Dollars

Totally Transparent and Secure GESARA Block Chain Elections over the New Star Link Satellite Internet
Will Pave the Way for Leaner More Efficient
Political Elections Worldwide

Plus Creates A US Government that’s 10% of What it is Now

The Internet will Be Rebooted
The British Royal Family, Mossad
Five Eyes
CIA and Other Agencies that Once held Power
Will Be Taken Down

Globalist Companies like Microsoft, Walmart and Amazon will
Be Gone or Taken Over

The Mainstream Media Currently under Control of the Mossad
And Operation Mockingbird’s Influence
Will Be Wiped Out

The Only Information that will Remain
Will Be Honest and True as Assured by the Military
A New Quantum Financial System
Quantum Voting and
Quantum Healing
Will Become the Norm

Operation Disclosure Official | Judy Byington Restored Republic via A GCR, September 22, 2023

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