Russian TV – RT News, September 21, 2023

RT News, September 21, 2023

First published UTC on September 21st, 2023 at 07:38



Protesters in Yerevan Clash with Police Calling for the Armenian Prime Minister to Resign, Accusing him of Surrendering the Region of Nagorno Karabakh to Azerbaijan with No Resistance. Several Russian Peacekeepers are Shot Dead in the Nagorno Karabakh Region with an Investigation Launched to Find Who was Responsible. Russia’s Foreign Minister slams Western Officials saying they have No Honest Arguments on Ukraine, Preferring Slogans over Substantial Dialogue. The Polish Prime Minister Announces A Halt in Weapons Supplies to Ukraine as Warsaw Prioritizes its Own Security over Brussels’s Geo Political Goals.

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Judy Note

Arrests, Military Tribunals and Executions have Been Going On at The White House since January 2021

At Any Time the Emergency Broadcast System was Expected to Activate
And Replace Programming on TV, Radio and Internet

On Friday 22 September
The Quantum Financial System will Take Over the Global Financial System
Where The People will Have Complete Control over their Monies.

Banks will No Longer Be Independent, but will Be Working for the US and Other Countries’ Treasuries
Global Currency Reset Exchanges and Zim Bond Redemption
Were Expected to Start within the Next Couple of Days and Be Completed by Tuesday 10 October

The Cabal’s South African Government was Broke and Shut Down

On Monday 18 September
A Cabal Controlled F35 DEW Armed Jet
Was Headed to Obliterate Los Angeles
But the Pilot went Against Orders and Ejected

Operation Disclosure Official | Judy Byington Restored Republic via A GCR, September 21, 2023

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